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Thread is pinned Thread is locked Post Your Success Story on YouTube!dustin06/29/2009 2:16:42 PM
by dustin
i met the boy of MY LIFE.krystalbaybe33/13/2009 6:33:39 PM
by beverduster
Met a really great guymichigansnow08173/13/2009 6:32:55 PM
by beverduster
Online dating does worknaya_sbf73/13/2009 6:32:10 PM
by beverduster
Marrying my mancollegelatina08133/13/2009 6:31:37 PM
by beverduster
I met a great person heresnglnlookin1409163/13/2009 6:31:19 PM
by beverduster
Eternal Flamemesmerize4red33/13/2009 6:29:41 PM
by beverduster
Thank you date hookup, I met a wonderful lady ,justaolcowboy63/13/2009 6:29:21 PM
by beverduster
She was here waiting all along.wilberfan53/13/2009 6:29:04 PM
by beverduster
He says I'm his "soul mate"kath57483/13/2009 6:28:21 PM
by beverduster
The lady is mine Thanks Date Hook Up.hotstuff24712343/13/2009 6:28:03 PM
by beverduster
I found my Mr. Forever :)countrygirl060443/13/2009 6:27:16 PM
by beverduster
Success Storyemilyrams93/13/2009 6:26:54 PM
by beverduster
I found Prince Charminceibena63/13/2009 6:26:34 PM
by beverduster
My Guy and HAPPINESSstrawberryred133/13/2009 6:26:17 PM
by beverduster
maybe these sights do work..redneckgirll33/13/2009 6:25:56 PM
by beverduster
bye datehookupjerseygirl0973/13/2009 6:25:16 PM
by happyface46
Found my true lovewnnahvfun23/13/2009 6:23:21 PM
by beverduster
ive found true love finally thanks to D.H.threestrikes33/13/2009 6:22:49 PM
by beverduster
i have found true lovel41l53/13/2009 6:22:21 PM
by beverduster
theres always someone out there.just have to find them.ladyjillian33/13/2009 6:21:37 PM
by beverduster
found the man I have been looking forbigred4033/13/2009 6:21:18 PM
by beverduster
Finally found my true love!!!dalejrnumbr8833/13/2009 6:20:56 PM
by beverduster
The Internet Does Work!!!littlee533/13/2009 6:20:39 PM
by beverduster
This Internet Dating does work!ocean_blues33/13/2009 6:20:20 PM
by beverduster
Finding True Love On DateHookupteri066273/13/2009 6:19:57 PM
by beverduster
Mr Perfect does existsguccipete43/13/2009 6:19:08 PM
by beverduster
Wow, she found me!iamscott133/13/2009 6:18:10 PM
by beverduster
DH works ! We Got Married Today !  Page: 1   2bikerangel3683/13/2009 6:17:44 PM
by beverduster
This site works, it is the ultimate public servive.garysnickname33/13/2009 6:17:19 PM
by beverduster
Found my soul matemsericka113/13/2009 6:17:03 PM
by beverduster
Found Someonemisbhavin06213/13/2009 6:16:43 PM
by beverduster
I have found someonehot_kritter43/13/2009 6:15:53 PM
by beverduster
I fell in love with a shadowfirefly36083/13/2009 6:15:33 PM
by beverduster
i've found someone who wants medominated8593/13/2009 6:15:17 PM
by beverduster
We light up the roomhipokets5273/13/2009 6:14:58 PM
by beverduster
My special someonerockstar822663/13/2009 6:14:38 PM
by beverduster
Have Faith Happiness will find YOU!!!sweetchick6173/13/2009 6:14:23 PM
by beverduster
We are engaged! Thank You DateHookup.com!catsnascar93/13/2009 6:14:08 PM
by beverduster
DateHookup works 4 sure !ice0873/13/2009 6:13:07 PM
by beverduster
I have met someone on this siteteddybear216133/13/2009 6:11:45 PM
by beverduster
I found the onefolsom6643/13/2009 6:11:26 PM
by beverduster
Love found on Dating Hookupronin65a43/13/2009 6:10:56 PM
by beverduster
Date Hookup.com is AWESOME!!dan38163/13/2009 6:09:46 PM
by beverduster
i found some oneperry4633/13/2009 6:07:51 PM
by beverduster
I have found the dream of my life i was looking for nowiceteamix63/13/2009 6:07:34 PM
by beverduster
I found someonebeba_kruel63/13/2009 6:06:25 PM
by beverduster
Thank you dhjoemccoig43/13/2009 6:06:01 PM
by beverduster
the story of dustin && megantheindy9033/13/2009 6:05:33 PM
by beverduster
Thank you DHmst7363/13/2009 6:05:06 PM
by beverduster
Found sombodyclokz4953/13/2009 6:04:02 PM
by beverduster
I found the last love of my life!pmarie775353/13/2009 6:03:45 PM
by beverduster
Found someone greatdarkeyedchaos43/13/2009 6:03:29 PM
by beverduster
thankyou dustinhollywood131343/13/2009 6:03:15 PM
by beverduster
Josh And Nicolesuburbanfiasco83/13/2009 6:02:40 PM
by beverduster
thank you Date hookup.comramsestinoco210/14/2008 11:38:20 AM
by indoubt
Thanks to date hook up .rn2011010/13/2008 3:48:33 PM
by rn2011
i found my mister rightbigbadmama110/13/2008 10:30:21 AM
by cheygirl
thanking God we've meetslowhandjim210/12/2008 2:51:53 PM
