Bullying and Sexual Harassment Information

A small percentage of kids are still being bullied and sexually harassed in school today. There are many organizations out there that are trying to put a stop to all of this.

Bullying and Sexual Harassment in Schools

· Committee for Children: Organization for children that shows the consequences and exactly what bully and sexual harassment is in schools. Gives information on defining bullying and learning how to cope and treat the issue.

· Safe Schools Coalition: The academic consequences are severe. Anti-bullying projects that involve parents,’ students, and teachers. They have been able to reduce bullying fifty percent. Also, the site provides an informational video geared towards children about what bullying is and how to cope.

Bullying at School Information

· Peaceful Schools International: A Canadian charitable organization designed after a Student lost their life after being bullied numerous times. The organization is geared towards educating children in schools and having peace amongst their peers.

· Secret Service Safe School Initiative (SSI): This is a study of school based attacks while also studying school shooting attackers to identify if the attacks were preventable and the correlation between bullying.

Bullying in Schools

· Kid Power: Provides resources and articles that can help parents address bullying with their children and provides information for teens and kids a like.

· Stop Bullying Now: Using videos, games, and graphics they are trying to teach children how to handle bullying.

Bullying Information for Parents and Teachers

· IFCC: Resourceful guide for parents and teachers that give tips and provide helpful information on how to properly deal with a bully.

· Focus Adolescent Services: Everything parents and teachers should know. Included is a study about bullying and pre-teens.

Initiatives to Combat School Bullying

· Bullying No Way: Students and staff stated that they want to promote a healthy and safe school. They have started developing initiatives and programs to eliminate bullying.

· Supporting Positive Behaviors: Swedish Psychologist Dan Olweus initiated the current contemporary thinking behind bullying in the eighties. Provides sources and information for different regions around the world including the Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Information on dealing with bullying Strategies for Parents

· Kids Health: Helpful guide for parents on how to deal with bullying. Included are real life stories that are very common occurrences that take place with bullying.

· Direct Gov: Guides and tips for any parent on how to spot if their child is being bullied as well as being "cyberbullying".

Online bullying

· Be Safe Online: Covers topics about bullying by e-mail, the Internet, and text messages and online dating services that children can access. Explains how parents can keep their children safe online.

· USA Today: Bully’s are getting nastier online. Different incidents are listed and what is being done to solve them.

Sexual Harassment in schools and online

· Equal Rights Advocates: Different types of sexual harassment and how to recognize the different levels and degrees of bullying in different contexts, plus what one can do when they are being harassed.

· iVillage: A law that was thrown out about how schools will be held liable for failing to stop sexual harassment in schools by students.

Protecting Students from Harassment and Hate Crime

· Ed.gov: A guide for schools to follow on how to protect their students from hate crimes and harassment.

· NSBA: National School Boards Association. Two part guide on how to protect students and what their rights are.

A Guide for Schools Teaching Children How to Avoid Sexual Harassment

· FHA: Assault prevention teaching tools. Includes videos, books, and curriculum guides for students.

Sexual Harassment in Schools

· OCR: Included is a PDF guide about how sexual harassment is not academic.

Sexual harassment online

· New Media Learning: Training course that teaches how to prevent sexual harassment online

· Women’s Center: Steps to take when dealing with online sexual harassment, including sample cases.

Teaching your children online safety

· FBI: A guide to Internet safety for parents and children.

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