An Online Guide to Men's Health

The health of adults differs greatly from that of children, especially when it comes to issues such as cancer concerns, proper diet, mental health, and much more. These differences become even more significant when one considers the health of men versus women. Our chemical and gender make-up can have a profound impact on how we handle our health and what kinds of things we should concern ourselves with. Much of the time, the health focus tends to be on women, mainly due to their ability to carry a child. Men’s health often gets overlooked, but it is just as important and essential that adult men pay attention to different health-related concerns. Whether it’s general health, sexual health, or something age specific, all men should be aware of the importance of taking care of their health.

General Men's Health Resources

  • Men’s Health at WebMD – WedMD offers an entire section of their website completely devoted to promoting good advice and help for adult men and their health and wellbeing.
  • Men’s Health Resources – An informational and comprehensive website that has links to more information about many aspects of men’s health.
  • CDC: Men’s Health – The Centers for Disease Control features a sub-site with plenty of articles, studies, and more related to men’s health.
  • Men’s Health Information – Look here for the latest in men’s health topics with a wide variety of information and advice.
  • Men’s Health – A definitive guide to men’s health from the University at Alabama – Birmingham.
  • Mens’ Health Information – Mens’ Health Program at University of California – Davis.


  • Breast Cancer in Men – Many people do not know that breast cancer is also fairly common in men. Find out more information from the American Cancer Society.
  • Prostate Cancer – Many men suffer from prostate cancer, so it is important to understand the facts.
  • Lung Cancer – The number of men in the United States who smoke is higher than women. It is essential that men recognize the dangers of lung cancer.
  • Testicular Cancer – Testicular cancer is a curable type of cancer, but screening and prevention are necessary.
  • Bladder Cancer – Bladder cancer develops more in men than women. Find out information from Harvard Health.
  • Skin Cancer – The most common kind of cancer in men over 50. Learn to recognize the signs.

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Needs – Often, men’s mental health needs are misunderstood. Learn more about how men can get the right treatment here.
  • Signs & Symptoms – This page offers a helpful list of signs that a man may be depressed.
  • Man Up – Men’s mental health campaign from University of Pennsylvania’s nursing school.
  • Men and Depression – Information and signs of depression for the University of Michigan.
  • Young Men’s Mental Health – Resources from Oregon Health and Science University.
  • Men’s Well Being – Information from the Men’s Coping Project at Clark University.


Sexual Health

  • Sexual Health Topics – This website offers a wide array of topics on many aspects of men’s sexual health.
  • Planned Parenthood – Planned Parenthood is not just for women; they also offer services in regards to men and their sexual health as well.
  • Sexual Health Guidelines - This article includes information outlined on some of the steps men should take to make sure they don't experience any sexual health issues.
  • Men’s Sexual Health – Information from the University of Georgia.
  • Below the Belt – Reproductive health information for men.
  • Male Sexual Health – Information and resources from New York University’s Medical School.

Weight and Diet

  • Men’s Diet Sense – Check out some good food choices, advice for a healthy diet, and much more on this website.
  • Diet & Nutrition for Men – Discover better common sense choices for a healthy diet in men by reading this article and using the resources at the bottom for healthy eating options.
  • Male Nutrition – A healthy diet is important for men as well as for women. Learn more here.
  • Men’s Nutrition – Information for Brown University’s Health Services.
  • Nutrition for Men – Resources from Kansas State University.
  • Male Maturity and Nutrition – Information from Northwestern University.

 Fitness and Physical Activity



Age Specific Health Information

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