Dating Tips: A Guide to Good Manners

There is an old saying that goes you only have one chance to make a first impression. This is true in the business world and also in the personal area. To be successful it is important to make that first impression a good one, and one way to ensure that you make the best possible impression is by displaying good manners when in public. Whether you are on a first date where you are trying to impress your date or if you are a salesperson looking to impress a potential client, displaying proper manners can help accomplish.

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  • Dating Etiquette - suggestions on proper etiquette techniques to be used in dating situations.
  • Dating Etiquette Tips - helpful suggestions aimed at people dating who are looking for etiquette advice.

Exhibiting good manners are in many different forms ranging from how someone is viewed while out in the public to common interactions with others. Good manners can range from opening doors for others, saying please and thank you or being considerate of others. Some examples of good manners can be not overeating while at a dinner party, offering to bring a food dish at a family gathering or offering to help pay while on a date. Bad manners can be displayed when people overeat or take extra food at parties, going out and borrowing money from people or even ordering the most expensive item on the menu when you are invited out to a dinner date.

In the business world, it is important to have good manners when dealing with customers or potential customers. Some examples of good manners would be giving the customer their full attention when interacting with them, answering phone calls on a timely basis and responding to customer communications in a prompt manner. However, often times businesses take customers for granted and exhibit bad business manners. In the business world bad manners would include being rude or inattentive to customer questions, talking with fellow employees while customers are waiting and not returning phone calls or emails from customers or potential customers. 

  • List of Good Manners - listing of some of the more common good manner practices which should be followed by all people.
  • Good Manners Chart - historical chart from the late 19th Century containing suggested manners and conduct in a variety of situations.
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  • Bad Manners - listing of examples of bad manners in various social settings.
  • Bad Table Manners - examples of bad table manners and how they can be corrected.
  • Everyday Manners - educational resource from Emily Post who is one of the most famous experts on manners.
  • Tips and Tricks on Manners - collection of useful information on a variety of topics related to manners.

On a regular basis we interact with people in public and in our private world. Having good manners will help us in our personal life by making us easier to be around. People would rather be with people who are considerate of others and have good manners. By showing good manners, the first date will in all likelihood turn to subsequent dates. In the business arena, the fight for the consumer dollar is very active with customers leaving retailers for the simplest reason. Because of the competitiveness of the business world, having good manners with others is a great way of keeping customers happy and not going to a competitor.

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