An Asexuality Resource Guide

An Asexuality Resource Guide

It is a popular misconception that everyone has some level of sexual interest, whether it be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or other forms of sexual identity. One often overlooked and misunderstood form of sexual identity is known as asexuality. Asexuality is generally defined as the absence or near-absence of any interest in sexual activity.

People who are asexual may have romantic relationships while not actually having or desiring sexual interaction. They may have sex not out of a personal desire for sex but rather out of a desire to preserve their relationship or to procreate. Others who are asexual may have no desire for dating or any form of romantic relationship.

Communities that are centered around asexual people are a relatively new occurrence and are largely found online in venues such as forums and social media websites; however, groups may also meet outside of online forums as well. Asexual communities often come together for support, to share experiences, and to help others to understand asexuality.

To read more about asexuality, review the following list of links:

  • Asexuality Overview: Clicking on this link opens up a page on the The Asexual Visibility & Education Network website. The page is an overview of asexuality and discusses what it is, and it also reviews attraction, relationships and arousal, and identity for people who are asexual.
  • How to Tell if You Are Asexual: Anyone who is curious about whether they are asexual should click on this link to the Time magazine site. The page includes a list of questions that can help a person tell if they may be asexual.
  • An Orientation to Asexuality: People who are interested in learning more about asexuality, what it means, and its community will want to click on this link. The CNN article goes into depth about what it is and what it isn't as well as some of the struggles that asexual people face.
  • Asexuality, Attraction, and Romantic Orientation: On this page, readers are able to review what asexuality is. The page also contains information about two different types of asexuality and also information on different types of attraction and romance.
  • Sexual Health: Asexuality: People will discover what asexuality is and is not by reading the information on this page. They will also learn terms that are important to understanding sexuality.
  • Asexuality Facts: This page reviews three topics and how they are associated with asexuality. The first is an explanation of what it is, the second explores misconceptions, and the third reviews relationships for people who are asexual.
  • Understanding Asexuality (PDF): The information in this document explores definitions, research and studies, participation and themes, and media attention.
  • Asexuality: Not Everyone is Interested in Sex (PDF): People who are interested in learning about asexuality are given answers to numerous questions in this online pamphlet. These questions refer to the cause of asexuality, what relationships with an asexual individual are like, and why awareness is important.
  • Being an Ally to Asexuals (PDF): Open this link to review a document that defines different forms of asexuality, how it can differ for different people, and who asexuals are. A list of famous asexual people is also included, as well as a list of what not to say to someone who identifies as such.
  • Patterns of Asexuality in the United States (PDF): Read this educational document to learn more about asexual behavior, desire, identity, and characteristics. The document also reviews the research, data, and methods used.
  • Asexuality Facts and Issues: Click this link to open this University of Northern Iowa Dean of Students Web page and read this article. The page includes information that defines asexuality and also lists facts and issues faced by people who come out as asexual.
  • Ten Things You Need to Know About Asexuality: On this page, readers can review the list of ten things that one must know about asexuality. The list gives very good details regarding what asexuality is not.
  • Asexuality: Not Experiencing Sexual Attraction (PDF): By opening this link, individuals are able to further educate themselves by reading an explanation of what asexuality is and isn't. The document also provides information about identities with which asexuality frequently intersects and may share common experiences.
  • An Illustrated Primer on Asexuality (PDF): This link opens to a playful yet informative document that uses illustration to help review asexuality. The page reviews flavors of asexuality, types of attraction, symbols, myths, dating tips, and how to support an asexual friend or acquaintance.
  • Asexuality: An Overview of Definitions and Terms (PDF): Relationships, attraction, identity, and arousal are just a few of the topics that people will read about when they click on this link. This document also includes terms associated with asexuality and their definitions.
  • What Is it Like to Be Asexual?: This BBC article not only defines asexuality to its readers, but it also discusses romantic asexuality and aromantic asexuality.
  • Asexuality: Is it Even Real?: Fox News provides this article, which contains basic information about asexuality, for its readers. The article also mentions what studies have been done on the topic.
  • Asexuals Push for Greater Recognition: Read this article for information regarding the movement to spread awareness on the topic of asexuality. The article also reviews information about relationships for people who identify as asexual.
  • About Asexuality: This link is associated with an asexuality article from the Reporter, a college paper. The article is brief but touches on topics such as clarifying what it means, changing the atmosphere and having open communication, and romance.
  • Asexuality in a World of the Highly Sexual: The article on this page touches on what it is like to be asexual, the battle for acceptance, and the increase in research about it.
  • Asexuality as a Spectrum (PDF): This link opens to an educational document that not only defines asexuality but also measures and evaluates sexual attraction and desire on a spectrum.
  • The "A" Stands for Asexuality: Readers interested in asexuality will want to click this link to review the article featured in the Amherst student newspaper. The article is about a student's experiences as an asexual person.
  • Coming to an Asexual Identity: Negotiating Identity, Negotiating Desire: This is a report based on a study that was used to examine personal experiences of asexual people. The study examines behaviors, characterizations, and levels of romantic interest.
  • Asexuality: The Fourth Sexual Orientation: Click this link to read a very short article about asexuality on Canada's MetroNews website. The article not only discusses asexuality but also the acceptance of sexual diversity.
  • It's Not Easy Being Ace: The Varsity student newspaper features this article about asexuality for its readers. The article strives to define it and explores the spectrum. Relationships, dating, and the intersection of sexual identity are also discussed.
  • Asexuality is a Sexual Orientation, Not a Disorder: People can learn about asexuality by listening to this audio clip on asexuality. Listeners can learn about common misconceptions and the efforts to bring recognition to this form of sexuality.
  • Life Without Sex: The Third Phase of the Asexuality Movement: Readers can click on this link to The Atlantic website and see an article on the asexuality movement. The article features David Jay, who founded the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).
  • Shifting to Neutral: Click on this link to New York magazine to read about asexuality and how information and greater understanding of the problem is being spread primarily through AVEN. The article interviews an NYU student who speaks on the benefits of education and knowing that there are others who are also asexual.

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