Dating Resources and More For Singles

Almost every single in the United States or elsewhere thinks about the subject of dating every now and then. A single is classified as a person who’s not yet married, divorced, or widowed. On the Internet, there are a lot of resources for singles. Here’s a list of dating as well as other resources for singles.


  • Statistics: The site provides a host of statistics for unmarried people including education, economy, health insurance, and more.

  • Single People Facts: The fact sheet offers demographic information like per capita population, unmarried cohabitation, marriage rate, premarital sex, and others.

  • Singles Income: The page offers information on singles income in central Alberta Canada from 2001 to 2004.

  • Demographics of Single Living: The article by Wendi Williams is packed with demographic information of singles.

  • 2006 Facts: The U.S. Census provides statistics of single and unmarried people covering the single life, parenting, unmarried couples, dating, education, and more.

Legal Issues for Singles

  • InterCountry Adoption: The State Department offers information on intercountry adoption for married and unmarried women.

  • Marital Preferences: The article discusses whether some states discriminate against single parent adoptions.

  • De Facto Relationship: The page explores the legal issues of two singles living together.

  • Legal Issues: Come here to read about the legal issues related to unmarried couples.

  • Unmarried Parenting Guide: The page provides a guide for unmarried parents covering management, communication, parenting plans, and legal issues.

Tax Information for Singles

  • Tax Calculation: The page provides instructions on the calculation of combined Federal and State tax.

  • Tax Savings: Read this article to find out how singles can save on taxes.

  • Is There a “Single Tax”?: The article answers the question in response to the “marriage tax”.

  • Minnesota Revenue: The site offers tax information for Minnesota residents including single parents.

  • Tax Tips: The article recommends a number of tax tips for singles.

Singles in the Workplace

  • Stop Singlism!: The article by Leslie Talbot for Forbes explores the discrimination faced by singles in the workplace.

  • Single & Happy: The article by Bella DePaulo focuses on singles discrimination at work.

  • Discrimination: Poly Curtis of the Guardian also reports of workplace bias against singletons.

  • Marital Status Discrimination: The article explores the issue of discrimination in the workplace according to marital status.

  • Single Professional Women: The paper outlines the challenges and opportunities for single professional women in the world.

Singles as Consumers

  • China’s Dynamic Consumers: A study into the urban young singles who represent a large portion of China’s consumer spending.

  • Consumer Spending: The report offers a lot of information on singles consumers in Chapter 35 starting on Page 235.

  • Singletons: The article by Daphne Kasriel provides information on singles consumers.

  • Changing Lifestyles: The article explores if singles change their spending patterns after they start a relationship with another single.

  • A Generation Apart: A comparison of spending patterns of young singles in the years from 1984-85 and the years 2004-5.

Singles Clubs, Associations, Groups, and More

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