Alcohol Information Center

Alcohol is a drink that contains ethanol. It has an intoxication factor and can be classified as beer, wine, or liquor. Alcohol is popular among social situations because it allows its users to become relaxed and uninhibited. As well, many people admire the taste, the history, and the way certain drinks compliment a meal. For instance, the way a Merlot goes delectably with prime rib or a simple beer and pizza combination. With all the positive attributes of alcohol, it can be a dangerous substance if it falls into the hands of abusers. Alcohol can quickly become lethal if a person drives under the influence or consumes too many drinks. Overuse can have negative impacts on health, parenting, social situations, and can carry some hefty legal ramifications. Moderate use of alcohol is key. In order to stay safe a person must know their limits and understand the laws and regulations concerning alcohol use and retail. Alcohol as it stands by itself is not the issue, it is users who abuse it.


Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking and Alcohol Abuse: an in-depth overview of the issues facing underage drinking as well as solutions including reducing the hype around alcohol consumption and scare tactics.

Strategies to Prevent Underage Drinking: discusses detailed prevention strategies in terms of school, extracurricular activities, family, community, and policy.

Alcohol Alert: an article from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism on why kids start drinking, what the risks are, and how to prevent it.

Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking Defined: a list of binge drinking qualifications.

Trends in College Binge Drinking: a study done of 119 schools over 3 years to evaluate the frequency of binge drinking during periods of prevention tactics.

Binge Drinking Ages: a study shows how and why binge drinking takes place from late adolescence to early adulthood.

Quick Stats: statistic on the prevalence, health, risks and prevention of binge drinking.

Drinking and Driving

Statistics: drunk driving statistics from deaths to the number of impaired drivers on the road.

BAC: the basics of blood/breath alcohol concentration and a usable online calculator.

Drinking and Driving: an overview of the problems, risks, legal ramifications, and solutions related to impaired driving.


Parenting Influences: a report on the effect of parental influences on alcohol abuse from both alcohol and non-alcohol specific determinants.

Parenting is Prevention: a study of the way proper parenting can overpower peer pressure.

Minimum Drinking Ages Around the World: a look at global drinking ages and their impact on alcohol abuse.

The Effect of Parental Attitudes and Alcohol Use: a sociological study on how the attitudes of parents transcend to the alcohol consumption of college students.

Alcohol and Parents: a guide for parents of college students on discussing alcohol use and crisis.

The Role of Parents in Preventing and Addressing Underage Drinking: an overview of the importance a parent plays in the choice of a child to use alcohol.

Kids and Alcohol: an article on the impacts of talking to your child about abuse and experimentation.

Children of Alcoholics: suggestions to lower the risk of alcohol abuse among children of abusers.

Parenting Q&A: tips to help parents prevent their children from abusing alcohol.

A Reference Guide for Parents and Guardians: the lowdown on drug and alcohol abuse to help parents be better role models as well as warning signs to recognize.


Health Benefits

The Nutrition Source: Alcohol: a study on the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.

Does Alcohol Have a Place in a Healthy Diet?: a report on who can and can't reap the benefits of moderate alcohol use.

Red Wine Health Benefits: an article on positive impact moderate consumption of red wine can have on heart health.

Alcohol, Calories, and Weight

Caloric Values of Alcoholic Beverages: a discussion of how alcohol is stored in the body as unburned fat.

Alcohol and Calories: a listing of beverages and the amount of calories in a serving size.

Alcohol and Body Weight: the results of a study on the effects alcohol has on the weights of adult men and women on the United States.

Medical Reports

Brain Damage Risks: a study by the AMA on the negative impacts on the brains of adolescents and college students.

Alcohol Use and Health: the CDC's report on the long and short term effects of alcohol use.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Alcohol and the Fetus: a discussion of the negative impacts of alcohol on an unborn child.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: the causes, symptoms, signs, diagnosis, and prevention of the disease.


Laws Related to Alcohol: the laws and ramifications concerning alcohol in specific situations.

State Laws: the DUI/DWI laws across all 50 states.

Laws for Retailers: an overview of the laws imposed on sellers in the state of Wisconsin.

Alcohol Tax and Enforcement FAQ: commonly asked questions about the laws and taxes restricting alcohol retailers.

Warning Labels: a study on whether mandated warning labels on alcohol are effective.

Advertising Alcohol and the First Amendment: a speech by a former FTC Commissioner on whether advertising alcohol freely is a constitutional right.

Per Se BAC Laws: an overview of the laws that makes impaired driving over the legal limit an offense whether or not the driver exhibits any physical signs of intoxication.

Criminal and Civil Consequences: an extensive chart of the various drinking and driving charges.

Liquor Laws and Regulations: an overview of the federal laws that alcohol retailers must abide by.

Alcoholic Beverage: a list of laws and regulations stipulating advertising requirements and constraints.


Top 10 Alcohol Myths: common misconceptions about drinking including the ability to “sober up” quickly.

More Myths: this article separates fact and fiction in the realm of alcohol consumption.

21st Birthday Drinking Myth and Facts: the truth about the alcohol induced right of passage.

Myth and Fact Quiz: test your booze IQ with this online quiz.

Alcohol Trivia: a True/False quiz for college students.

Alcohol FAQs: commonly asked questions about excessive alcohol use and drinking levels.

Facts about Alcohol: an interactive lesson on what actually constitutes a standard drink.

Alcohol History Database: a compilation of materials from American Prohibition.

American Beer: a full history of beer's origins in America by region. 

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