A Resource Guide To Women's Health

Women face a myriad of health problems and conditions in the modern world. Some of these conditions afflict men and women alike, while others affect only women. Age and lifestyle can affect whether a woman develops a condition and other conditions are unavoidable as they are a natural part of womanhood. Sometimes the condition can be complicated and stressful and a woman might not know how to cope. Fortunately, there are many resources a woman can look to for help and advice.


Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology-Information from Washington University about osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Tutorial-An in-depth look at the features of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Symptoms-A guide from University of Maryland Medical Center on what to look for

Osteoporosis Fact Sheet-Colorado State University explains the causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods

Osteoporosis Questionnaire-A brief overview of the disease and a questionnaire to help determine your risk

Heart Disease

Heart Disease: One Among Millions-An overview of heart disease

What is Heart Disease? –Harvard Medicine’s overview of heart disease with a collection of research links

Net Wellness Heart Information- University of Cincinnati’s complete guide to heart disease

Learn About Heart Disease- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives helpful information

Medline Plus Heart Diseases- Brief description of heart diseases and helpful links


What is Pregnancy? –A complete guide to pregnancy and prenatal care

Pregnancy Discrimination-Understanding pregnancy in the workplace and else ware

Healthy Pregnancy-A guide to staying healthy and happy during your pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy-Information for teens and parents about how to cope with teen pregnancy

Depression During and After Pregnancy-A resource for women, their families and friends


Sexual Health

Women’s Sexual Health-A guide to reaching sexual fulfillment

Female Sexual Dysfunction-A guide for women with sexual dysfunction

Sexual Health Q&A-Questions and answers on a variety of sexual health topics

University of Georgia Sexual Health Guide-Information on variety of topics involving sexual health

Young Women and Sexual Health-A guide to healthy sex lives for younger women

Breast Cancer

Environmental Risk Factors-Information on environmental risk factors and cancer risk

Breast Cancer Overview-What it is, who gets it, causes, symptoms, and treatment

Definition and Diagnosis-University of Michigan’s guide to breast cancer

Breast Cancer Connections-A community resource for information and support

Treatment Options For Breast Cancer-Different treatment options for those suffering breast cancer

Uterine Cancer

Uterine Cancer-What is it? Who gets it? What causes it? What are the symptoms? Treatment options?

Guide to Uterine Cancer-Cedars Sinai Medical Center guide to uterine cancer information

Endometrial Cancer-Overview of uterine cancer with a diagram and risk factor information

Gynecologic Cancer Unit-A guide to endometrial cancer from UC San Diego

Endometrial and Other Uterine Cancers-Information about all cancers related to the uterus

Ovarian Cancer

Information About Ovarian Cancer-Important facts to know and symptoms to watch for

Ovarian Cancer The Basics-Guide to the ovaries and information about ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Home Page-Information from the National Cancer Institute

Ovarian Cancer FAQ-Questions and answers from the federal government about women’s health

Ovarian Cancer Fact Sheets-Statistics and facts about ovarian cancer

Eating Disorders

What Are Eating Disorders? –Guide to eating disorders and how they affect women

Eating Disorders-Facts about eating disorders and the search for solutions

Complications, Causes, Treatment-A brief guide to eating disorder information

A Disordered Culture-Information about eating disorders portrayed with pictures and stories

Disordered Eating on College Campuses-Information about prevalence of eating disorders in college


Clinical Depression-Explanation of clinical depression as well as types, symptoms, and causes

Depression and Emotional Health-Brief overview of depression causes and treatments

Introduction to Bipolar Disorder-Risk factors, Complications, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Managing Stress and Anxiety-How to cope with feelings of stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed

Anxiety and Stress Disorders-Different types of anxiety disorders and how to treat them

Anxiety Fact Sheet-Information about the different disorders and their prevalence

Autoimmune Diseases

Fast Facts About Lupus-An easy to read introduction to lupus for the public

Multiple Sclerosis Information Page-Explanation of MS and possible treatments

Multiple Sclerosis-Detailed information about the symptoms and causes

Type One Diabetes-Basic facts about type one diabetes with a diagram

Your Guide To Diabetes-Information about both type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Screening For Thyroid Disease-Recommendations by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Thyroid Disease-Understanding hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism 

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