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I Went On Vacation , But My Relationship Did Notwriterdog47/6/2013 5:33:50 PM
by wierdkat
she put her pinky...dashxforlife137/6/2013 11:18:46 AM
by lookin4him2012
No more living off my backhun6349117/5/2013 4:17:31 PM
by reallover10
Dating Russian ladies in USAateo52643777367/5/2013 8:51:30 AM
by bwbyrd
Have met an awesome man on DH!scpetiteone307/4/2013 9:06:01 PM
by joat111026
Renaissance Man...2013ufcfan201397/1/2013 12:14:23 AM
by keyboardkat
Terrible, but kinda funny "we met" storiesmoanmaker1959106/28/2013 5:56:23 PM
by moanmaker1959
Profile supportmoanmaker195926/28/2013 5:00:26 PM
by moanmaker1959
dating her motherurnewbf4796/27/2013 8:16:20 AM
by alexpodrezov
is homesty a turm offed31054146/27/2013 5:34:41 AM
by dom723
lalalalalalalalakalalalalalalalaspicemeup196/26/2013 2:44:43 PM
by finallynx84
Am I Attractive Or Just A Sex Symbol?mila_beela196/25/2013 9:59:14 PM
by mila_beela
Please help girl problem at workmani1976196/25/2013 9:35:15 PM
by sassy_25
crazy experience!pappy567856/25/2013 6:39:22 PM
by tjl503
Saying I Love Youaboveaverage9496/24/2013 4:36:48 PM
by netghost56
I'm tired of guys telling me I'm a hippo!  Page: 1   2scully82606/24/2013 1:19:11 AM
by x1_boricua23
She just wanted the D!ronjohn117176/23/2013 5:28:12 PM
by 13768ft
My best dateice_shade136/22/2013 2:06:40 AM
by jade_a_bop
he was horriblelillilove1306/21/2013 5:55:01 PM
by ohsoboredgirrl
fast paced date? went wrong.jumping_in66/20/2013 1:31:30 PM
by bigdaddyishere
Excuses to get out of a date  Page: 1   2sammila09616/17/2013 5:45:14 PM
by daniel3098
.:*best & worst people on here*:.authenticblonde186/16/2013 3:48:35 AM
by 30browneyedgirl
Do good women even exist?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagebornnardmt2276/15/2013 6:49:31 PM
by bbbw4u2luv
I met the guy of my dreams on this site.notliketedbundy76/14/2013 11:56:11 AM
by foreverreal4545
Heartbroken..'dylanm11406/14/2013 9:21:02 AM
by sittingdead
My dating story with evermore5 aka ArdenWalker on another dating site.sweetwoman4you76/12/2013 7:11:33 AM
by wisewave200
messed up I thinkjohn_madayag126/12/2013 4:06:17 AM
by bakedloulou
1 of my dates from another sitenotnedordep195176/12/2013 1:02:19 AM
by pickygirl72
bonfires at dawnjldietzman36/11/2013 7:07:21 PM
by sum12see
Cheated on my with my best friend!mollybabe817406/11/2013 4:23:20 PM
by itstime1953
Is member joHNdee4 a joke?wisewave20066/11/2013 2:20:05 PM
by wisewave200
What's on your profile?alwaysnmyhead56/9/2013 4:41:17 PM
by foreverreal4545
Worst thing that happen on a dateyungflashy256/9/2013 3:31:58 PM
by itstime1953
be safe app amd dating safetynothingbutriss86/8/2013 11:22:31 PM
by nothingbutriss
growing up in the 50's1tommym46/8/2013 8:36:22 PM
by moundsofjoy
Looking 4 A Date/Friend Not A Gold Digger!mrantny82196/8/2013 11:38:08 AM
by uglygirl42
life of temptations can you resist.mrgotmilk106/6/2013 1:24:14 PM
by sum12see
kissin after oral sex with a first timer.mrsk100026/6/2013 1:20:54 PM
by sum12see
doubted but found lovesweetye49276/6/2013 12:57:26 AM
by namastelove
