Dating on a Budget

Dating is an important and necessary ritual for singles of all ages. When two people are in a relationship, the value of dating lies in allowing them to get to know one another through various activities. Even after people have been seeing one another for some time, dating allows them to maintain closeness and enjoy free time together as a couple. Unfortunately, dating can be a highly expensive endeavor as well. During the process of getting to know one another, money is often spent on dinners, movies, and other types of dates. In efforts to impress, or in celebration of a special day, people also often spend additional money on gifts for one another. People even spend money on themselves so that they look, dress, and smell their best for the person they are seeing. Although dating is an important part of courtship, it doesn't have to be a strain on one's wallet or bank account. In fact, there are many different ways that people can spend time together and have fun with minimal money on hand. There are even things that couples can do that don't require any money at all.


Weekend Trips

  • Romance on a Budget: This CBS news affiliate's site discusses various ways to date while on a budget. Included on this page are budget-friendly alternatives to the weekend getaway.

  • Inexpensive Weekend Getaways for Couples: A USA Today article gives advice on how couples can plan a cheap weekend getaway. Tips include finding last-minute deals and selecting the right, cheap accommodations.

  • Groupon Deals: Click this link to open the Getaways homepage for Groupon. On this site, you can search for weekend trips and getaway deals.


  • Cheap Romantic Gift Ideas: A "Go Ask Alice!" response to the question of what is a romantic gift for a boyfriend. Although the gift in question is for an anniversary, the gift ideas can be given at any time or for any occasion.

  • Homemade Food Gifts: Homemade treats can be great gifts, and this page on the Martha Stewart website offers many ideas with recipes.

  • Cheap Gift Ideas: On this page, you'll find a listing of inexpensive gift ideas for either a boyfriend or girlfriend. The list also includes free gifts such a handwritten coupon for a back rub.

  • Fourteen Fun Gifts for Any Occasion: People who are looking for fun gifts will find ideas in this slide show that lists gifts that cost less than $20.

Special Occasions

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