A Teen's Resource Center

A teenager is a young male or female who is within the age bracket 13 and 19 years old respectively. It is a stage in ones life which involves the transition or period that occurs between childhood and adulthood.

The teenage years are a transitional learning process, because they are seen as a period when adolsecents tend to make decisions on their own about what the future holds for them. They start planning for adulthood by becoming more responisble, learning to become more self sufficient, initiating and exploring careers, and learning about finance.

Various challenges faced by teenagers such as peer pressures, school work, and being bullied, can be quite difficult to over come. However, using the following comprehensive resources will help adolsecents by giving them the knowledge to meet the needs of such challenges. The teenage years are full of hardships and challenges, but are also full of exciting moments and amazing opportunities.

Arts and Entertainment

  • Astrology: A great site for learning about astrology and your sign.
  • Dream Moods: Useful site about sleeping and understanding why you dream.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: A site all about movies featuring reviews, celebrities, and trailers.
  • Teen Music: A site for teens on music, celebrities, and television.

Books and Writing

  • Young Writers club: All about young writers learning to develop good writing skills, and resources.
  • Teen Reads: A site devoted to teens who love to read with reviews and author information.
  • Writing Guides: Informations on writing guides for students and teens in general.

College and Career

  • College Prep: Facts about college preps and the benefits of picking.

Clubs and Organizations

Computers and the Internet

  • Viruses: All about computer viruses, knowledge and prevention.
  • PCs: Facts about PC’s, basis and gaming.
  • Programming: All about computer programming to teach teens.

Money Matters

  • Mint: Tips for teens in earning, saving, spending, owing, tracking, investing, safeguarding, and more.
  • Reality Check: A great site that shows what you need to make to maintain your lifestyle on your own.
  • Taxes: All about taxes and taxable incomes.

Homework Help

  • Plagiarism: A guide to the knowledge of plagiarism and avoidance.

Dating and Stuff

  • Sex, etc.: Knowledge about sex for teens, and sex education.


  • STDS: All about STDS, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Stress: Knowledge about stress, and how to cope with it.
  • Smoking: Tips to teens to avoid smoking and tobacco.

Issues and Conflicts

  • Race: All about racial discrimination, bias and prejudice for teens.
  • Religion: Information on organized religions and faith groups.
  • Depression: Tips on how to help teens overcome depression.
  • Bullying: All about bullying and the effects it has on teens.


  • Surfing: All about surfing, information and guide.


  • Beauty: Beauty tips, skin care, treatments and more.
  • Piercing: A guide about body piercing and what to expect
  • Cosmo Girl: A great site on beauty, fashion, enteratainment, and much more.


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