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Thread is pinned Thread is locked How To Write A Great Dating Profile  Page: 1   2dustin11011/5/2008 6:01:48 PM
by cutuno
Thread is pinned Thread is locked If you want your profile reviewed read this!dustin05/5/2006 4:52:51 PM
by dustin
Let me know what you think about my profile !!froggystyle31148/2/2011 10:44:53 PM
by unclarry
Review me please ! :)tiff0elaine78/2/2011 10:39:31 PM
by majic_1
Review my profile pleaseraystarrz128/2/2011 10:23:42 PM
by audlove515
Check my profile out and tell me what you thinkjonathan_ashley28/2/2011 10:22:07 PM
by jonathan_ashley
How is my profile??lolipop201348/2/2011 10:21:25 PM
by unclarry
hey ladies give my prof a quik review yea??jensen1289288/2/2011 9:21:13 PM
by majic_1
Please review my Cpt jack picturejabo3048/2/2011 9:11:10 PM
by majic_1
How is my profile?journalist1985158/2/2011 8:54:49 PM
by journalist1985
review my profile let me know what you think.edgedapunk58/2/2011 8:41:33 PM
by forums_only
Rate me an Be honest. dont hold back.!!ashy598988/2/2011 7:00:00 PM
by shorty2715
ok...now be nice xomzbrickcity38/2/2011 5:36:02 PM
by msicecream
Hi Ladie's review my profile! Thank'skylemac1982158/2/2011 3:56:11 PM
by lorenzen31
How's my profile now?shyann2938/2/2011 2:50:55 PM
by tootsiebee
let me know sum males only no interest in female thoughtsyellowlaytee68/2/2011 1:34:10 PM
by yellowlaytee
Tell me what you thinkandrealynnette268/2/2011 1:24:21 PM
by rellarachi
how dose my profile look??megan18ist9248/2/2011 1:21:27 PM
by jobo197833
So i hear they review profiles here? (that may have been a statement)aerotx78/2/2011 1:10:25 PM
by jobo197833
First Impression/Rate/Profiletearsandvomitx268/2/2011 12:59:47 PM
by tearsandvomitx
ok ladies how bad is it?fastfxd38/2/2011 12:45:10 PM
by fastfxd
just updated my profile, give me feedbackdrscholl48/2/2011 12:41:20 PM
by bree72
I'd like some help please!countrysoul3278/2/2011 9:58:36 AM
by unclarry
First time on a dating site please rate my profile.raybizzle93728/2/2011 9:56:50 AM
by raybizzle937
go ahead gimmie advice ladies!!!ilbeamazed68/2/2011 9:22:46 AM
by forums_only
Poll wat do u think of my profile and pixs scale 1 to 6 being highesteljefeway118/2/2011 7:53:34 AM
by eljefeway
thoughts im fresh meat yet need some tenderizingtjmak8638/2/2011 7:30:19 AM
by bree72
Idk bout this but hey lets see what happens!bonz1025118/2/2011 7:24:56 AM
by bree72
How dose my profile look??megan18ist9298/2/2011 12:34:45 AM
by yurhot75
take a look and right backyurhot7518/2/2011 12:30:26 AM
by forums_only
why is a good white , or Native Amercian hard to finddarrislittle12218/2/2011 12:01:11 AM
by lorenzen31
What do you thinktracey9154138/1/2011 10:30:45 PM
by tracey9154
ladies please helpjj136738/1/2011 10:28:58 PM
by librowneyedgirl
I've re-vamped my profile.Would anyone like to review it? Geek warninggrimreaper101cg118/1/2011 9:15:37 PM
by grimreaper101cg
ladies review plz be gentlemattgonzo8658/1/2011 8:07:17 PM
by terbear1234
Have at me brosdorkchick108/1/2011 6:22:27 PM
by forums_only
Profile Review You're missing out on mine !suntannedmale98/1/2011 6:22:03 PM
by cuddlyguy77
Girls message me?flguy4388/1/2011 5:14:06 PM
