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Thread is pinned Thread is locked Posting Rules & FAQ, Read Before Postingdustin010/5/2007 2:12:42 PM
by dustin
wut i miss? tell me tell me tell mejerryxy66/14/2015 10:47:03 AM
by cubcougar
FWB all time i am used to it..tonyloxoxoxoxox16/14/2015 12:40:10 AM
by driver406
Poll What do you prefer?freddiemdr396/13/2015 6:43:12 PM
by grneyesrme
lets start things off properocnfshn4196/13/2015 5:53:38 AM
by bumblebee7
I'm straight and polysexualTransgen67376/12/2015 8:13:58 AM
by Transgen67
A woman's mind is  Page: 1   2   3ms_holland1736/11/2015 6:50:38 PM
by latinasm
what a pile of stupid fks on this shiiitholeocnfshn4196/11/2015 11:40:27 AM
by ocnfshn4
what part of "all women are cuuunnnttss" are you not underdstandiocnfshn4286/11/2015 11:39:44 AM
by ocnfshn4
I'm looking for a nice guyashleycruse11506/11/2015 6:54:05 AM
by Gardenguy68
soooooo lonely!!spicegirls33326/11/2015 3:24:53 AM
by iamoneonly
Do you take datehookup serioustonyloxoxoxoxox186/10/2015 10:06:52 PM
Poll hah minny a yall sufferjerryxy86/10/2015 9:40:11 PM
by cubcougar
People in search of true love ..rohit28366/10/2015 9:34:49 PM
How would you have done it ?belizeanblist216/9/2015 11:07:41 PM
by belizeanblist
is this true?  Page: 1   2jbc07665826/9/2015 10:19:01 PM
by jbc07665
Should males with Asperger's move to Asia to find a girlfriend?ihateaspergers386/9/2015 11:11:58 AM
by dragonriver
married and lookingdannyvaglio196/8/2015 11:44:59 PM
by wpbjlp
friends with benefitstonyloxoxoxoxox156/8/2015 8:54:36 PM
by cubcougar
Biotch betta have mah munny !get2knowuwell376/8/2015 8:54:14 PM
by cubcougar
Interesting P.O.V.plain_jane_doe586/8/2015 11:15:12 AM
by soulflight
Do you believe in soulmates ?  Page: 1   2   3bippy12341576/7/2015 10:11:59 PM
by stamina1975
Reasons why you would  Page: 1   2ms_holland606/7/2015 3:44:56 PM
by ilovepoodles55
Hope you like my post ladies.tonyloxoxoxoxox136/7/2015 1:14:12 PM
by cubcougar
any cuunnntts on this shiiiiiithole actually single??  Page: 1   2ocnfshn4676/6/2015 7:28:56 PM
by ocnfshn4
I want to date!!spicegirls33396/6/2015 2:02:42 PM
by packersbabe920
looking for a bf maybe too a lady to play with a tleast one time!!spicegirls33176/6/2015 1:20:13 PM
by dragonriver
Cheating in Relationshipstasweet4u356/6/2015 12:35:42 PM
by cubcougar
Tall gents/ladies:? vs short gents/ladies:?glenna13196/6/2015 12:27:53 PM
by bluecougareyes
Whatever happened to common decency of returning an e-mail  Page: 1   2mcpscpr1136/6/2015 3:32:07 AM
by stregaleonora
Hmmmmmmmm...flyylife226/5/2015 10:04:12 PM
by driver406
Would you date a short man, ladies??  Page: 1   2scrivkid616/5/2015 3:09:09 PM
by candy0426
Will me & my son's father ever get back together?  Page: 1   2amber80sbaby636/5/2015 11:55:49 AM
by mylegsarecold
Just be honest  Page: 1   2kodi0901766/5/2015 6:42:33 AM
by bumblebee7
Poll whose more at fault for divorce rate  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagejester00112956/4/2015 10:40:25 PM
by jester0011
Friends vs Dating - From a Womans perspectiveharleyride4free336/3/2015 11:42:58 PM
by jjp184
Am I doing the Right Thing?ed2day356/2/2015 8:39:37 PM
by dee9786
best but hurtful I hadcody4945236/2/2015 4:05:26 PM
by gab8888
Look what a lady sent me. Could not agree more!tonyloxoxoxoxox56/2/2015 11:31:24 AM
by oppsii
Any pointers on where I might have went wrong?  Page: 1   2TrentonML1046/1/2015 7:52:05 PM
by sinnerin702
men can't be men anymore  Page: 1   2   3jester00111546/1/2015 11:37:44 AM
by fastpony
List the qualitiesms_holland225/31/2015 6:29:48 PM
by gab8888
would you date a fat guy ladies?tonyloxoxoxoxox155/31/2015 5:35:59 PM
