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DWTS What r they waiting 4?go4ths210/19/2011 3:54:53 PM
by go4ths
Favorite Movie Quote =)hickchick19922810/19/2011 8:10:20 AM
by funlover113
I think they should make a dbz moviezork7ds210/18/2011 11:44:15 PM
by vickyxoxo
Ouija board storieslatinachic91610/18/2011 9:12:29 PM
by viempresslaila
MW3 campaign or multiplayer 1stkcwantsu910/18/2011 2:04:54 PM
by psycho_jak
Anyone ready for The Walking Dead??alexkel472010/18/2011 1:50:13 PM
by alexkel47
i hate myself, may watch two and half men again tonightkeyboardkat510/17/2011 10:09:59 PM
by darlene48
Great Guitar Players  Page: 1   2texasproud5111110/17/2011 6:01:06 PM
by smokincigars
Wats ur fav cartoon?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagezork7ds19310/16/2011 9:36:45 PM
by ursalaannreas
two really good movies  Page: 1   2jacknimble136410/16/2011 6:12:01 PM
by rocksi
David A.Hess diedhorrorhound210/16/2011 1:52:57 PM
by bigdinv
Criminal Mindskelsbear94710/15/2011 10:14:45 PM
by ursalaannreas
BET's The Gamemrholdinitdown010/15/2011 7:39:56 PM
by mrholdinitdown
if you get the time check dis outtoman87010/15/2011 2:59:02 AM
by toman87
Unwritten Law of Superheroesrekas110/15/2011 1:17:46 AM
by psycho_jak
Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlightwvumatt010/14/2011 9:03:58 PM
by wvumatt
The Bad Girls clubchantellisa510/13/2011 6:58:57 PM
by fireskipwaters
The Avengers Trailer is Here!!rekas610/12/2011 10:33:31 PM
by psycho_jak
football season is all that matters right now!!junebug283210/12/2011 12:25:42 PM
by perfuctguy87
Playboy Club Is Anyone Watching Itdej88510/11/2011 9:38:58 PM
by merrymac
Any dubstep fans on this site?letsgodawgs325510/10/2011 7:18:02 PM
by letsgodawgs325
Julie & Juliacarlaulloa19931510/10/2011 8:21:30 AM
by carlaulloa1993
True Blood vs. Sookie Stackhouse novelsmorgan_141710/9/2011 4:10:42 PM
by harmonychic
The Simpsons may get cancelled, WTF ?!?!?!singledude1977910/9/2011 12:03:26 AM
by ladyseekinggent
Are ya ready for some Hank Willams controversy ?singledude19771310/7/2011 9:38:33 PM
by redlohjh
Electronic Music Worldcsrlg210/7/2011 12:49:18 PM
by solemanmt
Favorite Horror Movie  Page: 1   2horrorhound6510/7/2011 3:07:46 AM
by horrorhound
The worst superhero movie all time  Page: 1   2akahs7910/6/2011 11:47:59 PM
by ursalaannreas
electric cowboydubxjay010/6/2011 11:29:16 PM
by dubxjay
Poll From the list below, which mob movie was best?dantes792910/6/2011 11:26:10 PM
by chrisbrz
Who watched xfactor?rekas1010/6/2011 8:51:31 PM
by rekas
horror movies a-z  Page: 1   2   3marybi201113110/6/2011 6:05:16 PM
by horrorhound
Am I the only one that saw Red Dwarf...?genogano1610/6/2011 3:18:18 PM
by genogano
who here is a redditor?martialartsfan010/6/2011 3:11:24 PM
by martialartsfan
Poll Are you sad that Steve Jobs is dead?majortech610/6/2011 11:58:52 AM
by majortech
Poll How do you feel about http://www.clubhellas.com?foundationiskey010/6/2011 12:05:51 AM
by foundationiskey
Drive with Ryan Goslingniceguyinla110/5/2011 12:44:05 PM
by stobil
We need new NFL Refs .singledude1977110/4/2011 11:35:09 PM
by merrymac
