Attribution Theory

The attribution theory is the theory on how people explain things. One of the best things about being human is being able to explain anything. A synonym of attribution is exclamation. We as humans have a strong need to understand things. If you can influence people and explain what is happening, you may be able to change them.

Attribution Theory

Attribution theory correlates with how people show events and how it affects their behavior and thinking. People making casual explanations is known as attribution theory. It was established over time from different social psychologists, especially Fritz Heider who played a major role in producing the theory in 1958. Heider wrote about attribution theory in his book called "The Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships". External attribution is when behavior is altered by influences outside of your control. Internal attribution is caused from an inside reason that falls within your control. Your behavior is not influenced and you feel responsible.

Examples of Attribution

Here are a few examples of the external attributions. If someone was losing a soccer game, they could discuss how the field may have been slippery or the referees were making bad calls. One also might talk about the sun being in their eyes or there was too much noise or too little. External attributions for winning a game would be “The team played as one”. Internal attributions for loosing a game might be “I did not kick the ball hard enough” or “I could have played better defense”.

Problems with External Attribution

Problems that happen with external attribution are threatening an existing habit. This means, people who conduct behavior of an internal attribution lose the habit if they differ from their pattern of attribution. Problems arise when a reward or punishment stops people from making an internal attribution which brings forth the wanted behavior under their control.

How to Use Attribution Theory Effectively

To use attribution theory effectively, you must apply it in a situation where people are wondering why things are happening. The explanation for this must be an internal attribution such as thinking a person who is quiet and studying must be a hard-working student. Attribution theory gives trust to the fullest. Effective use is being certain the little things you do result in internal attribution.

Attribution/Persuasion Tactics

Persuasion tactics can be useful, like pointing out foods that will improve your health. They can also be harmful in attracting kids to smoke or drink. Being more acquainted of persuasion techniques will prepare a person with awareness on how to prevent unnecessary purchases.

The assumption of attribution theory is the ambition to understand explanations for their own actions. An addict explains their behavior as a result of events out of your control. These results affect emotions, their relationship with others, and there self-esteem. They have a need to understand what people are saying about their addiction and relationships. We as people have a strong need to explain things to ourselves and other people. Explaining things and understanding the meaning of theories gives us a better sense of determination.

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