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Relationships can be wonderful for two people. There is not a better feeling in the world when two people find each other to be compatible and look to seal the relationship by getting married. However, when the presiding official names them a couple until death they do part, it unfortunately is not always the case.

Today when many couples face relationship issues, they will generally try to work out any differences they may have. However, many times the differences may make the relationship too strained to salvage. In those instances couples will choose to separate, and ultimately many end up in divorce.

When couples chose to separate and/or divorce, this act has many effects on the couple and their lives. Issues such as housing arrangements, money concerns and how the separation affects children are issues that need to be discussed early in the process.

When people decide to share their life with someone else, it is a big decision. Factors such as where to live, what furniture to use, who does the cooking and who does the cleaning are just some of the questions that need to be answered. Unfortunately, these are also questions that need to be answered when a couple separates, as well as questions about care of children if they are involved. 

One of the most complicated matters when adults end a relationship is the effect the separation has on children. Regardless of whether the child is the responsibility of both adults or whether the child was from a previous relationship, separation or divorce can have a negative effect on the child. With the breakup the household goes from 2 adults to only 1, the child may have to move to a new home and new school, and with the breakup, the household may have less income which may mean the child may not be able to get the newest video game systems and other media devices.

Separation and divorce can have a devastating effect on children in a household. Instead of having the emotional backing to two people in the house, with divorce or separation, the children now only have one. There are many potential problems with a single parent household, however they can be dealt with if the parents involved work together for the benefit of the children. 

When couples breakup, many day-to-day issues start to surface. Items such as household furniture, cooking items and entertainment items that have been part of normal life are suddenly missing, which can create a hardship. Even worse for people is the need to find a new place to live. Being displaced by separation or divorce means that one of the people needs to find a new place to live, arrange for lights, phone and other utilities, change mailing addresses and ensure that they have furniture for the new place.

A side problem with a sudden separation of people living together or of a divorcing couple is the problem of finances. When people live together they share expenses of rent or mortgage payment, utilities, food and many other normal monthly payments. However, when the expenses are no longer shared, financial problems could result. People may need to move to a smaller house or apartment, look for ways to reduce expenses or even take a second job to pay the entire housing expenses.

Separation or divorce can be a traumatic experience for one or both of the people involved. Many times the separation is unexpected and getting back to a normal life can be a difficult ordeal. With all of the changes in separated people's lives, it can be several months until people get a sense of normalcy. However, once they have re-established a normal life with housing, expenses and other items, people can return to other activities such as dating. 

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome with dating is being able to trust another partner. Once a player has a relationship go sour, they can be hesitant to jump into another relationship. However, as with other factors in relationships that have gone bad, you need to work at getting back into the dating scene and find the person that is right for you!

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