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loved ones i miss that make holidays hard
by angelinneed6977 at 11/23/2012 9:39:17 AM

My best friend Teresa passed from cancer at 24.
My father passed of cancer at 65
My youngest daughters father took his life at 32--all 3 passed the same week
My nephew passed in a car crash at 22
My friends daughter passed at 10 in a car crash
My sister robin passed from drinking
My girl friend died of diabetes age 20

I have lost so many and there are much more..
You are all in my heart..I miss you all..


11/23/2012 10:17:56 AM

Yes it is hard around the holidays I lost my dad when I was 17 he had heart attack age 44 Lost my mom from 4 cancers over 30 yrs 2 weeks before xmas. in 2003 Childhood friend last month died during heart transplant I could go on but would get depresssed but they all are still in my heart And miss them all

11/23/2012 10:23:35 AM

I know how you feel. It's sad when people are take. At a young age like that. As hard as it is for you though it's 100 times harder for the parents of that person. I made a choice several years back to get romantically involved with a woman who while in the eyes of the law was an adult she was still young enough to be my daughter shortly after we began our relatio ship she got cancer and died a few weeks after her 24 th birthday. As hard as it used to be and when I want to get down a out it I remind myself I only lost a girlfriend her parents lost a. Daughter and no parent should ever have to know the heartbreak of losing a child no matter how old they are.

11/23/2012 10:55:50 AM

Yeah, I have 2 children that live in your town whom I have been unable to see for 6 years. Call it Parental Alienation through divorce.

11/23/2012 11:14:14 AM

It's sad and so true no parent should have to lose a child..and I am thankful I have mine..all though I don't talk to my oldest long story I still know she is doing ok.. We all go threw good bad and ugly threw our life's and that makes us who we r today..

11/23/2012 11:46:54 AM

My daughter's mom dropped her off at my Doorstep on her 9th birthdayAnd haven't seen or heard from her in over 15 years

11/23/2012 2:44:12 PM

we all live and die. remember all the good times you had with them.