Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are one of the most famous couples of the past, and their story remains well known even today. The couple met at an early age and fell in love. They then preceded to live a life of crime, committing numerous robberies, and even murders, and were eventually ambushed by police and killed. The story of Bonnie and Clyde's lives is one of love, and crime that ultimately had a tragic ending for the two.

Bonnie & Clyde History – historical information on the couple from the Dallas Historical Society

Bonnie Parker was born in 1910 in Rowena, Texas. At the age of four, when Bonnie's father died her mother moved her and her siblings to Dallas where they lived in poverty. Bonnie was very smart, and became an honor roll student in high school. She excelled at writing, and enjoyed reading romance. When Parker was only 15 years old, less than a week before her 16th birthday, she married a man named Roy Thornton. The marriage did not go well, and about three years after marrying, the couple separated but never actually divorced.

Famous Cases – information from the FBI on Bonnie and Clyde's infamous crime spree

Clyde Barrow was born in 1909 just south of Dallas, Texas. Clyde was born to a poor farming family, and was the fifth of seven children. Barrows began getting into trouble and in 1926 he experienced his first arrest for running from police when he was questioned about a rental car that he did not return on time. Clyde's second arrest for possession of stolen goods came shortly after the first. Despite holding down jobs after his second arrest, Clyde cracked safes, stole cars, and robbed stores. During this time Clyde also belonged to the Barrow gang with whom he robbed multiple banks.

Two Crooks for The Road – information on the book that covers the life of the famous crime couple

Clyde first met Bonnie in 1930 while visiting a friend in Dallas, and their romance began. Soon after the two met, Clyde was arrested on burglary charges, but escaped from jail after Bonnie smuggled in a gun for him. Shortly after the escape, Clyde was apprehended and went back to prison. He was released in 1932 and rejoined Bonnie to resume their life of crime. Bonnie and Clyde went on to commit high profile robberies around the country and they narrowly escaped capture numerous times. In 1932, the couple killed two young highway patrolmen before the officers even had a chance to draw their guns. In 1933, a trap was set for Bonnie and Clyde by police officers but they managed to escape by holding up an attorney on the highway and stealing his car. Then in 1934 Clyde who was accompanied by Bonnie helped five prisoners escape from the Eastham State Prison Farm in Waldo, Texas. Two prison guards were shot in the process of the escape.

Depression Era Duet – information on the couple dubbed Romeo and Juliet in a getaway car

In April of 1934 an FBI agent discovered through an investigation that Bonnie and Clyde were in a remote section of town in the vicinity of Ruston, Louisiana. Police continued their investigation and discovered that the couple were planning on attending a party at Black Lake in Louisiana on May 21st, and they were due to return from the party two days later. Shortly before dawn on the morning of May 23, 1934 a group of police officers from Louisiana and Texas hid in bushes and shrubs along a highway near Sailes, Louisiana where police knew the couple would be. Early that morning Bonnie and Clyde appeared on the very highway were police officers were waiting and when the couple tried to drive away, police opened fire and Bonnie and Clyde were killed instantly. It is said that the police fired approximately 130 shots.

NY Times – an article that appeared in the NY Times from the day the couple were shot

Bonnie and Clyde's relationship was one of passion and excitement. The two very much loved each other even though Bonnie never actually divorced her first husband, and when her body was examined it was revealed that Bonnie was still wearing her wedding ring. During their crime spree, the couple committed horrific acts but many think of their deaths as the ending to a tragic love story. Since the death of Bonnie and Clyde there have been many questions raised about the way the police ambush was conducted. Although Bonnie and Clyde died in 1934, their story is still very well known, and there have been numerous movies and songs made based on the lives of the infamous couple. There is even a yearly Bonnie and Clyde festival held in Louisiana.

Bonnie & Clyde Festival – information on the yearly festival held in Louisiana

Bonnie & Clyde Film – information on the 1967 film depicting the lives of Bonnie and Clyde

Famous Criminals – a list of some of the most famous criminals of the past including Bonnie and Clyde

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