by greenangeleye79
give those yankee's a chance after all, southern ladies LOLscorpio34123110/10/2008 6:57:39 PM
by crowdog73
my true lovecowgirl667010/9/2008 4:10:13 PM
by cowgirl667
so it really does happenkaynay210/8/2008 5:36:50 PM
by buckeyesdude
He is so specialghost1947010/8/2008 5:24:35 PM
by ghost1947
My big guy rocks!reatta010/7/2008 11:11:59 AM
by reatta
Once in awhile in an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy taleblazin08010/7/2008 8:05:05 AM
by blazin08
Thanks DH and God bless!dygll110/6/2008 5:15:50 PM
by country_diva22
getting married!!angels1950410/6/2008 2:37:37 PM
by pickyone123
I was about to give up!poohangel010/5/2008 6:21:20 PM
by poohangel
A New Chanceuronurse110/5/2008 10:44:50 AM
by lord_anubis
Long Distance DateHookupfindjayme710/4/2008 12:44:11 PM
by ware68
lucky da one who got me!mzlub8010/4/2008 12:15:29 AM
by mzlub8
Poll Guys keep lookingchristines53410/3/2008 3:38:56 PM
by sunny_08
Running into the best relationshipleowyn010/1/2008 4:38:56 PM
by leowyn
I have met someone and...hcctoad110/1/2008 1:12:15 AM
by joni46
goodbye datehook up and thank you!shawna8849/30/2008 12:48:03 PM
by munchkin57
When you least expect it..annazzassi29/30/2008 12:30:02 PM
by thenamesblake
Sometimes the name says it allsedonaphotofan199/30/2008 1:39:56 AM
by kindanervous
datehookup worksislandcowboy7329/29/2008 8:32:14 AM
by passinetone1962
cant belive its happining.sb195539/26/2008 11:55:17 AM
by lildifferent
Thank you Date Hookupfoxxy6309/26/2008 9:52:30 AM
by foxxy63
I've Found That Smile..alonelyknight29/24/2008 3:56:20 PM
by purrmomma
miss amazing was foundwoodbanger09/24/2008 3:27:32 PM
by woodbanger
Finally found the man of my dreamssuga2619/24/2008 6:33:47 AM
by blondeamazon
Thank you date hookupkalejya19/23/2008 10:10:21 AM
by _sea__
Thank you DateHookUpblackbutterfly909/21/2008 8:48:52 PM
by blackbutterfly9
thanks to this site.lyrix_8119/21/2008 5:01:17 PM
by whoamiiamme
Awesome Yall1stfriendship59/20/2008 2:19:13 PM
by trinasixx
Finally, I've found someone!!!jbluestarr09/20/2008 8:53:17 AM
by jbluestarr
were having a babyalonelydad69/19/2008 11:47:34 PM
by alonelydad
Breaking the rules!prinzss09/19/2008 1:27:36 PM
by prinzss
My friends and family think I am crazygoodwoman194429/19/2008 7:15:24 AM
by nissa8
When I thought it was impossible..starchild120509/19/2008 1:47:57 AM
by starchild1205
I've Found The Love of My Lifemsnikki2859/18/2008 9:34:47 PM
by idangel57
My Prayers Have Been Answeredwaterbaybee12909/18/2008 9:28:24 PM
by waterbaybee129
her persistence paid offteddy37109/18/2008 8:45:19 AM
by teddy371
I met the greatest guy!yatgirl19/17/2008 6:14:10 PM
by cowgirlmama
No Longer in Search of Mr. Wonderfullighterpls19/17/2008 6:11:57 PM
by drumrman
The Angel and The Outlaw!prettkylady09/17/2008 3:59:44 AM
by prettkylady
I'm not lonely anymore!downtoearthru29/17/2008 3:47:28 AM
by prettkylady
Found my baby on DateHookup!!bonnie6419/16/2008 9:39:11 PM
by bonnie64
so i found herjtchristie09/16/2008 1:15:33 AM
by jtchristie
There is hope!emdolph2119/15/2008 4:40:08 PM
by aka_neo
Don't give up!notyodadde09/14/2008 11:24:01 PM
by notyodadde
never to old to meet the man for youvickinet09/12/2008 3:49:09 PM
by vickinet
I knew when i saw him smileprettkylady29/10/2008 11:29:09 AM
by prettkylady
i think i found oneusmc118619/9/2008 9:23:08 PM
by garnetlady
You Met Him WHERE?missjelli19/9/2008 9:19:56 PM
by garnetlady
My army boy...velveteen29/9/2008 8:24:48 PM
by swtdirty
Love American Style...heatseeker4u09/9/2008 11:20:04 AM
by heatseeker4u
I Found Her... well she found memosalias29/9/2008 10:12:47 AM
by missjelli
Patience is a giftseemist48209/9/2008 5:41:29 AM
by seemist482
Found a good woman!krjxpress09/8/2008 8:40:37 PM
by krjxpress
Found the lady of my Dreamsohgreatone09/8/2008 2:27:44 PM
by ohgreatone
It can happen to usunshine_1359/8/2008 5:10:05 AM
by mustanglvr08
Your dreams can come true!ladybug7809/7/2008 4:27:35 PM
by ladybug78
Chance Love - It's Worth It!mustanglvr0869/7/2008 1:14:44 AM
by mustanglvr08
i found him the onepatricia2519/5/2008 11:39:23 PM
by hopefloats4us
He really is my 'one'utfootballchick19/5/2008 12:48:25 PM
by harley9482
sometimes you just knowmesmi7709/5/2008 12:40:30 AM
by mesmi77
found my girldawyse109/4/2008 8:13:22 AM
by dawyse1

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