by bleu1978
New to dating sites. Rateraybizzle93758/1/2011 5:02:09 PM
by raybizzle937
ladies please review and adviseshmev828/1/2011 2:48:46 PM
by bree72
Women please review my profile / tell me?59bruce118/1/2011 2:39:29 PM
by majic_1
Suggestions welcomed!friendlynfun101278/1/2011 2:25:14 PM
by poolq
Please review my profile and give me your opinionalrod197758/1/2011 2:12:25 PM
by alrod1977
Looking for feedback. =]bledoux58/1/2011 2:11:16 PM
by forums_only
Can I get some advice or feedbackalexzo128/1/2011 1:56:29 PM
by terbear1234
please review my profilerobataloss38/1/2011 1:30:37 PM
by terbear1234
Please Help Me with My Profilejacksknight48/1/2011 1:27:10 PM
by majic_1
Please help Review my profile!pnutbutterjelli38/1/2011 1:08:24 PM
by terbear1234
Looking for Feedback (:micaharmstrong58/1/2011 12:57:42 PM
by terbear1234
I know it needs alot of workredx8978/1/2011 12:55:48 PM
by terbear1234
Okay, Profile Updatemicaharmstrong18/1/2011 12:43:10 PM
by terbear1234
profile review pleasekgnlbffbc68/1/2011 12:22:36 PM
by cow_boy_t
Experimental revewswilliealbin78/1/2011 12:07:18 PM
by williealbin
i finnaly have pics uptommie8848/1/2011 11:39:48 AM
by bree72
review my pronicoooo28/1/2011 11:24:10 AM
by bree72
preview my profilejimmystu78/1/2011 11:15:53 AM
by forums_only
rate me i need help fixing this thingjustin758888/1/2011 11:12:20 AM
by forums_only
Ladies please read my profile and let me know what you think!vulcanwolf58/1/2011 10:45:51 AM
by billspartanburg
Tell the Truth!airisjadecy68/1/2011 8:39:13 AM
by forumwiz73
what yall thinkwantin1357868/1/2011 8:15:09 AM
by forumwiz73
Poll what do you think?visitingvisalia68/1/2011 7:07:10 AM
by bree72
need advice from the womenkyriss1258/1/2011 1:07:37 AM
by kyriss12
first timers with menhappy_bottom18/1/2011 12:50:20 AM
by forums_only
LOL would you review my profile?cmknamg77/31/2011 11:57:23 PM
by lorenzen31
face book or dating sitepaintballd37/31/2011 11:55:53 PM
by lorenzen31
plz revu what u thinckbikemike111137/31/2011 11:51:16 PM
by lorenzen31
please review let me know what ya think?hott_stuff201157/31/2011 11:49:08 PM
by lorenzen31
Yikes.review my profile3lv1s47/31/2011 11:46:05 PM
by lorenzen31
Please review my profile and tell me what you thinkjuice136927/31/2011 11:44:33 PM
by lorenzen31
lookin to talkeljefeway17/31/2011 11:37:06 PM
by lorenzen31
single an lookn 4 her..que717/31/2011 11:01:18 PM
by forums_only
add me!! haha new to this;)ochoa801187/31/2011 10:52:56 PM
by bayleebug
Rate Me please be honestigetitin8727/31/2011 8:59:18 PM
by igetitin87
total racist white trashlatin_king8927/31/2011 8:22:04 PM
by latin_king89
Please review my profile and critiquejared67827/31/2011 7:58:29 PM
by jared678
could some females check my profile?undeadman27/31/2011 7:52:05 PM
by undeadman
profile reviewiamwhoiam42047/31/2011 6:15:18 PM
by iamwhoiam420
jus made mine today (colorado).bajanboy2247/31/2011 6:00:28 PM
by bree72
What do you think of my pics?loksfadeluvdsnt87/31/2011 5:44:22 PM
by kristynnn
check out my pagecaptainhook727/31/2011 5:23:37 PM
by bree72
Hey ladies, are you ready? ;)giftedwithwords27/31/2011 5:15:42 PM
by bree72
