A Brief History of the Codpiece

Who wouldn’t love it if the codpiece came back into fashion? Just imagine how much easier dating would be if men still wore these. Women could take one look at the area below the belt and decide right away if that was a relationship worth pursuing. Then again it might look a little funny if men walked around wearing the old-fashioned metal versions strapped to the outside of their pants!

The codpiece first came about during the 15th century and by the 16th century it was all but dead. It took the form of a small metal pouch that attached directly to the front of the man’s pants. It was typically made of metal and held in place using buttons or ties. Some people compare it to the chastity belt, but the two were actually fairly different. A chastity belt was locked in place, while a codpiece was removable. Apparently even back then men were allowed to do what they wanted, while the women waited at home.

The early version of the codpiece actually fit over an empty space inside the man’s tights or pants and served as a way of protecting their precious jewels. Even back then men wanted to emphasize their best points, which explains why some men attempted to pad their codpiece. They also added decorations and wore a bigger size than they needed to make the area look even larger.

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The codpiece has bounced around as a popular trend for men throughout the years. Heavy metal and hard rock bands such as Kiss, Jethro Tull and Judas Priest often used the codpiece as a fashion accessory. It’s also appeared in movies typically set in the future and shown as the hot trend of the moment. The codpiece even received some controversy after George Clooney wore one in Batman & Robin.

If codpieces came back into fashion today, there’d be no need for dating services and matchmakers. Men could decorate their codpiece in the colors of their favorite team or even the team’s logo. Of course women would need to take a closer look, just to make sure their latest beau wasn’t padding things down below.

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