5 Kisses Everyone Should Master

###You can’t hit a home run without rounding first base. Or at least I never have. Hell, I don’t even think Derek Jeter has. And call me old-fashioned, but I wouldn’t want to, despite Chloe Anderson’s assertion on Modern Man that women assign a much higher value to kissing prowess than their male counterparts.

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Don’t sell us short, Ms. Anderson. We too enjoy a good hard kiss in the rain, or with our backs pressed against a barfront wall, or naked and shivering in post-coital clench. While women may be more sensitive than us in some areas, the lips are not one of them.

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Underestimations of our fondness for the lip-lock aside, Anderson goes on to present a comprehensive how-to guide on the five kisses every guy should master. I would go a step further and de-gender-alize things: let’s call them the five kisses everyone should master.

1) The First Kiss

Chloe says: “Brush your lips softly against hers before you start with any serious tongue action.”

I say: Touch his/her face (lightly). Doubling down on physical contact will intensify sensations for both of you.

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