by ocnfshn4
Could you forgive your man/woman for cheating.  Page: 1   2   3sicktalk1235/31/2015 6:05:34 AM
by gamerman17
Oh no a kiss help!!!tonyloxoxoxoxox135/30/2015 5:04:19 PM
by markjetson
Women Don't Understand Men The Way They THINK They Do!  Page: 1   2dr_i_got_answer1085/29/2015 5:51:20 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
hey i'm single and loving itsmoothflame4u175/29/2015 5:35:16 PM
by packersbabe920
Ladies You ARE NOT Your Mans Mother and He' s Not Your Father Either!dr_i_got_answer395/29/2015 12:36:16 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
looking for a sugar daddy  Page: 1   2nanadisneygirl685/29/2015 6:56:37 AM
by yetskimama
need advice my girl never wants to have sex  Page: 1   2tia103975/29/2015 6:50:38 AM
by bumblebee7
How is a man supposed to be treated  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagepackersbabe9202015/28/2015 11:15:33 PM
by dream445
What a joke on here.tonyloxoxoxoxox105/28/2015 8:00:34 PM
by driver406
my bf is lazy what do i do  Page: 1   2   3lady19341545/28/2015 7:04:01 PM
by latinqt24
Can you turn a hoe into a housewife?daniel_reese86445/28/2015 6:22:01 PM
by 4uijack
stop being picke get with a real ight person tht loyal honest faithfulshawnb32009375/28/2015 11:42:14 AM
by Idleeros
Poll men are looking over seas for a wife  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagejester00118525/28/2015 2:29:55 AM
by dr_i_got_answer
Whats Going On When A Woman Have Nothing To Say?  Page: 1   2   3dr_i_got_answer1355/27/2015 6:05:01 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
How Is A Woman "Suppose To Be Treated?"  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagedr_i_got_answer2495/27/2015 5:46:34 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
If your in love and happy. How could you still feel lonely?kissesforyou89555/27/2015 4:03:44 PM
by letitridegirl
Is it over? Not sure where it's going?SubaruB4335/27/2015 1:46:50 PM
by smexysuperstar
i wonder what it would be like to date a feminist woman from DH.  Page: 1   2ThomasClement7855/26/2015 9:18:31 AM
by dr_i_got_answer
I don't go out on the first date expecting sex . What I do expect istonyloxoxoxoxox105/26/2015 12:53:39 AM
by bigdinv
I wanna get to know youdazmil83175/25/2015 10:29:44 PM
by driver406
Overcoming hurdels in ams_holland455/25/2015 4:09:36 PM
by missamicable
what should I say if i see a extremely beautiful girl  Page: 1   2noor781065/23/2015 6:58:12 PM
by numbersor_only
Why cant the man approach? When did that go out the window?  Page: 1   2jajayuknowhatiz745/23/2015 10:23:45 AM
by dohenybeach
I just seen a viagra commercial and why they blame it on Edmasterweber185/22/2015 6:01:50 AM
by mortara
I need help someone please...theleo1974545/22/2015 4:52:58 AM
by dumzaa
what is your definition of "Love"?  Page: 1   2FluVirus705/21/2015 6:33:22 PM
by bluemoon0_0
Help me pleasejmbeaulieu12225/21/2015 5:04:21 PM
by ojos_locos
why do they only think about sex  Page: 1   2   3klwatson1645/21/2015 9:57:28 AM
by cubcougar
Is clingy bad ?  Page: 1   2   3belizeanblist1395/21/2015 1:51:59 AM
by dumzaa
Fix your picker.ThomasClement7565/20/2015 5:08:18 PM
by bumblebee7
A Womans Injustice  Page: 1   2   3dr_i_got_answer1485/20/2015 1:00:12 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
bored talk with meniceguy156916245/20/2015 11:24:00 AM
by dr_i_got_answer
The Truth About Cheating! The Questiondr_i_got_answer585/20/2015 10:32:25 AM
by dr_i_got_answer
Why do Married Men cheat on their wives?  Page: 1   2   3imwifeyb331575/19/2015 11:03:27 PM
by packersbabe920
