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What goes up must come down: it's an adage equally applicable to Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravity, Gwyneth Paltrow's career and hardcore pornography. According to Silicone Valley legend, a "fluffer" is the person on a smut set who uses his or her oral skills to keep thespians in the mood to emote. But trying to track one down proved nearly impossible. According to the skin traders I spoke with, the professional fluffer is a media-perpetrated myth. Thankfully, my wild goose chase around the San Fernando Valley came to fruition in the voluptuous shape of Hunter Skott (pictured above), an adult performer and dancer who is frequently called to improve morale among the droops. A thirteen-year veteran of films such as Stop! My Ass is on Fire 5 and Team Shag's Big Tittie Search, she was more than happy to give us the lowdown. — Grant Stoddard

Nerve: I’ve spoken to a lot of people in trying to hunt down a fluffer, and many have told me there is no such thing. How do you feel about your occupation being swept under the carpet?
Skott: Well, fluffers are only used for a gangbang or bukkake [film consisting primarily of facial come shots], not for regular movies. When more than ten guys are on a set, they're going to need that. One girl can only do one guy at a time. You know what I mean?

Word. How did you get involved?
A friend of mine directs for [the XXX distributor] Metro, and he asked me if I would come down and be a fluffer for the day. And I’m like, all right, I’ve never done it, so I’ll do it. [laughs]

Did they ask you because you were obviously really good at it?
Yes, I'm actually really good at giving head. It's one of my best qualities.

What is your first memory of hearing about oral sex?
I think it was the third grade. I remember this boy named Teddy asked me to give him head. I thought he wanted me to decapitate someone and give him the head, or bump into him like a raging bull. When it was explained to me, I got grossed out. [pause] I was very young.

When was your first time?
I first gave oral sex when I was about fifteen. It was cool. I was a little nervous at first, but then I got the hang of it.

When did you perfect your technique?
When I was eighteen. Actually, make that sixteen.
[filthy laughter]

For you, is bigger better when it comes to oral?
I don't like small or average. I prefer a little above average and a little less than big. Like about eight inches. I don’t know if that is above or below.

Has anyone ever choked you?
Guys have choked me with their hands. But cock-wise, no. I have a pretty big mouth.

Have you ever injured somebody through fluffing?
Uh. . . I’ve given a hickey on somebody’s dick before.

But you’ve never bitten too hard?
Oh no no no no. My teeth never scrape. That's amateur shit.

Do certain guys have special requests, say, the old finger-in-the-bum, perhaps?
Yeah, I get that. And they say, "Stroke it at the same time you're sucking it." They also like taking it all the way down and licking the balls at the same time.

You can do that?
I’m telling you, I’m perfect at this.

Have you ever been too good and accidentally made someone come?
Yeah, that happens a lot, a lot lot.

Do you get blamed for holding up production?
No, not at all. Usually they can stop you, but it feels so good they go with it. So it’s their fault.

Do you maintain regular relationships?
Oh, yeah. I date three guys outside of the industry, and I think they all know what I do too. They’ve at least got a vague idea. I don’t brag.

Do you get satisfaction from doing what you do?
[moans] Oh, definitely. I'm a giver, so that’s like my favorite thing to do anyway.

Do you get paid per guy or per movie?
Per movie. I figure I should get paid well if I'm going to have ten dicks in my mouth.

Is there such a thing as a fluffer for girls?
I wish. But usually the person you work with will go down there. If he has a problem with wood [getting an erection], that'll usually get him going again.

After you’ve been doing this all day, do you ever go home to one of the guys you're dating and think, "Oh, not again…"
Well, sometimes. I mean, it’s like being a mechanic and going home and somebody saying, "Can you fix my car?" I would never set up a date after doing that all day. It's not fair to them, and it’s sure unfair to me. I'm not going to be up to par, and I like to be perfect.

Any tricks of the trade?
It’s so hard to say it over the phone. When I come to New York, maybe you can film me with a popsicle or something.

That would be great, actually.
Or if you have somebody that would do it … you know, would let me …

[splutters] Do you use any kind of spray or mint to create a kind of tingly sensation?
Believe me, I don’t need to. That’s cheating.

Do Viagra and penile injections threaten your livelihood?
Umm… I don’t think that many guys use Viagra in the industry. I find that Viagra is usually for older people. I’m sorry, it’s like putting a brand-new flagpost on an old, condemned building. I think women need it most, especially older women. A lot of women don’t care to have sex with their husbands or boyfriends or whoever. Men are horny all the time.

Do you chat the guys up a little bit, or do you just get straight to it?
Oh no, we always talk. We get there a couple of hours beforehand, because we have to go through makeup and stuff.

What’s the biggest mistake a fluffer can make?
Scraping, biting. Acting like, "Do I really have to give this guy head?" That's probably the biggest mistake: it’s not going to do anything for the guy, and that means it's going to slow everything down. Everything goes in line in porn: if someone is late or not into it, everyone has to wait. You know what I mean? Time is of the essence.

What do you say to women who don’t like to give oral sex?
Become a lesbian. I know a couple of girls who don't like to give head, and I just can’t understand.  

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