E-Mail Tips for Beginners

The World Wide Web is now a commonly used method of making purchases, conducting business, and communicating with others. Email is a very important part of this element, and the use of email has increased significantly over the last few decades. In fact, the abundant use of email as a means of communication has had a profound impact on the United States Postal Service, since people are sending regular letters via mail much less. Email is instant, and people are able to talk back and forth much more quickly than ever before. For those who may still be new to the concept of email, there are certain guidelines and tips that one should follow to ensure that their emails are being projected properly and that their computers are protected.

Email Tips and Tricks

  • Know The Basics – Understand the different components of an email, and where to put certain text. Knowing the basics of email will make writing and reading them a breeze.
  • Make the Subject Line Concise – When sending an email, the subject line should be thorough enough so the reader knows what the email is about in advance. Try not to be vague or misleading.
  • Use Proper Etiquette – Be polite and use proper language in your emails. Also, do not overload the recipient with large files or forwarded emails if possible.
  • Make Each Email a Separate Point – In order to ensure a prompt reply, try to only get one major point across, or ask one question per email sent. This especially applies to business-related emails.
  • Use Different Accounts – Keep separate email addresses for different kinds of correspondence, so your business and personal emails don't mix.
  • Do Not Send Chain Emails – Sending forwards, chain emails, and attachments from unknown sources is a guaranteed way to spread viruses, and to turn off your recipients.
  • Stay Professional – Keep all business-related emails as professional as possible. Do not use slang, user proper greetings, and try to be concise and accurate in your communications.
  • Be Web-Savvy in Your Emails – When you're writing a friend, use smiley faces and web-slang if you can, so that your emotions and feelings get through effectively.
  • Utilize Your Email's Tools – Many email programs, like Outlook, have tools you can use that come in handy. For example, you can email yourself reminders or set up dates in a calendar that will send you an email when the date is near.
  • Understand the Psycholgy – Think about your recipient, and then try to write an email in a tone that they will understand. Do not get too personal if it's business, and ask about their well-being and their family if it's personal. Tailor your emails to suit each person differently.
  • Stay Organized – Once you find you're getting a large volume of emails, it's important to keep them all organized. Use folders and separate them by subject, sender, or other criteria so you can keep track of them all.
  • Keep Your In-Box Clean – Discard SPAM emails or any emails that you no longer need once they are read. If you keep too many emails in the inbox, you'll end up feeling overwhelmed, or lose the important ones in the mixture.
  •  Know What NOT To Include – While we'd like to think that email is safe all the time, certain information should be left out of emails. This includes things like social security numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords.
  • Be Safe- Use common sense email safety rules such as not opening attachments from unknown senders, never responding to scam emails, and changing your email log in password fairly often.

Reduce the SPAM – To prevent too many SPAM messages from reaching you, do not sign up for too many email newsletters, be familiar with your most common senders, and mark anything as junk immediately.

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