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Thread is pinned Thread is locked 2016 Forum Guidelines *****READ BEFORE POSTING*****customersupport011/21/2016 7:29:07 PM
by customersupport
Thread is pinned Thread is locked Posting Rules & FAQ, Read Before Postingdustin010/5/2007 2:12:58 PM
by dustin
Thread is pinned Thread is locked Additional rules for this forum dustin010/3/2007 1:49:30 PM
by dustin
california and wants too talk?tigerstripes3681212/27/2015 9:59:07 PM
by phillip5257
how come there are threads forlookin4him20121512/27/2015 12:54:31 PM
by hogaseman
merry christmasboomboom33030612/26/2015 10:35:04 PM
by jumpandpumpmeha
a horse walks into a bar , and says...ocnfshn41512/26/2015 8:52:14 PM
by cherilani43
what stimulates woman the most? oral or intercourse?tonyloxoxoxoxox1712/26/2015 7:19:29 PM
by god_says
Some people have sex on the first dateChounu5712/26/2015 12:43:04 PM
by cherilani43
Do the Stars come out at night..?excellenceiam2712/26/2015 12:14:29 PM
by scarredandtatto
christmas dinnerocnfshn41012/26/2015 7:06:25 AM
by jjp184
So hit me up! I'm down!jdccole1612/25/2015 9:59:40 PM
by holy99
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaysxbluekitten24012/25/2015 8:19:04 PM
by steamyviolet
what stimulates woman the most? oral or intercourse?  Page: 1   2stevenb3906012/24/2015 2:37:22 PM
by kinderbtch
Best of the best smartass.Welcome thread.  Page: 1   2cherilani438912/24/2015 12:50:51 AM
by hogaseman
i need to release some stress!!Latinlove2053012/23/2015 12:39:57 PM
by giocasova
Facials-why or why not?seth0973812/22/2015 5:04:54 PM
by kinderbtch
How does it make you feel?fixingme2412/22/2015 12:59:18 AM
by flyfish77
Han Solo is murdered in the cold blood by his SON-kilo rengrunter641912/21/2015 7:14:55 PM
by grunter64
Does anyone wanna sext?!jdccole3312/21/2015 2:26:13 PM
by bumblebee7
Good morning gambler  Page: 1   2core_d7712/20/2015 5:15:51 PM
by cherilani43
Did I ever tell you about what happend...excellenceiam5212/20/2015 12:03:41 PM
by excellenceiam
Email Smut go on pleaseDaHippo1112/20/2015 7:51:37 AM
by hotflgal
Interracial datinggooddoit2312/19/2015 2:11:13 PM
by lilbigmomma
yo wacko wench..what happened to 3 daysocnfshn4812/19/2015 1:32:14 PM
by cherilani43
Cheri and Cores ramblings of thoughts.cherilani435212/19/2015 7:40:47 AM
by cherilani43
do you ever think aboutlookin4him20123012/18/2015 12:05:36 PM
by smstephanie
What's on your Christmas list?  Page: 1   2creepinggeisha8712/17/2015 7:05:13 AM
by flyfish77
you better watch out.bumblebee72612/17/2015 1:07:33 AM
by bumblebee7
Thread is locked Whats your sexy a** doing right now?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagefastpony5,00112/16/2015 9:54:28 PM
by kerseymorris
sex and dating is where the old farts postrightguyforu923212/16/2015 5:04:51 PM
by booya32
I want to see boobies..jason08215112/15/2015 3:32:51 PM
by myizrstillblue2
Anyone else have this sort of problem?  Page: 1   2zhaed6212/12/2015 9:59:52 PM
by marriedncheatin
Any you pretty bishes handle Mikey??kinderbtch412/11/2015 10:05:56 PM
by phillip5257
Any girls on this site live near the Quad Cities?rwunder512/11/2015 7:42:21 PM
by 4uijack
Drinking with your buddies or getting laid?  Page: 1   2nancypoo557912/11/2015 4:57:59 PM
by rwunder
What gives you them shivers up your spine?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagecreepinggeisha30112/11/2015 3:34:16 PM
by myizrstillblue2
How common is flatulence during sex?nuerofire78112/11/2015 10:53:29 AM
by maniacmassager
Here's a question for you.zhaed1212/11/2015 10:09:52 AM
by bumblebee7
Alpharetta Georgia hook upbigth31912/11/2015 3:45:03 AM
by jakebearr
Fun in West Lafayette, IN?gregrightnow2312/9/2015 2:58:59 PM
by gregrightnow
ladies, my ding dong is hard right now please help metomalasaurus1312/8/2015 1:58:21 PM
by scarredandtatto
Scientists have discovered that men, when deciding on who to date,pagal173012/8/2015 7:09:32 AM
by jjp184
Post A NumberITWEETFORLIVING3212/7/2015 12:44:56 PM
by jjp184
