Emotional Literacy Resources

Emotional literacy is the ability to recognize and label emotions. Researchers have found evidence that emotional intelligence, along with the ability to empathize with others, is almost as important as cognitive abilities in determining success in life. The early evidence for this was so compelling that by the mid-1990s many school systems began integrating social and emotional learning into the curriculum. Businesses have also encouraged emotional literacy within their organizations. Individuals who possess emotional literacy generally have higher self-esteem, a better ability to control and manage emotions, and are better able to handle conflict resolution. For those wishing to learn more about emotional literacy, there are many resources available on the Internet.

  • Daniel Goleman: Daniel Goleman’s books on non-traditional intelligences brought social and emotional intelligence to the forefront of discussions in education and business.
  • Project Self: A program developed by the Kansas State Board of Education to encourage self-esteem in adults.
  • Research that Matters: An article that explores the importance of emotional literacy in children and ways to teach emotional intelligence.
  • 6 Seconds: This organization works with schools and businesses to teach emotional intelligence. Also offers free resources.
  • EQ International: An overview and examination of the issues in emotional literacy.
  • The Edward Zigler Center: The emotional intelligence division of the center focuses on traditional and emotion-based research in children.
  • The Missing Piece: An overview of an emotional literacy program used in public schools.
  • CASEL: The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning is dedicated to establishing social and emotional learning as a vital part of education in schools.
  • Kids EQ: A company that specializes in books and videos to help children develop emotional literacy.
  • Kids Newsroom: A printable chart that encourages children to think about different options when they are upset.
  • Wings for Kids: A list of activities to develop social and emotional learning in children.
  • PBS Kids: Socio-emotional lesson plans involving the Berenstain Bears for young children.
  • The Lionheart Foundation: A foundation dedicated to encouraging emotional literacy curriculum among prisoners and youth at risk.

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