Gender Studies and Queer Theory

Finding gender studies resources on the Internet that are reliable and unique can be difficult for many. Use the sites below to begin a gender studies journey.

General Gender Resources

The International Gender Studies Resources prepared by Berkley offer a comprehensive look of issues related to women and gender throughout the world.

The gender section of the Eldis website maintains the latest information on gender issues.

The World Bank has a section devoted to the role gender equality plays in maintaining a healthy economy.

The Stoa Consortium has an extensive collection of materials for studying the role gender played in the ancient world.

The Gender Science and Technology Gateway has a number of resources including information on topics such as education, careers, societal needs, and information by region.

Women's Studies

The Library of Congress maintains a website that has resources pertaining to the study of women’s history in the United States.

The Gifts of Speech have collected speeches given by women around the world. They can be searched by topic or the categories can be browsed.

The National Organization for Women has been working for women’s equality for more than forty years. They have collected an extensive list of resources.

Middle Tennessee State University has an amazing website that provides the user with the ability to search by subject, state, primary, or secondary sources. A timeline that focuses on women in American History is also available.

Fact Monster has a chronological listing of American women’s famous firsts that spans from 1587 to 2008. Many of the women mentioned have links that can be followed to find more information.

Gay and Lesbian Studies

People With a History has an immense collection of gay and lesbian historical information.

A short history of the gay rights movement in America progresses from 1779 to 2004 and provides links to further information about individual events and people.

San Diego State University has created an interactive history of gay and lesbian history in the United States from 1900 to 2000. The events and people can be selected for more in depth information.

The Religious Tolerance website has a detailed history of laws that have criminalized homosexuality.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City looks at the Constitutionality of laws that regulate sexual orientation. Maps and court cases are provided.

Men's Movements

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children works to encourage equal rights for fathers during a divorce.

The goal of the National Center for Fathering is to teach men to be more involved in the lives of their children. Help is available for fathers in all types of relationship situations and with children of any age.

The Male Affirmative Resource Network gives men information, resources, and support to help them create productive, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Meninist is a group for men who believe in the feminist ideals of social, economic, and political equality.

The mission of the National Center for Men is to promote equal rights for men and to bring public enlightenment to the affect of sex discrimination men suffer.


A Georgia Tech paper that explores identity, including gender identity, in an online environment.

Free personals allow men and women to see what each member of the opposite sex looks like and their interests.

A brief discourse on how cybergender enables women to bridge the traditional gender gap that can be found offline.

Voice of the Shuttle has a number of links related to gay and lesbian studies as well as cybergender issues.

Trivializing Women’s Harms discusses the problem of cyber gender harassment.

Pro Quest offers a brief overview of the way gender is portrayed on the Internet.

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