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Thread is pinned Thread is locked Posting Rules & FAQ, Read Before Postingdustin010/5/2007 2:12:42 PM
by dustin
if ya mama dont teach yajerryxy212/22/2015 5:32:03 AM
by jerryxy
Why yes i do have baggage  Page: 1   2m10420762/22/2015 12:36:42 AM
by dr_i_got_answer
available to communicate  Page: 1   2whydo1092/22/2015 12:07:44 AM
by driver406
single peoplegoldie2368312/21/2015 8:13:15 PM
by sweetsiren1234
stubborn azz hard headedjerryxy52/21/2015 5:40:37 AM
by jerryxy
i always get told im cute /fine but i cant find that 1kwatkins6332/21/2015 1:22:20 AM
by loriannf2
date progressfatalbert219292/20/2015 7:09:55 AM
by oppsiidazi
Men oh Men got some nerveslovelycargirl412/20/2015 12:02:54 AM
by driver406
why are women better lover in there prime for?tonyloxoxoxoxox232/19/2015 3:17:50 PM
by next9999
scammers101..lovelyginarae342/19/2015 1:04:02 PM
by poet987
looking for friends with benefitswhatdowehave714172/19/2015 11:30:14 AM
by dr_i_got_answer
Is It Against The Rules? And Who's Rule Is It Anyway?  Page: 1   2dr_i_got_answer762/19/2015 6:11:54 AM
by pickygirl72
three little wordsdazmil83122/19/2015 5:37:55 AM
by latinleprekahn
you never know how strong of a women u r til u don't have a man  Page: 1   2tattooedcpht89772/19/2015 2:13:09 AM
by ltlwing
Single moms whats your purpose here?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageagentmoney13,0752/18/2015 11:58:17 PM
by agentmoney1
Strange situation...  Page: 1   2moodyleo1002/18/2015 9:08:39 PM
by lovelyginarae
Could love do thatdazmil83102/18/2015 7:26:40 PM
by vagmasterflash
Looking for a good womanzaraich322/18/2015 7:25:03 PM
by vagmasterflash
Why will married women not admit they are?bluetec152/18/2015 10:10:45 AM
by cubcougar
Sister Wivesskikrijoe332/18/2015 6:18:13 AM
by testsignup
what if u have many sides?whydo372/17/2015 9:07:04 PM
by whydo
Why is it so hard to meet real people online?jaywhall252/17/2015 7:47:01 PM
by numbersor_only
single guy look forva girlfriendjasonmagics222/17/2015 4:09:59 AM
by dr_i_got_answer
are you too honest  Page: 1   2theringoffire922/16/2015 7:14:42 PM
by talonn1
Is Communication Really The Key?dr_i_got_answer402/16/2015 7:05:08 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
where's the great girls at?  Page: 1   2camjack161012/16/2015 6:58:12 PM
by camjack16
It is the men's turn.  Page: 1   2ms_holland712/16/2015 6:15:21 PM
by smthgabouther
when can I move inunion207372/16/2015 5:31:14 PM
by driver406
Reasons to rundazmil83232/15/2015 5:28:43 PM
by mrhankchinaski
looking for cute Latinos or Latinasmissthundercat1152/15/2015 7:25:41 AM
by bumblebee7
I'm not the mandazmil83202/14/2015 11:26:37 AM
by missamicable
what shut I duedaniel51069372/14/2015 3:09:34 AM
by happylauren
sex in a car..etown.look for open666open666302/14/2015 12:49:44 AM
by driver406
why are women better lover in there prime for?tonyloxoxoxoxox152/13/2015 7:26:44 PM
by l380
How do you handle problems when a guy gets laid offklc218562/13/2015 7:00:02 PM
by journeyman327
time for me to get off this merry go roundirisnorway88312/13/2015 5:37:53 PM
by whydo
I killed God. Satan reigns in Heaven And Hell.iceheart86222/13/2015 1:46:06 PM
by extortionegos
how would you feel if someone denied being engaged?PlanJane2222/13/2015 9:44:07 AM
by stringopearls
Why wont men and women stop being judgmental ?  Page: 1   2calblueray722/13/2015 7:30:34 AM
by datxbass
