Guide to Abortion Rights

Abortion may be a hot topic with more and more singles making that tough choice. However, the fact remains that no matter what your personal viewpoint, abortion is legal in the United States, and whether your agree or disagree morally, it's important to educate yourself. There are some basic facts that all people would benefit from knowing.

Information about Abortion

  • Abortion Information: Provides a general overview of abortion.
  • Abortion Medline: Offers a lot of information about abortion and other aspects beyond the actual medical procedure.
  • Abortion: Discusses abortion as well as the arguments that surround it, offering an objective look at both sides of the argument.
  • Abortion Laws: Provides information about all the major cases that have revolved around abortion in the United States.
  • Just Facts: Offers only factual, scientific information about abortion and discusses the stages of fertilization, how fertilization occurs, etc.
  • Abortion Procedures: Breaks down what procedures are used when performing abortions at different stages of pregnancy.

Pro-Choice Organizations

  • Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood is one of the largest pro-choice organizations in the world. It offers counseling as well as medical care and contraception.
  • National Abortion: The homepage of another pro-choice organization, the National Abortion Federation. It has lots of detailed important.
  • NARAL: The homepage of NARAL, an organization devoted to maintaining a pro-choice America.
  • ProtectChoice: The official website for the Pro-Choice Public Education Project, an organization involved in a project to educate women about being pro-choice.
  • Center for Reproduction Rights: The official site for the Center for Reproduction Rights.
  • Pro-Choice Action Network: The homepage for the Pro-Choice Action Network, which publishes newsletters and reports for those considering abortion. They also provide information on support groups.
  • Consortium for Emergency Contraception: The homepage for an organization devoted to providing people with emergency contraceptives.

Information for Activists

  • Gynpages: A directory of all clinics that perform abortions for any activists looking to find a clinic.
  • Abortion Statistics: Has hard statistics about the number of people getting abortions in the United States. The information dates to 2005, the last time this particular study was done.
  • Population Reference Bureau: Offers similar information about the number of unsafe abortions performed when a woman does not have access to a doctor.
  • Pro-Choice Resources: The homepage for activists looking for anything from advocacy to funding and any other resources a pro-choice activist needs.
  • Pro-Choice Lobby Day: One of the biggest organized lobbying events, this event takes place every year. A great resource for activists looking for information.

Clinic Violence

  • A History of Pro-Life Violence: A testimonial from a man who got his girlfriend pregnant and went to a clinic.
  • AfterAbortion: A great place for people struggling to cope with life after having an abortion. It’s an online support group.
  • Clinic Violence Statistics: The NAF put together a PDF file and table about the frequency of clinic violence. The table has been maintained since 1977 and discusses cases of extreme violence as well.
  • More Pro-Life Clinic Violence Statistics: Has a long tally of violent acts committed against pro-choice advocates at abortion clinics.
  • Pro-Life Turns Deadly: An interview conducted about pro-life violence that consists of different people sharing their stories of clinic violence.
  • Pro-ChoiceViolence: The homepage for, which has information and statistics that pertain to pro-life violence.
  • Feminist Majority Foundation Page: Devoted to keeping an eye on violence that occurs at abortion clinics.

Since abortion is a tough decision to make, it helps to find out all the facts about abortion rights.

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