Guide to Cybersociology

As the use of technology increases by the day, more and more people are finding that they do a great deal of their socializing not face-to-face but in cyberspace across forums, communities, and other social gathering sites. It’s so common that the internet has developed its own sociology known as cybersociology.

  • Cybersociology Magazine: Offers information and critical discussions of the culture of the internet and online life.
  • Internet Culture: Discusses the impact of the internet on culture as a whole as well as the development of internet culture.
  • Communities In Cyberspace: Offers information on communities in cyberspace. Discusses many different aspects including the forming of an internet identity.
  • Impact On Adolescent Development: Touches on how internet usage has an impact on a young person’s ability to form an identity both on the internet and away from it.
  • Myspace or Yours?: Discusses the influence of the social networking site Myspace on its users.
  • Cyberculture Working Groups: A place for a group of students to explore how culture, society, and the internet intersect and react with each other.
  • Research On Social Networking Sites: Offers links to many research projects done about the effects of social networking sites.
  • Cyberculture & Hyperculture Resources: A list of resources that discusses different aspects of cyberculture. Also focuses on the “digital divide.”
  • Cyberculture & Theory: Has links to many different journals and sites that discuss the theories surrounding cyberculture.
  • Cyberculture Fragments: Offers links to sites that discuss cyberspace and identity.
  • Introducing Cyberculture: Delves deeply into what cyberculture is. Describes how it is formed and why it is becoming more and more popular.
  • Psychology of Cyberspace: Discusses the psychological aspects of cyberspace such as identity management and personality types. Puts emphasis on the role that online communities play in developing an identity.
  • Online Relationship Types: Briefly discusses the types of relationships formed over the internet.
  • Zacha Forum: Forum set up to objectively discuss the implications of cyberculture including subjectivity and community on the internet.
  • Social Networking Sites: Describes social networking sites, how people use them and the positive and negative impacts they have.
  • Cyberculture Resources: Offers a comprehensive list of links that discuss all aspects of cybersociology. Each link has a more detailed description next to it.
  • Journal Of Computer-Mediated Communication: Official page for this journal. Has information and links on all issues as well as the authors.
  • Online Lives: Paper that looks into a few subjects’ “online lives.” Describes several people’s online experiences.
  • Statistic Resources On Web Socilogy: Offers a vast array of cybersociology resources.
  • Deviant Behavior in Online Communities: Discusses deviant behavior that occurs in online communities with emphasis on cyberbullying.
  • Dating Site: The cyberculture of online dating and relationship sites is unlike the culture of any other social networking site.
  • Web Sociology: Offers links to educational sites and papers written by researchers who have studied cybersociology.
  • Internet Sociology: Uses real-life examples and experiences to break down how sociology works across the internet.
  • Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace: Aims to guide people through what occurs in cyberspace and help them understand how it impacts them.
  • Netculture Archives: An archive of papers written about different aspects of cyberculture.

Whether it’s email, MySpace or online dating, the internet has spawned its own ever-changing culture. Knowing more about cybersociology will help create a better and brighter cyber environment.

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