A Resource/How to Guide to Long Distance Dating & Using the Internet to Keep the Spark Alive

Back in the day, the time periods of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and perhaps the 80’s; when it came to long distance romance or dating, the only way to keep the sparks flying was communicating by telephone and writing letters. But now in the 21st Century, times have changed, for what was done in the past is now passé, old fashion or outdated. The new trend in long distant relationships and keeping the fires burning is more technical, taking on a more modern “cyberish” communication twist. Couples keep in touch by way of the internet, using their desk tops or lap top computers. In order for a relationship to flourish, communication is essential in long distance romances. Although absence makes the heart grow fonder, communication keeps it in tact. But sometimes, communication isn’t enough, especially when fighting takes place, for reaching out and touching someone can make a world of difference when feelings are hurt and harsh words are said. Couples must keep their communications interesting and energizing and engaging. Take a look at the tools used today in maintaining the modern world of long distance relationships. Though couples may be a thousand miles apart, in reality they can be just a click away to keep those fires burning. You do not have to be a computer genius to carry on the relationship, but you will have know your way around a couple tools and features the internet has to offer.

Skype and the Internet

When it comes to long distant romances, the couple involved has many choices to choose from when it comes to connecting and being in one another's lives. Technology plays a big part in that connection; after all, a long distant romance can become quite expensive if the only thing you have at your disposal is your phone, because the cost of those minutes can add up, putting a hole in your wallet. Technology has introduced to the modern world, SKYPE, a vice that gives an alternative to cell phones and land line monthly bills. You can talk free anytime, unlike cell phones where you get free nights and free weekend calls. Skype is a free source that is used with your computer. With this service, you get a personal online number, which allows you to make free calls anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend and holidays. With Skype, you can have video messaging and instant messaging; allowing your relationship to grow through communication that will not cost you an arm and a leg. When you talk to your loved one, you will be talking from one computer to the other. You will have to invest in a microphone and speakers so that you can hear one another. With this technology, add a webcam to your computer and you will be able to see your loved one while you are talking to them and vice versa when they add a webcam to their computer.

  • The Skype Technology - What Is It? This site explains the technology behind Skype in detail. Also included is information on the different types of Skype uses and its security system.

  • How to Use Skype The information given on this site tells you of the features of the Skype application. It explains how to use Skype for different messaging systems.

Webcams and the Internet

A webcam is a video camera used with a computer. This image source allows people to view one another in real-time by way of the internet or cyberspace. A webcam can show everything from the person sitting at a computer desk chatting, to the room which they are in. How this works is simple, the small device is connected to a video capture card located in the computer. When in use, images are captured and played back in real-time, allowing you to see someone who may be a thousand miles away. This device is perfect for long distant relationships, because it is the next best thing to being there, allowing images and communication to go hand in hand when you aren’t there in person. Today, when purchasing new computers like laptops, it is good to know that webcams and microphones typically come with the item, which makes for convenience.

  • What are Webcams? Money Supermarket website gives an excellent overview and guide to webcams. It tells you how they work and what types are available for consumers.

  • Webcam Basics — How Do They Work? Straight from Microsoft, the article gives a brief description on the basics of webcams. Article talks of emailing and instant messaging.

Using Windows Live Messenger

Staying in touch with a special someone who lives far away is easy in the 21st Century of technology and the internet. Messaging is the “in thing”. One of these sources for instant messaging is through Windows Live Messenger. With this program, you can do instant chat and do video calling. This program allows the user to see who is on line and when. You can even let your love one know when you are available to chat. With this tool, you do not have to be a technical wizard to chat with your sweetheart; however, for those intimate video chats, you will need a webcam that will synchronize with the Windows Live Messenger application. An added bonus with the webcam feature is that it will allow your computer to call your sweetheart’s computer by way of the Internet Protocol. This is a special calling number that is directly associated to your sweetheart’s email address. Windows Live Messenger lets you take charge of your long distant relationship, letting you keep the fires burning when you aren’t there in person.

  • How Windows Live Messenger Works How Stuff Works gives a detailed explanation on how the Windows Live Messenger operates. It also explains how Windows Live email works.

Google Video and Chat with the Internet

When one is in a long distant relationship, it can get very lonesome being by yourself because your partner isn’t around in person. Couples in love tend to want to hear their sweetheart’s reassuring voice. They want to talk, laugh and be heard. With computer voice and video chat, you can now hear their laughter ringing out when you say something funny or off the wall. These services are offered through chat applications in Gmail and Igoogle to name a couple programs. Remember too, you can still do a voice and video chat even if one of you do not have the video camera device. When and if this happens to be your situation, you still have the option of a 1-ways video chat, showing that one is better than none. With video and voice chat, you will need a video camera. You will also have to download a voice and video chat plug-in application, as well as having an account with a provider of these services, such as Igoogle and Gmail.

