How Do You List Your Boyfriends Name In Your Phone

###Nathan Fielder, that merry prankster, dared people to text their significant others the message, “I haven’t been fully honest with you,” and then watch as their beleaguered boyfriends and girlfriends self-destruct in a panic. Buzzfeed has a roundup of some of the funniest results (note to future boyfriends: if a screenshot of our text exchange ever winds up on Buzzfeed, we’re through).

Anyway, one result of the prank is that we get to see the fascinating array of how people list their significant others in their phones. A lot of “Babe”s, (a lot of “babe”s), a lot of first names followed by hearts or kissy emoticons, and one egregious “My Lovee <3 <3 <3”.

How you list the person you’re dating in your phone says a lot about you, and your relationship. Do you guys have matching nicknames? Special ringtones? Or are you more formal? It’s a fascinating topic, so we did a little GChat investigation…

me: question
Sent at 9:33 AM on Friday
Madeline: yes
me: How is scott [your boyfriend] listed in your phone
Madeline: scott alden
me: because that is his name
Madeline: lol

me: How is your boyfriend listed in your phone
Lauren: his name, but his occupation is boyfriend
Lauren: which actually I should change because it’s ex-boyfriend now
me: oh!!!
oh noooo

Willie: hey there
me: how do you list Franny in your phone
Willie: Franny Bohar

me: how is Cole listed in your phone
Caroline: Cole Schaffer
me: Do you feel like that’s a little cold? A little formal?
Caroline: I really don’t. i’d feel like such a dork if i had him in as anything else

me: My question IS:
How is your boyfriend listed in your phone contacts list
oddly enough
he’s listed as his DJ name, but just as “martial” instead of Marshall
cause when I met him that’s how I put in his name
and I just never changed it

me: how is Rob, your live-in boyfriend, listed in your phone contacts?
erica: Ahhhh I have his full name in my phone. However, he used to be listed as Awe Some. (First and last name) because he complained that his actual full name was too formal.

me: how is Lila listed in your phone
TJ: hang on
let me see
she’s in once as “Lila” which is an import from my old phone
and once as “Lila Ralph-Tolington” from my Gmail contacts/synced with Facebook
when she calls me it comes up as “Lila Ralph-Tollington” which is hilariously formal

me: how is your boyfriend listed in your phone
Jade: haha it’s actually a thing between us
Jade: after our first date he changed my entry to ‘Jade “The Best” Clark’ and I did the same, so he is ‘Jon “The Best” Kobrin” and that’s still how we’re both listed…

me: how is Ben listed in your phone
Joy: full name
but I have a funny photo of him that pops up when he calls and he has a special ring tone
me: what’s the ringtone
Joy: hahahahah
it’s called “spell”
because I was super into the witches when we met
and I was like, I am going to use this so the witches will help me cast a spell on him
me: it worked!
Joy: we’ll see!

How do you guys list your significant others in your phones? Statistically speaking, at least some of you guys just write “Babe.” ‘Fess up! Let us know! Send us screengrabs! @howaboutwe



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