Critiques on Feminism

Some people think that the feminist movement was built on exaggerations of a patriarchal society; that if any gender inequality existed at all, it has since been rectified. In fact, some people even argue that the feminist movement has already achieved its goals. They say that men and women are now on almost equal footing. They can be lawyers, CEOs, police officers, or enter into any other male dominated profession.

Some anti-feminists feel that not only have women achieved equal footing with men, but that women are now attempting to seek a higher status over men, also known as misandry . They point out many aspects of daily life naturally favoring women in today's world. For instance, women have the right to abortion. Stemming from this one right, the anti-feminist movement uses the following arguments. If a woman chooses to keep the baby, the male is then required to support said child until its eighteenth birthday. Custody of a child is almost exclusively granted to its mother unless the child’s father can prove she is unfit, which is generally hard to do since the mother is the primary caregiver in most cases. The anti-feminists also point to alimony, which is usually awarded to the woman when a divorce occurs; however alimony has been awarded to men. There are even organizations that are pushing for alimony reform because of the gender bias they believe is in effect.

There are also arguments against affirmative action, which was originally meant to protect against discrimination in the work place and in education. However, some argue that affirmative action has made it so that the job market favors women slightly as companies are afraid to hire a man over a woman for fear of being sued.

There are also other gender biases they claim favor women in the workplace as well. They point out that women are more often hired as teachers, daycare operators, and nurses, yet there are no cries of gender discrimination in these fields. Some people even point out that now men who use dating services or personals are automatically assumed to be somewhat imbalanced while women who use them are simply looking for Mr. Right.

People who insist that feminism has achieved what it set out to do point to all of these arguments as proof that women are now on a level playing field with men.

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  • Myths About Feminists : Alternately, there are many stereotypes about feminists as well, and this page discusses them.
  • Man&Woman: An Age Old Struggle : Details feminist arguments by country and keeps track of them by individual country.
  • Criticisms of Feminism : A few specific criticisms of certain aspects of feminism.
  • iTanakh : Has compiled a list of articles about criticism of feminist movements.

The issues concerning feminism will always be debated. It’s always best to investigate all sides of an argument before making educated decisions. For a look at the arguments of the Feminist movement:

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