Facebook and the Internet

Social network sites are places on the internet such as Cyworld, Myspace, Bebo and Facebook. These are networks which allow people to connect, share and play all in one area on the web. People come together sharing everything in an open forum, like a cyberspace playground. They connect through blogs, videos and photo sharing. Once the user is registered on the site, their profiles are made public or semi public. You can leave public comments or do private messaging with friends and loved ones. Facebook was established in 2004, it became a fad among the teenagers in 2005. It swept college students off their feet in 2006 with its different communities and interests. Today, people of all ages use Facebook to stay in contact with family and friends. It is also a place where long distant romance can be maintained, though not always on a private level. Two people in love can communicate by chatting to each other and sharing photos, along with a multitude of other applications.

AOL Messenger: Instant Messaging

Instant messaging plays a big role in cyberspace communication. There are several IM services available today, which will give registered users a chance to communicate or carry on a dialogue with one another in real time. Most of these applications come with special features, codes and pictures. These features can be added to your conversation while you type out a message. You can insert emoticons to let someone know how you are feeling at the moment. For instance, someone in a long distance relationship can send a kiss in their text message to the other person. One of these applications of messaging is AOL Instant Messenger. This application has been around since the early part 1990’s, letting users stay in touch with people on their “buddy list.”

  • How Does Instant Messaging Work? On this page, you will find a complete guide to instant messaging. Article has information on how it works, and using webcams and messaging service providers. A great read for those wanting to know more.

  • About Instant Messaging A brief article about instant messaging and what it is, identifying some of the most popular providers, and an included glossary for instant messaging slang.

Communicating through the Yahoo Messenger

Instant messaging also includes the Yahoo Messenger, which is another program that lets you stay in contact with individuals on your contact list. Popular features that come with this messaging source include access to chat rooms and you can use a webcam with the program. Application comes with smileys, emoticons and IMVironments, changing the backgrounds which are used in chats. If you are interested in staying in touch by way of the Yahoo Messenger, you will need a Yahoo ID and a password. When you register with Yahoo, this ID will bring you access to your email, profile and chat room contact. To use this application, you will need a username to go along with your password to enter chat rooms. The difference between Yahoo and AOL messaging systems is the fact that Yahoo does not have moderators overseeing the chat rooms. Regardless of what type of conversation is taking place, anyone can join in the chat, which makes communication less personal and more open to the public eye. Through the Yahoo Messenger, it allows registered users to share photos, play games and send emails back and forth between individuals. When you are in a long distant relationship, you have the option of making a phone call to the other person’s computer. Yahoo Messenger lets its users add graphics to their conversations, making their chat time more personal, engaging and entertaining when you are involved.

  • Introducing Yahoo Messenger Yahoo gives information on how to use the Yahoo Messenger, explaining that messages are sent in real time from computer to computer.

  • How Yahoo Messenger Works Help Bytes gives an introduction into the Yahoo Messenger, showing how it works. It also explains what you need to get started using Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Emails and the Internet

In today’s technical world of communication, it seems everyone is using an email address when they want to send messages in a hurry. One thing is for sure, email is often replacing handwritten letters and the postal service. No longer does it take 3 to 4 days to send an important message, now it can be done in an instant. We’ve come a long way from sending messages or mail and having it delivered on horse back as in the days of Paul Revere. Email is another term for electronic mail, a method of sending and receiving messages through computer networks such as Yahoo and Hotmail. With this system of communicating on line, people can send messages to more than one person at once, simply by using their address book which contains their contact name and email addresses. Or you can slow it down and send a personal message to one individual who may be far away. Once a message is typed and sent, it is stored in an electronic mail box, appearing in the inbox of the recipient. It takes only moments for messages to be delivered online, arriving at its destination like magic. To use an email service, a person will need an email provider, or a webmail application. To view your incoming mail or to send out a message you will need an internet connection. Make sure that your email supplier gives you enough disk space to store and keep all of your messages. This will help determine which service application is right for you. Most features of an email program comes with an online address book, and when composing a letter, you have access to spell check, font size and color options, as well as inserting emoticons and smileys into your message. Another feature of emails is the spam folder, which collects all unwanted junk mail. With most emails, it will allow you to send attachments of files that include pictures and documents.

  • Understanding Email Services If you know nothing on email services, this page explains it all. It gives an overview on email clients, webmail, POP and SMTP associated with email providers.

  • What is an E-mail? This online encyclopedia gives a brief description of what an email is and how it is used. It explains how messages are stored in electronic mailboxes.

Ecards aka Electronic Cards

Sending greeting cards to someone special is one way of keeping the interest flowing in a long distant relationship, letting someone know how you feel. After all, if you find it hard to write your feelings down or speak them, you will without a doubt find a greeting card that will express your feelings with the perfect words. However, you no longer have to run down to your favorite drug store and stand in the greeting card section, looking over hundreds of cards at your disposal. You can now send an ecard when you have access to a computer and internet connection. For this type of card is sent through the internet or cyberspace. There are plenty of online websites that offer greeting cards for all occasions. You can even find some that are free. All you need to know is the recipients’ email address to send it off directly from the greeting card website. Some popular sites to choose from are Blue Mountain and Hallmark Websites, and of course, you find greeting cards online at Yahoo. When you can’t find the right words, let an ecard say it for you.

  • What is an E-card? Information contained on this page is a step by step lesson, telling what an ecard is and how they are used. It tells you where you can go get free e-cards to send.

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