History of Early Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding isn’t just a sport. It’s a type of body modification that involves a lot of intense muscle workouts usually consisting of hours of lifting weights as well as special diets. In some cases, it even requires a special regimen of growth hormones that allow bodybuilders to increase the size of their muscles beyond the natural limits of the body. Before the use of steroids, the men who devoted their bodies to this sport did it the natural way.

Bodybuilding got its start in the early 1930s. It originated in the 19th century in Prussia and was promoted by a man named Eugen Sandow, who is called the “Father of Modern Bodybuilding.” He became famous by showing off his muscled body. The first bodybuilding competition in America took place in 1904 and the winner was Al Treloar. Notable bodybuilders Bernarr Macfadden, Charles Atlas, and Alois P. Swoboda all made a name for themselves during this time as well. After them came bodybuilders like Monte Saldo, Sig Klein, Lionel Strongfurt, Zische Breitbart, John C. Grimek, Freddy Ortiz, Ralph Parcaut, and Alan C. Mead. All of them contributed significantly to make bodybuilding a bona fide sport in the world.

These men devoted their whole lives to bodybuilding and they did it without the use of steroids or growth hormones. Many times they gave up things like dating or having a family to devote themselves to their sport, and their dedication is what helped make bodybuilding a real sport.

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