Are You Sexy?

1. It’s finally Friday! After a long week at the office, what do you do to unwind?

A.) Unwind? Unwinding is for old folks. I’m going out to the sports bar with my girls to search for cuties. (+2 Points)

B.) I’m going to plop myself onto the couch with a tub of Chunky Monkey to watch I Love Lucy reruns! She is so funny! (+1 Point)

C.) We’re going to stop at the store that shall remain nameless to pick up some self heating massage oils and edible playthings. Friday nights are our ‘marital adventure’ nights. (+ 3 Points)

2. Your view on porn is….

A.) It’s vulgar and vile. Porn will never be accepted as a form of entertainment in my home. (+ 1 Point)

B.) I had an experimental phase in college. It was captured on tape and I accidentally became a small time porn star. (+3 Points)

C.) It’s alright. My husband and I watch porn from time to time. It’s fun, but not really my cup of tea. (+ 2 Points)

3. While getting ready for a night on the town, you have a choice of three tops. You choose…

A.) Lacy Bustier (+ 3 Points)

B.) Cashmere Sweater (+ 2 Points)

C.) Oversized turtleneck (+ 1 Point)

4. The actress that best matches my personality is…

A.) Angelina Jolie: smart, sexy, and sophisticated. (+3 Points)

B.) Pam Anderson: Lots of beauty, no brains. (+1 Point)

C.) Claire Danes: Classic, clever, and a quick thinker. (+2 Points)

5. You’re painting your bedroom a new color, the color you choose is…

A.) Yellow, because it’s bright and bubbly. (+2 Points)

B.) Black, because entering the realm of darkness is the only way to reach enlightenment. (+1 Point)

C.) Red, because it is sensuous and sassy. (+3 Points)

6. It’s your wedding night. When you slip off your wedding dress your new husband sees…

A.) A lacy lingerie set equipped with garters and all. (+2 Points)

B.) White high waist Hanes panties and a padded bra. What? At least it’s white. (+1 Point)

C.) Nothing. I undressed when I went to the restroom. ;) (+3 Point)

7. Your favorite lipstick color is…

A.) Red (+ 3 Points)

B.) Pink (+ 1 Point)

C.) Neutral (+ 2 Points)

8. You’re looking at magazines at the newsstand before work, which magazine do you buy?

A.) Lucky: Shopping, fashion, and style! My favorite. (+ 2 Points)

B.) Cosmopolitan: Karma sutra and fashion. What else could you possibly want? (+ 3 Points)

C.) Seventeen: Yes, I’m 25 and I still read Seventeen. Shut up. (+1 Point)

9. The celebrity that shares your fashion sense is…

A.) Jennifer Aniston: All American girl (+ 2 Points)

B.) Ugly Betty: Mismatched and misplaced (+1 Point)

C.) Kim Kardashian: Always paparazzi ready (+ 3 Points)

10. You’re going on a first date; you would prefer to go to…

A.) A Luau, bring on the grass skirts and coconut bras! (+3 Points)

B.) A bookstore, you want to introduce him to your love of Midwestern novels. (+1 Point)

C.) A classic date: dinner and a movie (+ 2 Points)

11. Your boyfriend wants to get it on, but you want to catch up on reading. What do you decide to do?

A.) Continue reading, we’ve already had sex once this month. What does he think I am, a sex machine? (+ 1 point)

B.) Reading over some lovin’? Ha! That’s a no brainer. Lights off please! (+ 3 Points)

C.) Not tonight. I’m still exhausted from last night. (+ 2 Points)

12. You’re at the coffee shop waiting in line and you see a cute guy giving you the look. What do you do?

A.) Wait for him to approach me, if he doesn’t it’s his loss. (+ 2 Points)

B.) Make the first move. Life is too short. (+ 3 Points)

C.) Look away. I hate when people initiate eye contact with me. (+1 Point)

13. If you could choose any vacation destination in the world, what would it be?

A.) Paris: Dining in the moonlight is always nice. (+ 2 Points)

B.) Tennessee: All you can eat ribs at the steakhouse! Yeah! (+ 1 Point)

C.) Hawaii: Bare buff men only covered by grass skirts? I’m in! (+ 3 Points)

14. You’re shopping at Victoria’s Secret, what do you buy?

A.) Lacy lingerie. (+ 3 Points)

B.) Pushup Bra, because I need a lift. (+ 2 Points)

C.) Comfy high waist cotton underwear. (+ 1 Point)

15. It’s your turn to plan your anniversary weekend, what do you plan?

A.) Rent three romantic movies, one for each night. (+ 2 Points)

B.) I have a seminar scheduled. Self help seminars are the key to a happy marriage. (+ 1 Point)

C.) A naked weekend! (+ 3 Points)

Your Sexy Score

15-29-You’re a prude. You need to loosen up a bit. Life is too short to be so uptight.

30-39-You’re the girl next door, not a sex goddess. Girls next door lead happy and wholesome lives, but may leave much to be desired in the bedroom.

39-45-You my friend, are synonymous with sexy. Keep up your devilish ways, but remember life isn’t all about fun and games.

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