Catching Cheating Spouses

If you are in or have ever been in a romantic relationship, you are probably aware that one of the biggest issues between couples is cheating. Whether you are casually dating someone or in a serious relationship, cheating is a concern for many people. Even if you have never cheated or been cheated on, you may have questions about why people cheat, signs of infidelity, and how to catch someone who is being unfaithful. The following resources will help answer any of the cheating questions that you may have.

  • Cheating In Relationships – an article from the University of California at Santa Barbara about what is considered cheating and how the definition of cheating varies between people

  • Cheating Research – information on how men and womens reactions to infidelity are more similar that previously thought

  • Why Men Cheat – relationship expert Gary Neuman discusses the biggest reasons that men, and husbands in particular cheat

  • Men Who Cheat – an article on why some men cheat and the things that women can do to stop it from happening

  • Why Spouses Cheat – some of the top excuses for being unfaithful in a marriage, and why you might never truly know why your spouse cheated

  • Women And Infidelity – information about a survey that reveals that more and more women are cheating than in the past

  • Signs Of Cheating – the list of top commonly seen signs that suggest your partner may be cheating

  • Catch A Cheater – a list of tips to help you figure out and catch someone that is cheating on you

  • Think Your Mate Is Cheating? - a surveillance equipment retailer that sells various products such as gps trackers and computer surveillance programs to help catch cheaters

  • Cheating Statistics – a compiled list of relationship, infidelity, and marriage statistics

If you have ever been cheated on, you know that it can be a very painful and difficult situation to deal with, however there is help available in the form of support groups, couples counseling, and therapy. Whether you choose to stay with your significant other, or move on there is help available to you.

  • Marriage Counseling – an in depth article explaining marriage counseling, its benefits, and how to go about choosing a counselor

  • Therapy Locator – a great search tool for finding marriage and family therapists

  • After An Affair – an article from the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy about how marital therapy can help in the aftermath of infidelity

  • Thoughts On Cheating – a great article with information on why a large majority of people choose to stay with the person that cheated on them

  • Daily Strength – an online infidelity support group that offers discussions, advice, news, treatment, and lots of other information on dealing with infidelity

Sometimes the best thing you can do to get over a bad breakup or having been cheated on is to try and find the humor in the situation. The following jokes, stories of revenge, comedy skits, and hilarious relationship stories might put a smile on your face.

  • Cheating Humor – hilarious jokes and stories about cheaters getting caught, and stories of revenge

  • Comedians' Views On Cheating – a list of videos of various comics performing skits about cheating, from Comedy Central

  • Relationship Humor – a collection of relationship, love, and marriage jokes and humor

  • Funny Sex Stories – a collection of hilarious sex and relationship stories and jokes

  • Relationship Jokes & Stories – a large list of funny relationship jokes, and hilarious stories

  • Sorry Mom – a hilarious collection of user submitted photos of guys that women have “hooked up” with, including funny stories

  • Relationship Revenge – stories of relationship and other types of revenge, some really funny top lists, and a question and answer section

Relationships at times can be very complicated and difficult, and sometimes people need to find a way to express themselves, whether it be through poetry, or some other form of writing. There are many resources available to find poetry, quotes, stories, and even places where you can submit your own stories and poems.

  • Relationship Quotes – an extensive list of quotes about lying in relationships

  • Funny Love Poems – a large collection of humorous poems about relationships

  • Cheating Poetry – a collection of user submitted poems about cheating, you are able to sign up and submit your own poetry at no cost

  • Cheating Excuses – user submitted quotes of what cheaters said when they were suspected of or caught cheating

  • Funny Quotes – an extensive list of funny relationship, love, marriage, infidelity, break up and sex quotes

  • Love Poems – a collection of some of the greatest love poems throughout history

  • Famous Love Poems – some of the most famous love poems throughout history, as well as love and romance quotes

The following resources cover many different areas of relationships from how to have a successful online relationship, to articles, quizzes, and jokes. Find information on how to communicate with you significant other, take tests and quizzes, and find answers to all your relationship questions.

  • Cosmo Relationships – a collection of articles, stories, quizzes, and jokes about relationships from Cosmopolitan magazine

  • Successful Online Relationships – information on the research of what makes an online relationship successful

  • Relationship Communication – tips on communication in relationships including listening, fighting, talking, and long distance relationships

  • Relationship Q&A – an extensive collection of relationship questions and answers from the health services at Columbia University

  • Relationship Center – numerous articles and tests about love and relationships

  • How To Spot A Player – a list of the tops signs that indicate you might be dating a player

  • Relationship Tests - a list of various relationship and love tests and quizzes

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