How long should you date someone beI lfore you bolt if they are dying?icanbwho2u116/5/2013 6:45:04 PM
by leather_lyle
How long should you date someone before you bolt if they are dying?icanbwho2u46/5/2013 5:25:25 PM
by icanbwho2u
Not being honest with yourself.piscelove196/5/2013 8:26:45 AM
by lovelyme89
super happy :-):-):-)vannncas76/5/2013 1:48:21 AM
by mel7035
its so hard to find a very nice lady on DH!hotstuff1950126/4/2013 1:21:24 PM
by anawithana
wanna party?slayer0928116/4/2013 1:51:53 AM
by slayer0928
Ex called and invited to her weddingnightwing24786/1/2013 4:59:21 AM
by itstime1953
Rate me 1-10jbuck1505225/30/2013 11:01:07 PM
by hotstuff1950
I go on dates by myselfcore13305/30/2013 7:59:55 AM
by kayde23
The Guy With 10+ Catskittyforu72335/30/2013 3:03:28 AM
by blkbarbied0ll
the most thing I hate on a date isyungflashy45/28/2013 12:23:31 PM
by yungflashy
For the woman that are deforceedsavan_nah155/25/2013 7:06:52 PM
by hugsnlaughter
Dishonest Matetshipman115/25/2013 5:51:43 AM
by itstime1953
If someone ..your dateingblahblahfugeyou275/24/2013 10:04:02 PM
by cherilani43
Is it really possible to find true love on here?bettyboopdiva35/24/2013 2:19:01 AM
by pike45
Bad date from the big DHchristieh37245/22/2013 1:29:48 PM
by jackieinco
Is it wrong questiowaukegan185/21/2013 11:36:14 PM
by foreverreal4545
Describe your best dates, what's your idea of a perfect date?rolltide15nc75/21/2013 5:42:58 PM
by rolltide15nc
Cheating/on who or who cheated on u and ydustintheamazi1485/21/2013 9:33:50 AM
by sickwitit69
I just had my first online dating date - it wasn't greatladymonami305/20/2013 9:05:16 PM
by temptresslee16
How far would you drive to meet someone?  Page: 1   2lusana11885/20/2013 12:18:39 PM
by jd082482
A lot of women think there hot on here. So Funny spilled drink.tonyxoxoxo65/18/2013 12:54:01 PM
by lady4aprince
Bad Guys Win. Sometimes.manlikearock85/18/2013 11:42:43 AM
by sarahluv2013
dating my sis exladymaine94255/17/2013 2:33:30 PM
by ladymaine94
met someone I like a whole lotsweetsue1973155/15/2013 10:00:17 PM
by gigisweet1
what's the worst date you've had with someone you met on DH?majicstic06185/13/2013 2:29:03 PM
by ladydwnonluv
So i started dating the PAY and then ???luckykix55/13/2013 8:30:35 AM
by luckykix
first date wrong one big mistakeamy1999255/12/2013 9:24:10 PM
by 14rich14
BEWARE of ursquattro583 usercruisizqueen245/12/2013 5:25:18 PM
by journalistgal
Datehookup Dating nightmares!fireh2ks305/12/2013 3:52:47 PM
by cutiemae01
Encounters with married mendmbxxx135/12/2013 5:55:21 AM
by 0phillyman0
Worst date ever!!!  Page: 1   2burkey13895/10/2013 7:35:59 PM
by sum12see
First meeting with a woman.ddrabiak175/10/2013 1:17:46 AM
by temptresslee16
Lie about your race why?goodguy4rea1435/8/2013 5:07:02 PM
by strongbutnice
Dating disasternessielee145/5/2013 6:05:05 PM
by cupocheer
Valentines Day was the best wowtopleaseu415/3/2013 8:01:26 PM
by tjl503
First lesbian datevickya94305/1/2013 2:43:43 AM
by coderedjulia
Gator Farm Screwup Datestangs212144/29/2013 2:31:16 PM
by misterwunderful
meeting people heresuperprincesspo364/28/2013 4:39:43 PM
by nrsluv1
sweetest guy you will ever meetsteveo1190114/28/2013 3:11:37 PM
