Children and Divorce

In the United States, over 2,000,000 weddings occur each year. Approximately half of those marriages will end in divorce. Divorce is difficult for everyone involved and is especially difficult for children. Discussing divorce or separation with children can be painful but it will help in strengthening the parent/child relationship. It will help maintain trust. Although younger children need only general information, older children will ask for more details. This guide provides the necessary resources to help professionals, teachers, parents, and children cope with divorce, as well as provide support for their loved ones.


Divorce and Children – Christina McGhee offers help for those going through divorce. On her website, there are articles available that will help parents talk to their kids as well as helping them and articles on blended families.

Child-Centered Divorce – Child-Centered Divorce works to enlighten society, educators, and parents about the psychological and emotional effects divorce has on children.

National Family Resiliency Center – The National Family Resiliency Center works to help adults and children keep a sense of family, healthy relationships, and adjust to the changes during family transitions, divorce, and separation.

Kids in the Middle – Kids in the Middle is a nonprofit organization working to help families, parents, and children thrive after and during divorce by providing support, counseling, and education.

Kids First Center – Kids First Center works to help prevent emotional trauma kids tend to suffer when their parents are divorcing. This organization also provides a centralized place for those seeking separation and divorce resources.

Bonus Families – This organization was founded by a woman and her husband’s ex-wife who at first did not get along but learned to work together to offer education, support, mediation, and conflict management for those dealing with divorce and blended families.

Dads Divorce –Dads Divorce is an organization to help inform fathers learn their rights through their rights. It also provides fathers with resources to help them get the best results through court procedures.

For Parents

Help Guide – Help Guide offers help for parents when it comes to children and divorce. There are articles available for reading as well as a free tool kit to help in bringing life into balance.

Mayo Clinic – The Mayo Clinic offers advice for parents on how to break the news to children, the reactions they can expect, and how to keep children out of the fighting.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – This article will help parents understand what children go through during divorce and it provides tips on how to talk to the kids about the changes happening.

Web MD – Web MD offers nine tips for parents on what to do and what not to do in order to help their children cope with divorce.

Looking at Divorce – This is an article on looking at divorce through the eyes of a child and how divorce affects them.

Psych Central – Psych Central has a great article on how to help kids through divorce even if it is amicable as this type of situation may be even more confusing to children because there seems to be nothing wrong.

MPR News – Minnesota Public Radio provides stories from the 1970s divorce revolution. This allows parents to learn about personal experience of those dealing with divorce thirty years ago.

Talking to Children about Divorce – This article gives advice to parents on when and how to tell children about their divorce and behaviors they can expect and how to help.

Divorce Revolution – This is an article discussing what was found by a researcher after conducting a five-year research project on children and divorce.

Children and Divorce – This website offers various resources on the subject from assistance programs, documents, fact sheets, coping, and support.

Divorce Source – This website offers facts and tips on how to make the best of divorce, telling and preparing your children, what to expect after the divorce, and topics on child custody.

Helping Kids Understand – Here parents can learn how to help kids understand divorce, how to talk to your kids, what to tell them, how sibling relationships are affected, and what kids need from their parents during this time.

Rights of Children of Divorce – This provides a list of twenty-six rights children have when their parents are divorcing. This list will help both parents be able to better help their children.

The Divorce Help Clinic – This article discusses child development and the effects of divorce on children from newborns to eighteen years-old.

Kids, Divorce, and School Success – Divorce is hard on everyone and even more-so on children. This article provides advice for parents on ways they can help their children stay focused on school.

Talking to Kids about Divorce – This article offers tips on how to help children cope as well as how to know when therapy may be necessary for the kids.

Custody and Visitation

Child Custody Evaluations – This article discusses child custody evaluators and what they may or may not be able to do for divorcing parents.

Center for Children, Families, and the Law – The Center for Children, Families, and the Law encourages multidisciplinary research initiatives on families through conferences and seminars.

About the Children – This an advocate group where parents can get help with divorce, visitation, child support and child custody issues.

Child Support & Child Custody – This article discusses the basics of child support and child custody from the government’s role to custody issues facing unmarried parents.

Fatherhood – This website provides resources for fathers to help them understand child custody, child support, and visitation.

Dads at a Distance – Here dads can learn twenty different activities to do with their children. They can also access personal stories as well as books and other related products.

Tips from the U.S. Surgeon General – The U.S. Surgeon General provides tips for fathers and those who are about to be fathers. There are also links provided to other information as well.

Family Education – This is a great article for non-custodial parents and discusses their role in the divorce process.


For Children and Teens of Divorce

Kids Health – Kids Health offers a guide for kids whose parents are going through divorce. This article will reassure them that it is not their fault and that divorce is nothing they can fix.

PBS Kids – This is an easy-to-understand article for kids and it answers questions they may have about divorce, how to deal with their feelings, how to express themselves, and what do if their friends’ parents are going through a divorce.

Changeville – Changeville offers a private, free, and fun way for kids to learn about divorce, why some parents forget their kids, and how to cope with their feelings.

Families Change – Families Change offers a simple guide to divorce for children of every age, guides for teens and preteens to help cope with family break-ups, help for professionals and parents, as well as an online course for parenting after a separation.

Kids Help Phone – This is a fantastic website for kids and teenagers. Here kids and teenagers can call the hotline should they need someone to talk to about something they are going through. There is also a place where letters can be written anonymously as a way to express feelings and simply just vent about whatever they want to.

Kids Turn – Kids Turn is an organization that specializes in education related divorce. They help parents and children in coping. They also offer workshops, family resources, and information for practitioners.

Talk About It – This website offers online help for professionals and parents talk to children about divorce through various tools.

Banana Splits Resource Center – This is a school-based group program for children who are dealing with death or divorce. The activities teach the children how to help each other and themselves.

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