C'mon Asperger's is worse than cancer! Don't you agree?ihateaspergers235/19/2015 4:43:57 AM
by doublethree
women what texture is your cervical mucus?chip_zzz345/16/2015 10:41:24 PM
by ladyseekinggent
why try to date or find a relationshiphaterplayer465/16/2015 5:42:14 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
Duck, Duck, Goose!ausgezeitnet215/16/2015 4:17:15 AM
by pickygirl72
to 702beachbum and coldhearted101godwin4569255/15/2015 11:24:31 PM
by hugsnlaughter
We all have been inms_holland255/15/2015 4:37:05 PM
by flyfish77
I want an Asperger's cure now or:ihateaspergers205/15/2015 9:45:54 AM
by cubcougar
What The Hell Is Wrong With Some Woman? Crazy Or Young Minded?dr_i_got_answer555/14/2015 3:04:00 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
Poll would you let your bf/gf have sex with someone else for 50k  Page: 1   2sac4dayzz865/14/2015 12:36:16 PM
by candmann73
For those that are inms_holland545/14/2015 11:59:17 AM
by sarahgoldsmith
shallow individuals in the dating worldzcrisp425/14/2015 5:54:02 AM
by a4umposter
What is your response ?  Page: 1   2belizeanblist905/14/2015 5:43:57 AM
by a4umposter
Let's get our facts straightihateaspergers185/13/2015 12:25:48 AM
by WarmNSweetPrncz
Im so happy :)dictionary1385/12/2015 7:44:11 PM
by latinasm
It really is the  Page: 1   2ms_holland755/12/2015 4:17:10 PM
by ms_holland
Honor Killing Your Wife/GF ... Good to Go or No Way Allahcubcougar155/12/2015 3:35:19 PM
by cubcougar
lovers aren't friendstransformative425/12/2015 3:30:05 PM
by fishnthec
is this a how woman really feel about datingyatame3395/12/2015 9:44:18 AM
by tasty_taters2
Poll So you've met the "love of your life" What now?  Page: 1   2artist820835/11/2015 12:25:33 PM
by burnsrowdy
Your opinionated idea thought of a ground standard relationship?masterweber115/11/2015 11:06:32 AM
by 4uijack
why do people go to d worst conclusions before knowing d truth?  Page: 1   2uronlyme735/11/2015 6:53:24 AM
by transformative
Losing virginity to a prostitute. Your opinions?  Page: 1   2   3ihateaspergers1585/10/2015 6:17:14 PM
by chris2913
what is love and how do we know when it's real?therealdeal61515/8/2015 4:45:33 PM
by b2cold
for girls onlyljcaveman225/8/2015 4:05:20 PM
by greeleybro
what a woman COST?derick1986435/8/2015 2:18:45 PM
by ibeenseenitall
right now i could really go for some...  Page: 1   2   3flyfish771295/7/2015 8:02:27 PM
by sinnerin702
How do I trust again and get over the hurt of being used.therealdeal61585/7/2015 5:09:02 PM
by burnsrowdy
After a few years togetherhappy_geezer365/7/2015 12:20:19 PM
by wildfir
Relationshipboscoo4ever425/6/2015 7:45:26 PM
by amusicluvr
What happened to REAL MEN  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagepeggytexas19883125/6/2015 11:27:58 AM
by mrfckinpetey
I'm intelligent, strong, good looking, what more do they want?  Page: 1   2masterchief1994785/4/2015 9:37:23 PM
by masterchief1994
Just need some views  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagebelizeanblist3305/4/2015 1:41:01 PM
by latinqt24
I Wanna Kno If You Agree...GangstaGentlmen495/3/2015 11:17:43 PM
by pickygirl72
Make a list ofms_holland345/3/2015 6:11:35 PM
by ms_holland
better make sure you have a job!!  Page: 1   2miss_lihle1125/2/2015 5:25:49 PM
by soflwill
So what's my purpose in life as a useless loser?ihateaspergers385/2/2015 2:26:48 PM
by ihateaspergers
Henry Carl Etier, Dallas, TX areaalharmony175/2/2015 5:16:37 AM
by 3n1wbgirl
Henry Carl Etier, Mesquite, Theresaalharmony164/30/2015 2:44:29 PM
by greeleybro
Henry Carl Etier, Mesquite, Texasalharmony224/30/2015 2:39:59 PM
by greeleybro

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