Poll Who would you rather have as boss?johnnyseesu110/4/2011 11:20:48 AM
by singledude1977
Where my boosie nd webbie pplrastaock010/4/2011 10:34:26 AM
by rastaock
jersey shore hate it or love it540country3210/3/2011 9:30:08 PM
by tvers_av_skjold
PLAYHOUSE Hollywoodvgirl4evah010/3/2011 4:02:00 PM
by vgirl4evah
watch the throne tour - Jay-Z/Kanye Westre10071010/3/2011 1:22:41 PM
by re10071
Are You a Triple Threat?ladyseekinggent010/3/2011 1:21:16 PM
by ladyseekinggent
The most disturbing movie you have seen?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageakahs34110/3/2011 11:01:07 AM
by necromantic
The musical mashup threadalcapwn1010/2/2011 9:19:30 PM
by liberallady
I met Justin Beiber.theemomonk4210/2/2011 4:39:56 PM
by whatwhatnthebut
What is the best superhero movie?  Page: 1   2fia247110/2/2011 2:58:08 PM
by joshb77
Kung Fu movieskon_el4910/2/2011 12:01:46 AM
by luca2011
Scream 4 (full movie)psycho_jak310/1/2011 10:40:19 AM
by grinn82
video I made. tell me what you think.duckkiller49/30/2011 11:56:19 PM
by ursalaannreas
Whats everyone listening/watching today?pepperman85149/30/2011 11:49:49 PM
by ursalaannreas
Person of Interestwaitasec7849/30/2011 7:59:26 PM
by scroggle
A Game of Thronesscroggle09/30/2011 7:56:51 PM
by scroggle
chargers vs patriotsariasalan49/30/2011 6:20:11 AM
by sportyron36
If you like Juvenile's music come in here!rexryder79/30/2011 3:06:50 AM
by rexryder
If a tree falls in the forest doest it make a sound?zork7ds159/30/2011 1:29:00 AM
by psycho_jak
who loves the new nbc show whitney?stewie69dw19/29/2011 10:07:18 PM
by enticy
anyone hear the new blink 182 album?tymyshoe19/29/2011 5:50:27 PM
by rekas
does the show teen momjunebug28249/29/2011 12:47:27 PM
by dougiem
Old Skool Punk!  Page: 1   2   3freethinker21121289/29/2011 7:06:51 AM
by xashax
Who loves Pink Floyd??prudence68179/28/2011 11:45:22 PM
by ursalaannreas
Who should replace Michael Scott/Steve Carell on The Office?northtxheat109/28/2011 7:15:27 PM
by dougiem
Does anyone like the show the biggest loserjuly4baby19/28/2011 6:09:58 PM
by angellove58
Who Had Better Powers She-Ra or He-Man?sayla22109/28/2011 1:46:05 PM
by angelic_woman
Veteran rock group R.E.M. calls it quitsredneckrebelguy109/28/2011 1:19:29 PM
by angelic_woman
Criminal investigation showswolfman91129/28/2011 11:39:02 AM
by solemanmt
APOCALYPTO aka: ew gross1of3sirens109/27/2011 6:25:10 PM
by ursalaannreas
terranova sucked completelymarlowr0509/27/2011 7:50:55 AM
by marlowr05
20 some years and still going.raw_music09/27/2011 2:58:26 AM
by raw_music
MLB postseason nearingmrcharm140609/26/2011 9:40:33 PM
by mrcharm1406
best game system of todaylionhart9059/26/2011 3:16:14 PM
by solemanmt
WEEDS I love itsteamyviolet209/26/2011 11:42:57 AM
by steamyviolet
greatest bass players of all time!jimgrice99/26/2011 1:37:44 AM
by dougiem
Any Lost fans!bartsudz99249/25/2011 10:45:59 PM
by bartsudz99
Spice and Wolf?lakotafox09/25/2011 10:58:50 AM
by lakotafox
Johnny Depp best actor!!! Agree or disagreequa36349/25/2011 1:15:15 AM
by ursalaannreas
Who watches locked up on MSNBC?rekas29/24/2011 10:58:10 PM
by rekas
The Office season starts Thursdayyanks738739/24/2011 9:00:40 PM