by daniel3098
lokkat at what someone wrote about me and my posting on here. Sweet!tonyxoxoxo114/27/2013 2:54:34 AM
by purecurosity
Herpes? Ummmm check please.  Page: 1   2tempted4664/26/2013 3:56:33 AM
by ss_super_sport
who wants a man w/ a good heartsteveo1190104/23/2013 2:20:44 PM
by temptresslee16
The Perfect Datesiamese_charlie64/22/2013 11:48:39 AM
by 2wheelpilot
Has this ever happened to anyone?everthesame394/21/2013 12:01:21 PM
by everthesame
lesbian foursomewhooper6294/21/2013 4:48:54 AM
by dumbasmud
i love you sexy ladys?melendez95134/21/2013 12:43:07 AM
by aztbear74
Heartbroken. Never Should Have Moved For Love. Advise?r_moore77744/20/2013 1:36:55 PM
by keepslowprofile
Whipcream Delighthappytea12384/20/2013 1:32:23 PM
by keepslowprofile
How Many Dates Before The Kids Come Along?skc2013364/20/2013 1:38:52 AM
by tcretiredhippie
A dating story from my past...dman4life8017214/18/2013 1:05:58 PM
by dumbasmud
Am I getting played by a Horney girl?shhmatt584/17/2013 1:47:54 AM
by rondag
are uou tured of this too!foreverreal4545264/16/2013 8:41:46 PM
by jockojohnson
I had alot of fun tonite! :-)starrynight2834/15/2013 12:21:57 AM
by jade_a_bop
Should I be embarassed being dumped by a stripperdetphx14404/14/2013 5:08:21 PM
by siamese_charlie
hi im new here(BALTIMORE,MD)marcusxbooth64/12/2013 12:51:32 AM
by jade_a_bop
Ppl just livejayblack1894/10/2013 11:58:07 PM
by jade_a_bop
transformer girlfiver7874/10/2013 6:57:30 PM
by tarzansearches
name a song and the first name of the person it reminds u ofjust2confusu24/10/2013 5:19:48 PM
by daniel3098
Spilled food in restaurant19latinwolf72154/9/2013 11:06:50 PM
by 19latinwolf72
A dating story.drguru134/7/2013 1:26:21 AM
by gemstone35
When to Say It's Him(The Soulmate)imslya114/6/2013 4:23:59 PM
by shaet
Are any of you kinda scared to meet  Page: 1   2   3jaguirr791434/4/2013 3:44:21 PM
by msladiil23
I actually had a great date from DH tonight. Go figurekclady4184/1/2013 7:31:05 AM
by kclady41
How many weeks does it take to realize the majority of the people herepozack303/29/2013 5:40:42 PM
by tcretiredhippie
Poll what do.you wantallybaby2756273/28/2013 9:26:31 PM
by swimgirl701
bad date tell your storysolgood45163/27/2013 1:30:07 AM
by bigdaddyishere
Racing stripesgelo76043/25/2013 11:58:54 AM
by maniacmassager
bad online meeting experiences.randall063113/24/2013 10:48:34 PM
by greeneyegirl06
Reasons for running away togetherhmonggirl7693/24/2013 7:44:51 PM
by tjl503
cosmo the spaceman said he was a different breedlatino4me8983/24/2013 12:16:21 AM
by pike45
i am not picky so why dont guys like me  Page: 1   2   3sandybeach4561253/18/2013 8:36:52 PM
by danny3098
Is it a bad idea?dulce2013213/18/2013 5:41:26 AM
by chubbybottom85
"badboy syndrome"txangl077423/16/2013 6:53:17 AM
by jt63301
DH users into Group play, watch/being watched ETChighenergybkny53/16/2013 1:13:45 AM
by moundsofjoy
Wth ladies, we need to talkrescyou911233/11/2013 2:49:43 PM
by myname77777
Dating SUCKER Fish women Who have weird SEX!dudefreed303/10/2013 4:24:38 AM
by dudefreed

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