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My Christmas Prayer For You: from Great Quotes
by irishlady855 at 12/24/2011 12:11:21 PM

My Christmas Prayer For You:

May you find the Love that never fails, never grows weary, and that has no end - the love that satisfies.

May you find Joy; the unspeakable kind that can only be understood deep inside, because it is a joy so deep, that every sorrow should come to pass.
May you find Peace; inside out - peace that grants you serenity to hear the tender voice of God speaking to your heart.

May you find Hope; knowing Christmas is about God coming amongst us, giving His life for us. May His victory over death reveal to you – nothing is impossible for Him!

Let us celebrate the Son of God, born in our hearts, this Christmas. United in the heart, may we receive the greatest gift of all; Jesus ? ?

I want to wish you all, especially those who I might not be able to meet in person this Christmas, a blessed, wonderful Christmas! Blessings and Peace to you all!


12/24/2011 12:13:09 PM

so beautiful irish....blessings to you and your family!...

12/24/2011 12:16:10 PM

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas&Blessed New Year.

12/24/2011 12:22:21 PM


12/24/2011 2:33:40 PM

Beautiful Rose, but the question marks??? You been hittin' the egg nog?

12/24/2011 3:13:43 PM

Merry Christmas, Irish.

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12/24/2011 3:15:48 PM

ty you too

12/24/2011 4:45:04 PM

Merry Christmas Rose

12/24/2011 5:31:53 PM


12/24/2011 6:09:29 PM

Merry Christmas Everyone....Rose