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Smoking is a habit with a history of health warnings. Few smokers today have not heard that it can lead to lung cancer or to an increased risk of heart disease. What smokers may not consider is that smoking cigarettes - or using any other kind of tobacco - can have a much more immediate, severe effect on their health. Smoking can make your teeth yellow and weak, and the nicotine delivered through the cigarette can have an addictive effect. If you're a smoker looking for information on the truth behind smoking and the quitting process, you've come to the right place. The resources below address everything from the subtle effects of smoking (like bad breath) to steps and resources for putting down the cigarettes for good.

Steps on Quit Day

The decision to quit is a big one, and like with any venture, there's one day in particular when you start putting it into effect. Quitting smoking isn't easy, but these steps will help keep you occupied and make sure you have the support you need to succeed.

Why Quit Smoking?

Smoking might not seem like such a big deal, but there are benefits that extend beyond your health when you decide to quit. Find out what they are in this article from the American Lung Association.

Dealing with Smoking Withdrawal

When you decide to quit smoking, the withdrawal will play on both your body and your mind. The American Cancer Society has an article that addresses some of the more common withdrawal urges as well as steps and suggestions to combat them.

Know Your Triggers

People smoke for different reasons: to celebrate, to go with coffee, or just to take a break. Knowing when you smoke, and why, can mean a world of difference when it comes to dealing with cravings.

Quit, Run, Chill

If you're one of those people who've always thought about taking up running, this website is for you. By substituting runs for your former smoke breaks, you'll not only help wean yourself off of smoking, but you'll get healthier in the process.

How Do You Want to Be Supported?

Quitting on your own can be extremely difficult. It always helps to have someone to support you along the way, so before Quit Day arrives, take some time to read this article and figure out what kind of support (whether it's a friend or a reward system) you'd like to have.

On the Road to Quitting: A Guide to Becoming a Non-Smoker (PDF)

From gently changing your smoking habits to preparations for Quit Day, this pamphlet has all of the information you need for a smooth transition. There's even a section that addresses post-quitting stressors, such as weight gain or another cigarette.

Why Should I Quit Smoking or Chewing?

Tobacco in any form, whether in a cigarette or in chewing tobacco, can have harmful effects on your body. If you're trying to figure out whether quitting is for you or not, this article has some health examples that you may not have thought of and may want to take into consideration.

Smoking and How to Quit

Nicotine is as addictive of a drug as heroin and can be just as difficult to quit. The Office on Women's Health has a page that walks you through the basic steps of quitting and where you can find help with the transition.

How Can I Help a Friend, Colleague, or Family Member Quit Smoking?

If a friend or family member wants to stop smoking, you may be a valuable resource towards helping them accomplish their goal. This article from the University of California, Riverside, has great advice on how to support and assist your friend.

Quit Companion

If you're not sure when you want to quit or if you want to quit at all, the Quit Companion may be a useful tool for you. The Quit Companion is a sort of online journal that helps you keep track of how much you smoke, what your smoking patterns are, and how much your smoking is costing you. If you decide you'd like to quit, the Quit Companion can walk you through Quit Day and send you periodic text messages at the times when you'd usually have a smoke. Best of all, it's free to use.

Steps to Prepare

How do you go about quitting? Is it an instantaneous thing, or does it take planning? Quitting can be a different experience for each person, but there are some things that are uniformly common, and preparing to quit can be just as important as Quit Day itself. Find out how to prepare to quit smoking with this article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How Can I Quit Smoking?: Teens

Many long-term smokers picked up the habit in their teenage years. If you're a teenager or young adult, this article has a good overview of the quitting process as well as ways to make quitting easier.

Re-Learn Addiction

There's no nice way to put it - nicotine is an addictive substance. Quitting smoking will take more than just the will to put down the cigarette, since there's a physical element that will have to be faced and overcome as well. Learn about addiction and how you can beat nicotine's hold on your body with this video from

What to Expect When You Quit Dipping

Dip tobacco can be especially addictive, and because of that, it's harder to quit unless you know what's ahead. Find out what to expect when you quit at

Set Backs and Trying to Quit Again

As time goes on, it may seem like quitting entirely isn't worth the effort. You may feel pressure to have "just one more" cigarette. This article from Quitline has some tips to help you beat the cravings and stay on track.

Quitting Tips

There are bumps and pitfalls along the quitting process that only ex-smokers can appreciate. Get some tips on quitting from someone who's made the transition already.

12 Reasons to Really Quit Smoking

You've probably heard the warnings about lung cancer and heart disease that accompany any discussion of smoking. What you may not have considered is smoking's effect on your mind and even your sex life. This article from the U.S. News & World Report covers these and ten other reasons that you may not know about to quit smoking.

You Can Quit Smoking!: Bookmark (PDF)

Smoking while pregnant can pose huge health risks to both you and your baby. This bookmark has simple, short messages on it to remind you why it's important to quit and suggestions to help you stave off cigarette cravings.

How to Do a Mini-Quit: Ease Yourself into Quitting

A mini-quit is a way to practice coping with cravings before Quit Day ever arrives. has an article that explains how you can try a mini-quit and suggestions to help implement what you learn about yourself and your smoking during the mini-quit in a final strategy for Quit Day.

Fact or Myth? Online Game

Don't let the fact that this game was designed for teenagers dissuade you from taking a look. It addresses a multitude of common myths about smoking that are still commonly used as reasons to continue smoking.

Quitting Methods and What to Expect

From going "cold turkey" to using a nicotine patch or gum, there are many different ways that you can quit smoking. Find out the difference between these methods with this article from QuitNow Australia.

Staying Quit

Quitting is one thing -staying quit is another, sometimes harder thing. Queensland Health has some good tips to help you resist the urge to pick up another cigarette.

Smoke-Free Dad

If you're a father or about to become a father, it may be time to rethink your smoking habit. Dads in Gear is a website geared specifically towards fathers. There are quizzes, videos, and a wealth of information on smoking and why it may be a good idea to quit.

What About Hookahs?

Hookah smoking is a popular new fad, but it might be as dangerous - if not more so - than smoking cigarettes. The University of Michigan has a brief but thorough discussion of hookahs and the health risks associated with them.

Putting a Crimp in the Hookah

The sweet smoke may be appealing, but don't be fooled. This article from The New York Times addresses the social popularity of hookahs and the hidden risks they pose to your health.

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