Fight the Flu Before That Big Date!

Preparing for that big date can seem like a waste, if you come down with a prolonged illness like the flu. Before you have to take a rain check on getting together with your dream guy or girl, learn how to prevent coming down with the flu and combat it with an herbal arsenal, if you end up contracting the illness. Taking some last minute precautions can make your dream date go as planned too.

Ways to Prevent Getting Sick

Unfortunately, colds and flus are as common as the seasons. That doesn't mean you have to go into the flu season unprepared, however. Always be sure to regularly wash your hands with soap and water during flu season. Use a hand sanitizer when you're out in public.. Throw away issues as soon as you use them and reduce the amount of times you touch your face. Get plenty of sleep and exercise and reduce your stress levels as often as possible. Getting a flu shot and taking antiviral medications when you're exposed to the flu might also be good ideas. Before your big date, increase your fluid intake and stay indoors to reduce your chances of getting the flu even more.

  • Prevention of the Flu: These are some quick, tried-and-true ways to prevent getting the flu, wherever you are and with whomever you're around.

  • Flu Prevention Strategies: This is a list of conscious steps you can take to protect yourself from the flu, including strategies that will decrease your flu susceptibility each season.

  • The Flu: What to Do If You Get Sick: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides tips on what to do if you start feeling the first warning signs of the flu. There is also advice on what actions to take, if you feel that you are in the midst of a flu emergency.

Fight the Flu With Herbal Treatments

Echinacea has long been a go-to treatment for the flu, and taking it for a few days before your big date can restore your health fast. An astounding way to instantly fight the flu is to add a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to each of your ears and leave it inside for 10 minutes. You may feel better instantly, as the hydrogen peroxide will kill germs as soon as it enters your ear. Try steaming and sipping some peppermint tea to act as a decongestant and soothe a sore throat. You can increase your vitamin C and vitamin D intake, as higher levels of these vitamins have been correlated with better immunity against flus. Other minerals and herbs that may help you in your fight against the flu include zinc orotate, oregano, tumeric, germanium, and raw apple cider vinegar. Garlic, elderberry, and ginger may also work.

Last Minute Preparation

If you've already found that you're suffering from symptoms of the flu you might want to take some cough medicine or nasal spray before your big day. Be sure to keep some hand sanitizer on you to reduce the instance of germs on your hands and the possibility that you'll infect your date with lingering germs. Getting enough sleep and exercising can help you fight the flu, make your skin look better, and even increase your confidence level. Both can even boost your mood, making you a more delightful – and irresistible – to your date. Dabbing certain essential oils on your body, like those that contain menthol or eucalyptus, can provide you with an instant decongestant and make you smell intoxicating.

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