Baby Names for Expecting Parents

Baby Names for Expecting Parents

Baby Names:

Choosing a name for your baby can be a difficult process. In addition to choosing a name that will help your child find his place in the world, you may be looking for a more unique or traditional name. Many parents also consider the meaning and origin of the name before making a final choice. The spelling you choose may affect the meaning of the name. You may decide to create a unique name for your child. Ultimately naming a child is one of the first responsibilities that new parents take on, and it can have a lasting effect on that child’s life.

Top Ten Most Popular Boy Names of 2011

  • Mason: The meaning is stone worker. It is derived from the French language.
  • Liam: Liam is a traditional Irish name, and it means someone who will protect others.
  • Ethan: Ethan means someone who is strong and firm. It is a traditional Hebrew name.
  • Noah: Noah is a traditionally Hebrew name, and many people may think of Noah in the bible. However the name means rest or comfort.
  • Jacob: The meaning of the name Jacob comes from the bible story, in which Jacob and his twin were born, but Jacob stole the birthright. The name is traditionally Hebrew and means supplanter.
  • Aiden: Aiden is another traditional Irish name. The meaning is fiery.
  • Jackson: The name Jackson can be traced back to Hebrew origins and it means the son of Jack.
  • Logan: The meaning of Logan is small hollow. The name has Scottish origins.
  • Jack: The name Jack has English origins, but is also another form of the name John. The name means God is Gracious.
  • Lucas: This is the only name of Latin origin on the top ten list. It means bringer of light.

Top Ten Most Popular Girl Names of 2011

  • Emma: The name Emma is from Germany. It means universal.
  • Olivia: The meaning of Olivia is olive tree. This name has a Greek origin.
  • Sophia: This name is also from Greek origins. It is a derivative of the name Sophie and means wisdom.
  • Isabella: The name Isabella means God is my vow. It has Hebrew origins.
  • Ava: The name Ava means a bird. It comes from Germany.
  • Ella: This name is from England, and it means beautiful fairy woman.
  • Madison: The name Madison used to be a boy’s name, and you can see that through the meaning which is son of Maud. The name comes from England.
  • Emily: The name Emily is English, and it means to strive or to work hard.
  • Abigail: The name Abigail means my father’s joy. It has Hebrew origins.
  • Chloe: The name Chloe comes from Greece, and it means blooming.

Unique Boy Baby Names

  • Ion: Ion is the Russian from of the name John and it means God is good.
  • Phoenix: This name means blood red and is originally from Greece.
  • Hector: This name has Greek origins and it means steadfast.
  • Judd: Judd means to flow down, and it comes from English origins.
  • Stellan: This is one of the few names that come from American origin, and it means star.
  • Deven: This has Indian origins, and it means like a God. This is interesting because other spellings have different meanings.
  • Kirby: Kirby means from the village church. This name has English origins.
  • Maynard: This comes from English origins. Maynard means brave strength.
  • Orsen: Orsen can also be spelled Orsin. The name has English origins and means bear cub.
  • Forest: This name is from England and it means from the woods.

Unique Girl Baby Names

  • Fawn: Fawn means a young deer. This name has English origins.
  • Sage:  This name means herb or prophet. It has English origins.
  • Kenna: This name means beautiful and it has American origins.
  • Dankia: This name has Slavic origins and it means morning star.
  • Arria: Arria means slim and lean. It has African origins.
  • Lael: Lael has Hebrew origins, and it means of God.
  • Jelissa: This name means white bee, and it has American origins.
  • Talitha: Talitha has Hebrew origins, and it means maiden child.
  • Yara: This name means small butterfly, and it has Arabic origins.
  • Darby: Darby means from the deer park. It has English origins.

Traditional Baby Names

Boy Names:

  • Steven: Steven has a Greek origin, and it means crown.
  • Daniel: Daniel is a traditional Hebrew name. It means God is my judge.
  • John: This name means God is gracious. It has Hebrew origins.
  • Joshua: Joshua has Hebrew origins. It means God is salvation.
  • Samuel: Samuel is another traditional Hebrew name and it means his name is God.

Girl Names:

  • Samantha:  This name means listener: It has Aramaic origins.
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a traditional Hebrew name. It means God is my oath.
  • Sarah:  This name means princess. It comes from Hebrew origins.
  • Ruth: Ruth is another traditional Hebrew name. It means friendship.
  • Mary:  Mary has two different meanings one is bitter, and the other is of the sea. It is from Hebrew origins. Mary and Miriam are both related names.

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