History of The Most Romantic Cities In The World

Many couples dream of visiting a most romantic city to spice up their romance or revive their relationship. It’s a very good idea but the trip will even be better if they know something about the city before they go off. Whether it’s to Paris, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Boston or London, it’s essential to plan ahead so that you can enjoy the romantic city to the fullest. Here’s a guide to the most romantic cities in the world. 


  • Facts about Paris: The webpage offers some interesting facts about Paris covering history, food, tourism, and so on.
  • History of Paris: An overview of the history of Paris from 3rd century BC onwards.
  • Famous Landmarks: A listing of famous Paris landmarks.
  • Museums: The webpage provides information on Paris museums like the Louvre, Rodin Museum, Maillol Museum, and more.
  • Romance in Paris: Here are some of the most romantic places in Paris like the Pont des Arts, Pont-Marie, Wall of Love, and others.


  • Venice Facts: This is a good place to learn some interesting facts about Venice like its founding, arches, bicycling, and so on.
  • History: A brief timeline of the founding and history of the city.
  • Attractions: The webpage provides information on some of the top attractions in Venice like the Grand Canal, Rialto, St Mark’s Square, and others.
  • Culture: The article highlights some aspects of modern Venetian culture such as cafes, music, festivals, and more.
  • Romance: A brief description of why Venice is considered as one of the world’s most romantic cities.


  • Fast Facts: The PDF offers information on Melbourne covering time zone, climate, population, public holidays, and more.
  • History: A timeline of the city’s history from early days up to the Bracks years.
  • Multicultural History: A look at the multicultural heritage of Melbourne with focus on the Chinese, Greeks, Italians, and Vietnamese.
  • Attractions: Here’s a guide to the city’s historical sites, theatres, cultural sites, natural wonders, and so on.
  • Romantic Ideas: A guide to theatres, gondola cruise, hot air balloon ride, and other romantic things to do in Melbourne.

New York

  • Interesting Facts: Here are some things you will want to know about New York City like tourist tips, museums, streets, and so on.
  • Virtual New York City: Learn about the history of the city in this fun interactive website.
  • New York Arts: The webpage provides information on the arts scene in New York City covering dance, festivals, music, museums, and the like.
  • Attractions: The official guide to attractions in the city including Times Square, Empire State Building, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, and more.
  • Romance: Discover romance in New York City through carriage rides, cruises, fine dining, and so on. 

Monte Carlo

  • Facts: Read up on important facts about Monte Carlo like weather, holidays, local events, and more.
  • History: Here’s an overview of the history of Monte Carlo.
  • Culture: The article highlights some aspects of Monte Carlo culture like the nationalities of Monaco residents, activities, safety, and so on.
  • Attractions: The webpage provides information on some Monte Carlo attractions like Palais du Prince, Monaco Cathedral, Monte Carlo Casino, and more.
  • Romance: Find out why Monte Carlo is so romantic by going to the Le Rocher, New National Museum, Princess Antoinette Park, and more.


  • Facts & Figures: A great place to learn about population, area, time, currency, and other information about Rome.
  • History: Here’s a brief history of Rome.
  • The Roman Empire: The website provides an illustrated guide to the Roman Empire.
  • Attractions: A list of the most popular attractions in Rome like the Colosseum, Catacombs, Museo di Roma, Pantheon, and more.
  • Romantic Rome: The article discusses why Rome is so romantic.


  • Facts: Here’s a good starting point to learn about Vienna climate, culture, music, and art.
  • History: The webpage provides information on Vienna’s history from Roman to modern times.
  • Music of Vienna: Here’s a place to find out about musical events in the capital of classical music.
  • Attractions: Learn about the top attractions in Vienna like St Stephen’s Cathedral, The Hofburg, Museum of Fine Art, and more.
  • Romantic Vienna: The article describes the things that make Vienna romantic like a ride on a Fiaker, the historic buildings, winding streets, and so on.


  • Facts: The webpage offers some facts about London like the population, location, government, and more.
  • History: Here’s an account of London’s history from Roman times onwards.
  • Festivals & Events: Explore the cultural side of London with this calendar of festivals and events.
  • Attractions: Some information on the most popular attractions in London like the London Eye, National Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, and others.
  • Romantic London: Find out why London is such a romantic city.

San Francisco

  • Interesting Facts: The webpage presents a list of facts about San Francisco from A to Z.
  • History: An account of the city’s history from the Gold Rush era to the New Century.
  • Arts: Here’s the definitive guide to San Francisco’s theatre, music, dance, and art scene.
  • Attractions: A listing of the most famous attractions in San Francisco like Golden Gate Park, Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, and more.
  • Romantic Ideas: Here you will find some ideas to enjoy the romantic side of San Francisco.


  • Quick Facts: A good source to find some quick information on Boston’s population, land area, climate, time zone, and so on.
  • History & Architecture: The webpage offers information on Boston’s architecture, public art and places, historic people and events, plus much more.
  • Arts & Culture: Discover Boston’s art and culture in this website.
  • Things to Do: A guide to Boston’s neighborhoods, attractions, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and more.
  • Romantic Boston: A number of suggestions to enjoy a most romantic holiday in Boston.

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