All About Tarot Cards

Many people find tarot cards fascinating. They have their cards read so they know the future of their career, health, and even their love life!

The History of Tarot Cards and Card Reading

The history of tarot card reading began in the 14th century in Egypt. The first decks were created somewhere in Italy between 1410 and 1430. They were originally known as “triumph” cards. Cards didn’t start being used for divination until the 18th century. It’s believed to have started off as a simple card game that evolved over time. Early decks showed up in Europe before 1367.

Typically, a deck of tarot cards consist of 78 cards. For the purpose of divination, there must be a seeker and a reader. The reader will try to answer the seeker’s question by reading the cards. Firstly, the cards are shuffled and cut by the seeker. Then, the reader arranges the cards in a spread. By combining the position of the spread and the cards, the reader is able to give the seeker some directions.

Tarot Cards and Their Meanings

Tarot cards are unique. Each card is different and each one has its own meaning. To the uninitiated, the meanings of the cards can be confusing. While the Fool card may appear negative, it actually represents the spark that sets things into motion or that crucial “first step” that gets the ball rolling. Meanwhile, the Magician symbolizes new opportunities and new enterprises. The Justice card represents resolution of conflicts.

The Lovers card is very special. It has multiple meanings. It’s a card of emotions and it seems to imply that only good can come of a specific union. This is where the duality of the card comes in: the card has a gathering of clouds that reminds you there is always the potential for a tragic conclusion. If the card is drawn by someone who is not in a relationship, it implies choice. It can mean that the person is coming to a crossroads wherein one direction lies love.

How Readers Tell the Future

Many people believe tarot cards can tell the future but what they really do is forecast it. Tarot readers believe the future is not set in stone; that you have free will and your choices can change things. When readers do a reading, they are simply turning over a card and interpreting it based on the meanings of the pictures in conjunction with the position of the card in the spread. The cards forecast what’s likely to happen in a person’s life, not what is definitely going to happen.

Similarity to Zodiac Signs

Some people associate Tarot cards with the zodiac. The correlation exists because the 12 spiritual tarot guardians match the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Emperor card matches up with Ares, the God of War. The Lovers card matches up with Gemini. The Strength card matches up with Leo and the Hermit card matches up with Virgo. Some people even match the two system based on things like elements (Wands card/fire) and modalities (King card/fixed sign).

Have Your Cards Read Online

There are a few websites you can use to have your tarot cards read online. You just have to fill in a name, choose a deck, and you’re good to go.

As long as people believe their future can be told, they will continue using tarot cards for everything from looking to get rich to dating.

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