Bogart and Bacall

Born Humphrey DeForest Bogart in New York City on December 25, 1899, this American actor was first seen performing on Broadway. His father was a surgeon and his mother, a commercial illustrator. Both successful individuals, the couple had high hopes for their oldest son. However, in 1918, Bogart was expelled from the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. All hopes of a future at Yale University were dashed.

Before beginning his work on Broadway, Bogart joined the Navy in the spring of 1918. After becoming injured, he returned home in 1921. Bogart regained his health and began work as both a bonds salesman and a shipper before performing in the Theater District. Having never taken acting lessons, he was still persistent and did gain some valuable roles. He appeared in nearly 17 different productions over a 13-year period. It is in Broadway productions that he met his first wife, Helen. The marriage lasted a mere year.

One of Bogart's earliest film roles was The Dancing Town. At this time, he signed a contract with Fox Film Corporation. Other films to follow were Up The River and The Bad Sister. However, his most renowned role is his portrayal of Rick Blaine in 1942's Casablanca. The film was a huge success for Bogart and cemented his ability to play a romantic lead. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, but lost out to Paul Lukas. Casablanca won an Academy Award for Best Film that year. More so, the film catapulted Bogart to the forefront of the industry and more than doubled his annual salary.

While working on the film To Have and Have Not in 1944, he met Lauren Bacall who was 26 years his junior. Bogart was 45 and Bacall only 19 years old. Sparks flew from the very beginning; Bogart was attracted to her good looks and poised yet opinionated demeanor. Due to his age and experience, Bogart became a mentor to Bacall in his first ever affair with a leading lady. Bogart was decidedly miserable in his marriage to Methot and saw Bacall as a breath of fresh air. Although he was still married, the couple began dating. After being married to three women (Helen Menken, Mary Philips & Mayo Methot), he married Lauren Bacall in 1945. The couple had two children over the course of their marriage.

Two years after they wed, Bogart and Bacall protested the witch hunts involved with the House Un-American Activities Committee. Bogey also formed his own product company and in 1951 won a Best Actor Academy Award for African Queen. The two remained married until his death from esophagus cancer in 1957. After his death, Lauren Bacall dated Frank Sinatra shortly and later married Jason Robards, an actor in 1961. The couple remained married until 1969.

Locations Dedicated To Humphrey

  • Grauman's Chinese Theater: The forecourt of this theater is covered with the imprints of the hands and feet of over 150 entertainers, including Humphrey Bogart.
  • Movieland Wax Museum: Bogart is cast in wax opposite Katherine Hepburn in the museum's depiction of The African Queen.
  • Warner Brothers Museum: Bogart's costume from Casablanca along with the infamous piano are a couple of the many film artifacts on display at this museum.
  • Bogart Circle: A street named after him in California
  • Hollywood Walk Of Fame - Bogart's star is one of the most visited on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Humphrey Bogart Resources

  • Tribute To Humphrey: His talent was showcased across the world with tributes in his name across the Internet. Various tributes including this one have been put up in his honor.

  • Genealogy of Bogart: Born in New York, Humphrey had four wives in his lifetime. His last, Lauren Bacall being his most famous marriage. He was with her until his death in 1957.

  • A Bogart Filmography: A complete listing of all of Bogart's films complete with images of film posters and movie clips.

  • Film Noir: Humphrey was known for his role in film noir movies. Film Noir style films always had a story that was developed around a male character who comes into contact with an attractive and seductive femme fetale. Spencer Tracey also was a popular actors of film noir movies.

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