Dance Hotlist

Dancing is a great and fun activity. It is a great way for singles to meet new people. It allows you time to spend time talking to each other, but also provides an activity that can be fun and exciting at the same time. For those who have not tried dancing, it can be intimidating at first, but the skills are easy to pick up and many people quickly become dancing enthusiasts.

General Dance Resources

Ballroom Dance/ Dancesport

Ballroom dancing has recently become popular through the popular television program Dancing with the Stars. Ballroom dancing is the more traditional and formal type of dancing. It has many prestigious competitions every year and there are universities that have ballroom dance teams compete in International competitions each year.

Swing Dance

Swing dance was developed in the early twentieth century. The most common type of swing dance is the Lindy Hop. Another common style is the Shag. The music used for swing dancing has short syncopated and varying beats.


The tango originated in South America, but was adapted as it spread across the country. The type of music you use to tango also defines the type and style of tango that you do. The tango is known for its smooth movement and the low deliberate steps of the dancers.

Salsa Dance

Spanish speaking people in the Caribbean created salsa dance by infusing both European and African influences into the dance. The salsa is very popular in both Puerto Rico and Cuba. The weight change movements that go quick, quick, quick hold characterize the salsa. The upper body stays still while the hips and the fit move a lot.

Country-Western Partner & Line Dance

Country dancing is done to country music. It emphasizes smooth movements, and does not seem as flashy as the other types of dance. Line dancing is also done to country music, but does not involve partners. It is a group dance of set steps. Usually there are specific dances done to specific songs.

Dance Music Resources

Music really influences the type of dance that you do. You may choose to learn the type of dance because you love the music. Or you may learn to love a type of music because you love the dance that goes with it.

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