by stobil
all things dubstepgrinn8209/24/2011 5:03:47 PM
by grinn82
tv show w/ Sarah Michelle Gellarmissnicolej59/23/2011 7:30:53 PM
by northtxheat
Favorite black&white horror movie  Page: 1   2horrorhound629/23/2011 3:17:01 PM
by picmaster
The X Factor.shyann2929/23/2011 3:00:46 PM
by shyann29
Celebrity look a likegerardx49/23/2011 8:33:10 AM
by shyann29
watching the x-factormissnicolej19/22/2011 7:39:41 PM
by chucksandpomps
The Thing remake.tvers_av_skjold169/22/2011 2:16:17 PM
by stobil
It's the end of the world as we know it...charlie_allnut59/21/2011 4:46:03 PM
by charlie_allnut
Hell on Wheels Series on AMCchucksandpomps09/21/2011 4:28:20 PM
by chucksandpomps
Whats your favorite love story -- movie  Page: 1   2ursalaannreas949/21/2011 3:52:21 PM
by ursalaannreas
Rosie and the new "Trophy Wife"barrydalmi09/21/2011 11:17:23 AM
by barrydalmi
not over youlvhc8819/21/2011 11:14:48 AM
by veniteadoremus
Best Lynyrd Skynyrd song?cntryboy97219/20/2011 10:05:28 PM
by ursalaannreas
What was the point of this in NY Giants game ?singledude197709/20/2011 9:30:23 PM
by singledude1977
I wish Tony LaRussa would drop dead57channels69/20/2011 3:02:42 AM
by rekas
Who is you favorite porn star?  Page: 1   2fia24639/20/2011 2:58:22 AM
by rekas
Best Martial Art films.chucksandpomps139/20/2011 12:22:11 AM
by ursalaannreas
comedy movies a-zmarybi2011169/19/2011 10:48:29 PM
by rocksi
Favorite movie quotes!  Page: 1   2d35tr01019/19/2011 10:34:32 PM
by rocksi
Great Movie CLASSIXanjonz109/19/2011 4:24:28 AM
by anjonz1
Who're putting your money on?solemanmt29/18/2011 10:42:07 PM
by merrymac
Own the Tour Rider That Proves the Beatles Weren't Raciststexasproud5159/18/2011 10:36:26 PM
by merrymac
What is your favorite Seinfeld &/or Cheers episode?northtxheat79/18/2011 6:40:40 PM
by cdnbcn
9/17 fight nightmkat849/18/2011 1:34:30 AM
by robb190
Old Crow Medicine Showdoc3125419/17/2011 8:14:19 PM
by jimgrice
Anyone seen red state yetperman92519/16/2011 3:46:00 PM
by jadamia
who fucc's with family guy?lawrence9179/16/2011 1:12:39 PM
by solemanmt
Wat r u gona be for halloween?zork7ds29/16/2011 1:07:49 PM
by hyballcowboy
Movies that have you laughing so hard you cry  Page: 1   2playersstayaway869/16/2011 1:04:26 PM
by solemanmt
Pasadena Tx Rodeo ??rubtherepoman09/14/2011 11:15:31 PM
by rubtherepoman
Are you into rock music ?  Page: 1   2ursalaannreas769/14/2011 8:53:41 PM
by ursalaannreas
glee fans anyone?!krystlebs2319/14/2011 7:26:11 PM
by bartsudz99
Things To Be Happy About...rebello09/13/2011 5:14:41 PM
by rebello
Good science fiction films?newtosite2011349/13/2011 1:53:39 PM
by ursalaannreas
Jim Carey at his fineststeamyviolet329/13/2011 1:41:01 PM
by ursalaannreas
the best show everhardcorexkid119/13/2011 12:52:12 PM
by elle__boogie
Did u cry during Lion King?zork7ds59/11/2011 10:23:06 PM
by rekas
what do u prefertwaunjr59/11/2011 9:57:03 PM
by ursalaannreas
new music emergency!jimgrice19/11/2011 4:05:46 PM
by rekas
Disney XD in Spanishcodeguru79/9/2011 11:25:09 PM
by codeguru
Good thriller movie has anyone seen thisshoeboxboy149/8/2011 7:27:21 PM
by midori11

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