How do u rate my profile and pics?c3christinac3127/31/2011 3:26:29 PM
by retardead
Tell what you think about my profilemob_town37/31/2011 2:34:38 PM
by forums_only
got it right i think, tell me what you think/rate and be honesthunt333hoss27/31/2011 2:29:38 PM
by hunt333hoss
Please review my profilebjoey3717/31/2011 2:29:00 PM
by forums_only
What can i do to improve my profile?made4sucess47/31/2011 2:08:24 PM
by kimberm66
I would love to get some feedback on my profile..pleasesunbaby197367/31/2011 1:19:57 PM
by unclarry
rate? read/review my profile?hunt333hoss127/31/2011 1:12:16 PM
by hunt333hoss
Rate my profile pleaselouieg4127/31/2011 12:36:45 PM
by forums_only
Rate me and give feedbackchallenger9217/31/2011 11:58:03 AM
by forums_only
tell me what u think?jpu277/31/2011 11:53:43 AM
by forums_only
Profile check, Need real feedbackdrscholl37/31/2011 11:35:22 AM
by forums_only
please give me feed back on my profile...kayseanotw67/31/2011 11:29:54 AM
by twistofmytongue
please review my profile tell me what u thinkmiamisingleguy67/31/2011 11:27:32 AM
by forums_only
I am afraid to ask but here it goes, What do you think of my profile?41ineedhonesty57/31/2011 11:05:59 AM
by kmflowman
i would like to have my profile reviewed, please!yaretzy46177/31/2011 10:30:43 AM
by yaretzy46
Please tell me Wat u think?beanerladii47/31/2011 9:15:42 AM
by bree72
look over my profile and tell me what u thinkorlandostud17/31/2011 4:26:44 AM
by raystarrz
rate me, hot or not 1-10brianj88217/31/2011 3:35:27 AM
by jnees
Realist new pro on the blockdrscholl27/31/2011 12:37:01 AM
by lorenzen31
New to this! Can someone helpmelodicme2437/31/2011 12:31:51 AM
by ron10000
What do you think of my profile?jonathans127/31/2011 12:08:52 AM
by jonathans1
be honest and tell me what you like/dislike about my profile. thanksgsxr_600_rider67/30/2011 10:13:45 PM
by jazzlove79
rate me 1-10tylerrich4597/30/2011 6:38:34 PM
by tylerrich45
which of my pics is the worse??rebel4ever50137/30/2011 4:22:43 PM
by haleyrae
review my profile !!!runner144157/30/2011 2:51:23 PM
by kimberm66
25 m pa wondering what ya think new to heretjmak8617/30/2011 10:44:03 AM
by forums_only
please review my profilemcwolf57/30/2011 10:41:49 AM
by mcwolf
"women", rate my profile, please.rock00067/30/2011 10:37:39 AM
by forums_only
Is there any normal cute guys out there?dani_gurl40175107/30/2011 10:34:05 AM
by hotguy252009
What about my profile?iamthatperson17/30/2011 10:28:54 AM
by forums_only
Poll im 47 handsome or uglyigotaheart4u27/30/2011 10:16:12 AM
by forums_only
**ATTRACTIVE LADIES**Ceck out my profile,let me know what you thinkjoebeeone17/30/2011 10:11:08 AM
by forums_only
help! open to suggestionswac3197217/30/2011 9:54:23 AM
by forums_only
what do i need to change on my profile?complikated11127/30/2011 8:41:31 AM
by unclarry
Ladies, tell me...justincase780137/30/2011 8:12:57 AM
by shelly_151
Tell me what you think!ashleyemmershy337/30/2011 3:18:56 AM
by callmehcaptain
What's it gonna be?? 1-5fries_nathan47/30/2011 3:16:43 AM
by cyierria
Rate me1 -10vincechaz27/30/2011 3:01:32 AM
by vincechaz
I'm NEW rate me ;Dfxxkindaysz277/30/2011 2:39:29 AM
by fries_nathan

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