5 Tips That Can Hook You Up With the Perfect Profile Pic

First impressions are almost always based purely on the visual. This is because we as humans are drawn to each other by looks. Having a good profile pic can bring your social networking or dating site more quality views regardless of the content within the page, because more people will desire to look further into the person in the photograph. If you do not have an attention grabbing photograph when people visit your page, they will not be interested in looking further. It is important to remember that this is one of the very first things that we notice when visiting one of these sites. Make sure you’re noticed from the crowd with an award winning profile picture.

1. Start With a Quality Photo

You want to ensure that the photograph you use is not blurry, low resolution, dark, or even too light. You can fix the photograph through Photoshop if you feel that it is one or all of the above. You want to ensure that the picture is clear and straight to the point. This will give everyone a clear view of you, and perhaps the best first impression. Photoshop can be relatively affordable to purchase, and learning how to use it can be easy as well if you use the tutuorials that are available online.

2. Be Consistent
Don't change it every few days, or even every month. This can lead you to being somewhat unrecognizable. You want to ensure that you are consistent with your pictures if you must change them. You want to wear somewhat of the same clothes, make up, and perhaps the same hair style. You want people to recognize you even after the picture has been changed. You want to ensure that when someone wants to find you, they can recognize you quickly and easily.

3. Be Conscious of Formats and Dimensions
Each social network is different. Make sure the file that you upload is the right size and dimensions, it should be clear and easy to see. This is because different platforms have different pixel sizes. One website might distort your photograph, while another makes it look clear. Being aware of these changes can help you provide a better profile picture. Always make sure to go back, refresh the page, and ensure that your profile picture was uploaded successfully and looks as it should.

4. Tools of the Trade
It's time to get creative. Learn about different ways to make your profile original when it comes to doing special effects to the photograph you want to use. When you use Photoshop, not only can you get rid of unwanted pimples and blemishes, but you can also add different effects. You can change the background, or even change the entire color of the photo. If you would like a more professional look to your photograph than you can use black and white, or sepia might even come in handy. All of these tools are also very easy for you to use when using Photoshop or learning through an online tutorial.

5. Pay Attention to Others Comments
if a certain profile picture has people writing on your wall; pretty profile pic! You'll definitely know that one is a keeper. Keep the picture your friends and family enjoy, they probably have good reason. They should not go unheard when posting pictures up to your page. You want to grab attention with your profile picture, and this is one way that you know you are. When people comment, you should know that you have a good or bad picture just based on the things they say underneath it.

Here are some links to Photoshop tutorials, where to post your profile pics and taking great pictures using a camera:

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