Healthy Dating: Health Class Survival Guide

General Health

  • Bam! Body and Mind: Interactive website by the CDC that tells teens everything they need to know about the mind and body.
  • Girls Health: This is a website dedicated to health information for girls.
  • Teens Health: Website that gives comprehensive information about health, growth and emotions for teens.
  • We Are Talking | Teen Health: This website is dedicated to teen health information and is put together by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.
  • Go Ask Alice!: Columbia University’s website that provides teens with access to questions and answers that are health related.
  • Teen Health: Informational sub-page of MedlinePlus that provides teens with official health information.
  • Teen Growth: This site is a teen resource for advice, health information, social interaction and fun. 

  • Teen Help: This site is for all teens and parents who may need help and advice on matters such as drug abuse, teen pregnancy, depression and alcohol abuse. 


  • Eating Disorders: Informational link on the various eating disorders and physical and emotional signs and symptoms to look for.
  • Body Image: Information on body image and how it affects self esteem.
  • Dying to be Thin: Informational link resource to more information on eating disorders.
  • My Pyramid: Government site that provides access to the food pyramid put together by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Body Systems

  • The Endocrine System: Information on the diseases and types of hormones that are involved with the endocrine system.
  • Circulatory System: Information and additional links to information on the circulatory system. 

Physical Fitness

  • Teen Obesity: Information on the health problem associated with teen obesity. 
  • Exercise and Teens: Information on exercise and teens and the need for more in the teen community.


  • SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education.
  • TeenHelp: Website dedicated to helping struggling teens.
  • Depression in Teens: Article that explains what depression is, how to recognize it in teens and how to deal with the depression.
  • Teen Line: A teen line that is operated by teens, for teens.
  • Teen Link: A confidential site and hotline for teen problems.  

First Aid

  • First Aid Tips: A collection of tips for a variety of first aid situations.
  • Learn CPR: Comprehensive information on CPR and how to learn to give CPR.


  • Scarleteen: A website dedicated to providing sex education to the real world.
  • Planned Parenthood: Information for teens on sexual health including sex and masturbation, relationships, pregnancy and the human body.
  • Backline: Hotline for information and advice on pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption.
  • Knowsexpdx: Website dedicated to informing people on sexual health so they can make the right decisions.
  • My Sistahs: Website that is created by and for women of color.
  • Sex Etc.: This website contains everything about sexual health and sex education that is by teens and for teens.
  • Stay Teen: Informational site on teen sex and sexual health.  

Drugs & Alcohol

  • NIDA for Teens: Website that is dedicated to informing teens on the science behind drugs and drug abuse.
  • Smoking and Tobacco Use: List of resources for children and adolescents on smoking and tobacco use provided by the CDC.
  • Above the Influence: Website dedicated to drug abuse prevention and information on drug facts.
  • Get It Straight: Website that provides comprehensive information about the facts on drugs.
  • Overboard: Online series issue on addiction that is part of a web companion piece.

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