sacrifice yourselflasttime44482/12/2015 8:37:04 PM
by up2youandme
I was pimpedvagmasterflash182/12/2015 11:44:11 AM
by ctr916v2
nothingneeded  Page: 1   2PlanJane2662/11/2015 9:45:05 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
amusicluv - i have a bone to pickPlanJane2472/11/2015 9:41:00 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
do i sound crazy be honest  Page: 1   2PlanJane21122/11/2015 4:31:17 PM
by PlanJane2
indecisive momentpleaseme1991572/11/2015 12:07:54 PM
by vagmasterflash
what's it mean when a guy says he loves u but all ever do is have sex  Page: 1   2shadow652419431032/10/2015 4:23:39 PM
by weneed1girl
is trust given or earnedtheringoffire472/10/2015 2:37:31 PM
by theringoffire
Can Male Strippers Be Taken Seriously For Love And Relationships?dancer_tony582/9/2015 11:57:00 PM
by freaknastie69
Do People Really Give Up Their FWBs Once In A Relationship?prince_of_zouk432/9/2015 9:25:36 PM
by casecastro
Feminist vs. Homemakers! Ding Ding Ding!  Page: 1   2dr_i_got_answer622/9/2015 7:59:48 PM
by dr_i_got_answer
Single and Why. Dream Chasing?mr_iamkeese973262/9/2015 4:01:53 PM
by whydo
sort or kind of relationshipgeleen217382/9/2015 6:03:04 AM
by geleen217
American girls vs European girls ?SoufianeC292/8/2015 1:31:04 PM
by ayemie
Does it sound like these 2 women are sharing a man?PlanJane2492/8/2015 12:06:56 PM
by cultured10
Dating adviseaqui_estoy_yo192/8/2015 5:47:57 AM
by cavie59
I would lovebeingalady322/7/2015 11:35:08 PM
by luxorus
Something positive for a changems_holland422/6/2015 10:49:04 PM
by natureboy52
there is nothing wrong with single mothersmishelllynne89172/6/2015 8:42:30 PM
by poet987
Who wants a relationshipjosh4ubaby262/6/2015 8:11:04 PM
by poet987
Poll What makes a relationship last??  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagememe22detroit2002/6/2015 12:46:25 PM
by jjp603
I'm bored and lonely g for funr fun!!tinaspice5152/6/2015 12:51:34 AM
by vagmasterflash
Why is everyone so judgmental?trustbutverify1162/5/2015 9:09:53 PM
by pickygirl72
Its hard to get to know men on here  Page: 1   2keiz_keiz882/5/2015 11:43:00 AM
by bumblebee7
what are some reasons men and women cheat  Page: 1   2blackbeauty904632/5/2015 4:11:27 AM
by cavie59
Help a girl i like put me in the friedzone  Page: 1   2darkgambii682/4/2015 11:31:16 PM
by cole_tanner
If I wuz your boyfriend would u like tojamiex1337202/4/2015 11:21:06 PM
by mar0331
What do women have to offer?  Page: 1   2CrazyCanuck19691062/4/2015 4:11:03 PM
by nene_4
If a woman breaks off an engagement, people assume she has somone elseartist820472/4/2015 2:22:48 PM
by artist820
girls if your boyfriend wuz suicidal andjamiex1337482/4/2015 11:28:04 AM
by cubcougar
Finally, A Good Relationship!doublethree472/4/2015 2:26:42 AM
by doublethree
looking for a date!!tinaspice5172/3/2015 10:02:32 PM
by driver406
interracial dating, good or bad  Page: 1   2   3youngmac331502/3/2015 3:02:35 PM
by bizzle19
I'm 28yeara old and never had sex is this a bad thing girls  Page: 1   2jamiex1337612/3/2015 2:58:48 PM
by bizzle19
Somebody hit me upbonifas074162/3/2015 4:05:17 AM
by bumblebee7
Why Are Women Attracted To Men Who Have The Following?  Page: 1   2polish_reggae4u992/2/2015 11:11:31 PM
by gizmosellsbots
does sex change the way you look at someone?  Page: 1   2swish441012/2/2015 8:43:12 PM
by mizzangeleyezo4
Looking for ltrlil_shawty_kaye152/2/2015 8:09:44 PM
by vagmasterflash
need to know what is going ontennchick38021342/2/2015 7:25:43 PM
