Complete Guide to Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Flowers have become an essential component of most weddings, adding color and beauty to any ceremony. Flowers are used in multiple settings, such as altar arrangements, garlands, and boutonnieres; as well as the bouquet carried by a bride and her attendants. There are various types of flowers available, and depending on the season of the wedding, a bride and groom may look beyond traditional flowers and decide on something distinctive. Wedding planners may choose to find information about various flowers and research their care and maintenance. This provides an opportunity to learn about the types of desired blooms and how these flowers will look for the special day.


  • Alliums: A brief growing guide with necessary conditions and special considerations listed for the allium bulb.
  • Bluebells: Information and background about the Texas flower, with close and detailed images.
  • Camellia: Growth, cultivation, and varieties of this prized shrub that produces attractive flowers.
  • Daffodils: A background explanation of the plant, with growing tips and care for the blooms.
  • Hyacinths: Information and characteristics about the water hyacinth, a flower similar to that of an orchid in appearance and grown primarily in Florida.
  • Iris: A hardy plant with several varieties, the iris produces an assortment of colors and blooms.
  • Ivy: Basic information about English ivy, a popular vine that is used as greenery in many arrangements.
  • Lilacs: Facts about lilacs, including color of blooms, size of growth, and other interesting information.
  • Violet: An explanation of this species of five-petal flowers that bloom in shades of purple, white, blue.


  • Amaryllis: Flowers with a tropical look that have a large, star shaped appearance.
  • Delphinium: Information about these beautiful garden flowers with long petals.
  • Dogwood: Pictures and explanations of this white, showy flower.
  • Freesia: Colorful blooms that add scent to any mixed bouquet or arrangement.
  • Heather: Photographs and basic background of this popular greenery used in many decorations.
  • Orchid: Straightforward information about the care and flowering of these delicate blooms.


  • Amaranthus: An explanation of the varieties of this annual ornamental flower that has long, colorful blooms.
  • Arum Lily: A striking flower that is popular in arrangements and bouquets, it is also referred to as the calla lily.
  • Cosmos: The history, care, and maintenance of these lovely and easy to grow flowers.
  • Dahlia: Images and information about these autumn flowers that produce red, purple, pink, and white blooms.
  • Gladioli: Beautiful spikes of color that are easy to grow and frequently used in floral arrangements.
  • Narcissus: Information and many photographs of different varieties of narcissus, classified with daffodils.
  • Snapdragon: An easy to grow flower that provides brilliant colors in several different lengths of growth.
  • Sunflower: The history, structure, and growth of this well-known autumn flower.


  • Carnations: The basic types of this popular flower that is attractive and easily grown.
  • Daisies: Common names and explanatory background about the gerbera daisy, a popular choice of wedding flower.
  • Hydrangeas: Extensive descriptions about the flower regarding color, pruning, and various species and cultivars.
  • Magnolias: Information, including identifying characteristics about the southern magnolia. Includes pictures of flowers and fruit.
  • Paperwhite Narcissi: A beautiful variation of the original narcissus with strikingly white flowers.
  • Roses: The various types and backgrounds of one of the most commonly used flowers for arrangements and weddings.

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