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Full Circle
by shawnee_b at 5/31/2010 2:49:19 PM

Full Circle

While there are exceptions, both young and old, this is what I have observed in my short 55 years of life experience.

When I was a teen, I knew it all.
When I was 25, I knew even more than that. I had the world by the tail. Old folk were square, they didn’t understand. I was so arrogant and all knowing, I changed the old adage of “Wisdom comes with age” to NO; age comes with age, not wisdom.
By about 32 I began to have doubts and realized maybe I could learn more if I listened. Listened to those I previously thought were just old people who didn’t know anything and weren’t with the times.
By the time I was 40, I realized I didn’t know much of anything at all. What I did know could just about fill a teacup.

Then I began to listen.

I realized if you don’t listen, you never learn beyond what little you already know.

Just because it took me much of my life to figure that out doesn’t mean most anyone can’t listen and learn. I try to help people to the best of my ability. If they are unwilling to listen, I fall back. I do understand, because I have been there. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”

Now; I get much joy by listening to older folk talk of experiences, life lessons, sharing with me. By my being open to “listening”, I am still learning at 55.

I thank my elders for the patience in trying to teach me at a time when I knew it all, and shunned them. They quietly retreated until I was ready and willing to be open, and listen. When I had realized they weren’t square and out of touch at all. Now they share and enlighten me. I listen and I learn.

I pray that I gain the patience they had with me. That the persons who presently know it all, will eventually come “full circle”. Shawn


5/31/2010 3:11:28 PM

Although the ages are different for me, your comments are accurate. I was about 20 when I first thought I knew all about life. I knew I still needed a degree if I wanted to become an engineer but I thought I knew all the rest. At 30, I looked back and thought how silly I had been in thinking that I knew it all at 20 but now I really did know it all. As each decade passed I made the same reflection but by about 50, I came to the conclusion that we never know it all. It was at that age when I first met my 2nd father-in-law who was about 88 at that time. We got along very well, I learned from him that we never stop learning!! I still learn from my dad who is now 86. Ron

6/1/2010 7:31:54 AM

Thanks for posting Ron. The beauty part? We did come around and realize we never do stop learning. Now we are both learning and trying to share what we have learned in return. Shawn