Find Your Perfect Fruit

Dating is a hard concept for lesbians and finding a relationship is even harder.By looking at dating as a way of picking the perfect fruit, the process becomes a little easier.

Preparing for the Market

Before ever heading to the market, you need to prepare yourself for the shopping. This is as much mental as it is physical. If you’re not ready to date, finding a partner will be impossible. At the same time, you need to look your best because others are looking at dating as shopping, too, and you’re the newest piece of produce. Would you pick up a moldy pear? Of course not—and if you head off looking like you just rolled out of bed, that’s how others will view you.

How Are You Going to Use the Fruit

What do you want the fruit for and how often do you want to indulge in it? Is it something to put on the bottom of the fridge for a quick snack every now and then, or is it something you want to enjoy day in and day out? Better yet, are you going to have other fruits around, or just one? Before dating, it’s a matter of deciding whether you are going to date around and play the field, sleep around, or just date one person at a time. Knowing what kind of fruit you are looking for is crucial before you choose any.

Check for Ripeness

Buyer beware applies to a whole lot more than just simple grocery shopping. Dating involves using intuition and realizing that not everyone is as great as they might seem. Just because she says she’s a doctor who loves rock climbing, doesn’t mean she really is what she says. You should also keep in mind that there are some women who date other women, but keep themselves in the closet. They might even have a husband and children at home. It’s best to remain a bit guarded until you are certain the fruit is the type you want, that it’s ripe—and not already claimed by another.

The Expiration Date

Lastly comes the expiration date on that new piece of fruit. Sometimes that bag of apples looks really great in the store, but they end up sitting on the counter for weeks before being tossed in the trash. The same thing can happen in dating. That great girl you meet may not fit into your life as well as you thought she would and the relationship can make you have a tummy ache. When that happens, it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

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