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another poem. (i believe this is a true connection)
by MegLynn900205 at 10/13/2016 2:40:32 PM

~Just one~

One second, was all it took, just one simple look, I was hooked.

One instant, I knew in my heart, it was something I knew from the start, he was in my art.

One minute, I was confused, I couldn't help but be amused, it had to be a trick he used.

One hour, things still hadn't gone sour, blossomed like a flower, he now had the power.

One day, we had much to say, now in my life to stay, how did this come to play?

One thought, he was now what I sought, causing me to smile a lot, how was I caught?

One moment, I knew what it meant, when he was sent, to fill me with enlightenment, of a future that began in the present.

Just one , was all it took to know he was the one to set my heart ablaze, and connect to my mind in a haze. Two souls joined as one.


10/13/2016 3:46:53 PM

I got another one too Roses are red violets are blue , stop eating so many damn cheeseburgers or you're going to look like shamu

10/14/2016 1:07:23 PM

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with us!! Good work!!