by driver406
Do you like that ladied. I do!!tonyloxoxoxoxox82/1/2015 9:48:51 PM
by driver406
any suggestions about cats  Page: 1   2   3evajoy1262/1/2015 8:09:18 PM
by purdiibirdi
lesbian stud looking for a friendyooshiii232/1/2015 2:49:48 PM
by viper1e
lookin for a girl thats not into gamesjenn25508242/1/2015 12:35:20 AM
by vagmasterflash
Why do women I work with,manofwordsusa441/31/2015 11:19:51 PM
by vagmasterflash
Poll when things go sour but loves still involvedtattooedcpht89221/31/2015 11:08:34 PM
by vagmasterflash
Ladies need your honest opinion on this Please?tonyloxoxoxoxox131/31/2015 8:48:00 PM
by mizzangeleyezo4
Older lesbians finding older lesbianscoollady69471/31/2015 11:13:19 AM
by jakebearr
im bored and lonely!!tinaspice5261/30/2015 9:52:22 PM
by driver406
Who wants to kik?laszio91231/30/2015 9:38:48 PM
by love2kiss8
is it ok being in a committed relationship but still going out to.  Page: 1   2lastniceguy44971/30/2015 5:34:01 PM
by unique_woman
who would be ok with being my FWBgeorge1t231/30/2015 11:59:57 AM
by walt_hallow
Who would marry me?edialpha371/30/2015 7:46:07 AM
by jester0011
why do nice guys get crapped on  Page: 1   2   3ksmygirl171281/30/2015 3:04:59 AM
by unique_woman
egg nog is my crack cocainevagmasterflash401/30/2015 3:02:24 AM
by unique_woman
when a guy only wants u for a "booty call"  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagesimpleboo4u3031/30/2015 2:53:10 AM
by unique_woman
If I wuz your boyfriendjamiex1337271/30/2015 1:13:56 AM
by m10420
Poll Why am I still single?dilly1992301/30/2015 12:29:09 AM
by pickygirl72
im confused now with advice given to meirisnorway88431/29/2015 9:33:23 PM
by cubcougar
Foreplay is the best!!tonyloxoxoxoxox31/29/2015 5:27:06 PM
by 4uijack
1 paragraph... anything?the_handsomest141/29/2015 2:20:32 PM
by keyboardkat
Addictive Relationshipsbruce_201411/29/2015 2:17:48 PM
by bruce_2014
i find alot of women but i need a woman.Lokin4AReason101/29/2015 11:28:50 AM
by bumblebee7
"what u seek seeks you"whydo331/29/2015 8:26:27 AM
by bumblebee7
IDK what to docamjack16411/29/2015 6:54:13 AM
by camjack16
meeting people in El Pasoskikrijoe141/29/2015 4:18:35 AM
by vagmasterflash
Question for women, message me!!brino898171/28/2015 8:06:49 PM
by driver406
What is for?ms_holland241/28/2015 7:16:23 PM
by luxorus
hippies in New Yorkkeny3597341/28/2015 6:49:02 PM
by driver406
this ME generation is so f@%d up ...WHY ???  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagemr_bdm1881/28/2015 2:02:06 PM
by mr_bdm
white andAsian girls are better todayhappyhave411/28/2015 1:11:45 PM
by jester0011
bisexual girls in relationshiphappyhave181/28/2015 1:09:35 PM
by jester0011
what do we woman want from a guy when we r looking for relationship? ?  Page: 1   2uronlyme921/28/2015 12:24:07 PM
by ed2day
looking for a LOVER slash ROOMMATE no LOVE  Page: 1   2shadow65241943641/28/2015 11:07:19 AM
by unique_woman
Do Men Like Squirters??  Page: 1   2   3mojojojo06901451/28/2015 7:17:30 AM
by Lokin4AReason
ladies would you date a guy with ED ?  Page: 1   2richie0567781/28/2015 6:57:57 AM
by fancy_face77
being in a relationship or being singledark_gable0585341/28/2015 5:17:35 AM
by soflwill
Foreplay is the best!!tonyloxoxoxoxox61/28/2015 3:15:03 AM
by norwegianwood64
"I'm not ready for a relationship"  Page: 1   2tashafearce1631/27/2015 8:24:42 PM
by happylauren

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