Why Women Scurred to say hisay_tay1912/7/2015 5:25:25 AM
by bumblebee7
looking for tops in scallthisazz512/6/2015 8:14:11 PM
by theloser2123
prevs SANTA doesn't come to the pays house anymore why?fireball6501112/6/2015 7:51:54 PM
by thebigugly0
need some time meansstarr8331512/6/2015 2:12:24 PM
by starr_shines
ladies, do you like giving hand jobs ?tomalasaurus812/6/2015 9:44:13 AM
by chefchef1957
Tell us how bad you want it!soonerorlater21312/5/2015 11:08:39 PM
by hogaseman
Are there any submissive girls out there?greyghost541512/5/2015 10:46:06 PM
by hogaseman
What happened to hurryme??latinasm4312/5/2015 10:17:09 PM
by longbobby
i have to use the bathroom to take a num 2 please help metomalasaurus212/5/2015 9:56:57 PM
by rrnone
What woman in Chicago like ANAL?marq17902212/5/2015 12:43:15 AM
by easyrider17
Who wonts headraysuckmeoff3612/4/2015 7:44:09 AM
by rightguyforu92
2 truths and a lie  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagesteamyviolet18412/4/2015 5:27:13 AM
Are facials really degrading?braveheart211182912/3/2015 8:49:17 AM
by nurseshanna1972
Where is the D?core_d1812/2/2015 6:52:53 AM
by cherilani43
Tranny harassmentwheelman_d3912/1/2015 8:09:57 AM
by bumblebee7
Ballbusting Women! Kyplaytoy19904812/1/2015 7:04:13 AM
by 4uijack
Are 3somes a male fantasy or do women like that too?usbcpromoter4212/1/2015 5:28:28 AM
by bumblebee7
All women love nice, gentle, caring, and simple guys who open doors.caliguy1940912/1/2015 3:25:43 AM
by Melodicvibes13
Eat my gorgeous ass!  Page: 1   2judy_patooty6111/30/2015 7:51:18 AM
by creepinggeisha
Sex & Dating/ post your A** threadtigryenok5025011/30/2015 4:06:57 AM
by kcishere
is this thot tryna set me up or what?lonely4real01233511/30/2015 12:31:11 AM
by holy99
got bush anyone?its coming back  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagefrankcheech191831611/29/2015 4:04:22 PM
by steel_gut6
Is it wrong,to love eachother?cherilani432911/29/2015 10:37:14 AM
by tardsmasher2
Advice needed please!:)sweetestguy19901611/27/2015 6:17:12 PM
by iheartidiots
hey everyoneocnfshn4211/27/2015 2:27:08 AM
by lovinbut
A Love Thread For STEPH (smstephanie)  Page: 1   2lvgrlslgs8311/26/2015 1:25:50 PM
by lvgrlslgs
Share a little good morning cheer  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagestonecold6340711/26/2015 11:28:09 AM
by masterofbacon2
i am looking for a lady with a 6 in clit to suck ontomalasaurus911/24/2015 4:38:35 PM
by 4uijack
i need 2 toilets facing each otherocnfshn4211/24/2015 1:04:59 PM
by cherilani43
If your VaJayJay could speak part IDKmrgary1212211/24/2015 8:17:25 AM
by jjp184
My contractor met my sex swing todaypagal172511/24/2015 6:31:00 AM
by jmorgan67
Any So Cal woman in her 30s' or 40s' want to hook up with me?steven30008901511/23/2015 6:15:55 AM
by bumblebee7
I'm so horny and in Miplushlips691111/23/2015 3:35:24 AM
by bumblebee7
Thread is locked So many questions  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagesteamyviolet5,00111/22/2015 7:35:23 PM
by steamyviolet
Extreme pornfahr20051811/22/2015 4:43:14 PM
by 4uijack
woman who cuckoldmoonstide4011/22/2015 3:29:15 PM
by wickedrider
Whatever Happened to the Ass Smacking Thread...?javajunkiejr5811/22/2015 9:54:48 AM
by javajunkiejr
Looking for the love of my lifeboomboom330304811/22/2015 6:43:51 AM
by tigryenok502
Happy Birthday Tricia!slumg0d2011/20/2015 10:26:26 PM
by holy99
Vanilla Looking for first taste of Chocolate.  Page: 1   2ericaleigh3088611/20/2015 9:24:14 PM
by Chounu
Houston Horny peepsLipodemaLover1611/20/2015 7:11:15 PM
by LipodemaLover
I met kim at a bar.core_d5311/20/2015 7:04:32 AM
by ocnfshn4
thanksgiving turkeyocnfshn4411/19/2015 9:48:11 PM
by ocnfshn4
anyone skype?letsparty101111/19/2015 9:29:53 PM
by bumblebee7
Poll Do you want it or not?lookin4him20123011/19/2015 1:42:02 PM
by funnyppl01
What's your pet peeve?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagesassytits249611/17/2015 1:13:42 PM
by kerseymorris

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