An Online Sex Ed Guide

Sex education is the study of the differences that exist between the male and female genders. The need for sex education is important for students in middle and high school because it is at this stage that children become very interested in sex. Sex education helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies and premature marriages. It also increases better understanding and appreciation of the opposite sex.

Sex education is not a responsibility reserved for school teachers alone. As a matter of fact, parents, friends, neighbors and religious leaders have important roles to play in sex education. Subjects to cover in this field include dating, relationships, body image, communication, sexual reproduction, sexual anatomy, sexual intercourse and contraception. Sex education works better in schools when the students learn it together with favorite subjects such as biology, home economics and physical education. In the US today, more than 66% of all public school districts consider it very important to educate their students on sex.

More on Sex Education:

  • What Parents Think About Sex Education: There are parents who think that sex education should be increased in schools. Some reasons for this and the statistics can be analyzed on this link.
  • Sex Education for Disabled Students: This is a PDF file that explains the need for educating disabled students about sex.
  • Sex Education, the Journey So Far: Truly, there may be no landmark achievements in sex education since it started. The causes for this and possible solutions are contained in the article.
  • Abstinence: Abstaining from sex education is not really the right thing to do. This page contains better approaches for solving the sex drive found among children and youths.
  • Sex Education in America: Surveys have been conducted to find out how people have faired in sex education.
  • Facts on America's Teens: Researches on sex, pregnancy and abortion are available on this link.
  • Abstinence or Comprehensive? What is the best method of teaching sex education? Is it by total abstinence? Should the use of condoms be encouraged? This PDF file tries to give answers to these.
  • Parents' Desires: What parents want their children to know about sex include abstinence and effects of sex at an early age.
  • Statistics of Sexual Behaviors: An overview of sexual behaviors among teens within the last nine years.
  • Family Structure and Teen Sex: The structure of a teenager’s family also has a role in modeling his ideas about sex.
  • Sex Education in Schools: An overview of what sex education in schools should be and what should be taught at different ages.
  • Sex Education That Works: Information contained on the page includes explanation of sex education, skills required for educating sex and the aims of sex education.

Sex Education for Students:

  • Sex Education for Teens: This is a great resource that features teenage problems about sex and proffered solutions.
  • Sex Talk: An interactive website featuring discussions between pregnant teens and a teen mum.
  • Quiz Archive: This is a collection of quizzes to help teens test their knowledge on sex.
  • Like It Is: Complete information of what sex is like. Topics discussed include pregnancy, period and more.
  • Results of Sex Life: Sex life yields STDs and unwanted pregnancies among teens. The consequences of these early results and how to avoid them are illustrated on the page.
  • Young Women's Health: This is a place where young girls can find solutions to sexuality and sexual education.
  • Talk about Sex: This page contains a lot of links that deal with the study of topics such as sexual rights, birth control, STDs and more.
  • Go Ask Alice: This question and answer type site offers advice for teens on alcohol and other drugs, fitness and nutrition, emotional health, sexual, sexuality health, and relationships.
  • Teen Source: This page is focused on sexual health information for teens and encourages them to make informed decisions.
  • SIECUS: The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States is a wonderful resource for teens and adults.
  • Questions and Answers: Questions addressed on this page include the age when kids start knowing things about sex and sexual behaviors exhibited by kids.
  • Advocates For Youth: This page contains lessons, curricula, facts and tools for teaching youths about sex.
  • Planned Parenthood: Great resource for teaching teens about masturbation, pregnancy and other sex issues.

Sex Education for Parents and Teachers:

  • For Parents: Help for parents to teach teens about sex and the signs to look out for in children when they begin to exhibit sexual feelings.
  • Sexuality Education: Parents and teachers can follow the links provided on this page to teach children about sex.   
  • Lesson Plans: Lesson plans contained on this link include pregnancy prevention and contraception.
  • Sexed Library: This is a library of lesson plans that covers sex education on various topics.
  • Talking With Kids About Sex: Sex is a difficult thing to mention especially between parents and children. However, there are methods to follow to effectively beat this phobia.   
  • Flash Lesson Plans: This resource is rich in lesson plans that teach sexuality education.

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